Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makeshift Menu Plan

Normally when I menu plan for our family dinners for the week, I write the plan, make a shopping list accordingly and then go food shopping.
However, with the twins being sick, the weather being gross and a tight budget towards the end of the month , this plan is a bit different.
This week, I have made our Menu Plan, according to what we have in the freezer, and seeing as though I have a full upright freezer, it was a good thing to do.

We have done $21 Challenges, from Simple Savings before, and its great to do once a month or so, to clear out the pantry and freezer, and save some money for that surprise bill that arrived or something you want etc. This week, Noel has been to the Supermarket on the way home from work, and definately spent more than $21, the twins have had to be changed to a Lactose Free Long LIfe milk, we needed bread and normal milk and a few vegetables and fruit , but other than that, no shopping!!
Its amazing what you can live on, and on Monday I made a Raspberry Swirl Cake , and yesterday, Choc Chip cookies, and Chocolate Coconut Slice. I only had 2 eggs left, and searched my recipes for ones that only needed one each so that I could make more. These all make great lunch fillers for Noel, or treats for afternoon tea for the kids (and Me!!)

So here is our makeshift Menu Plan for this week;
Monday - Chicken Chasseur in the Slow Cooker with Veg
Tuesday- Marinated Pork Chops in the oven with Veg
Wednesday - Devilled Sausages with Sweet pot mash, peas , cauliflower and carrot- Packet mix
Thursday - Family Pie with Veg
Friday- Tuna Pasta Bake - Liz out
Saturday- Lamb Shanks in Slow Cooker with Cous cous and carrot/beans
Sunday- Footy so we will buy tea there or on way home

As I am typing, it occurs to me , there is alot of Vegetables happening, on purpose too, we are trying to get as much goodness into these kiddies so they shake their sickness!!
And there is nothing better than hearty, family meals!

Whats on your menu plan?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21 weeks (2 weeks late again!)

I am not being all that punctual with these posts am I?
To be honest, I have been pretty slack at taking the belly shots at all this time around at all!
With Stella's pregnancy I was excited, it was new, you know how it is.
Then when I was pregnant with the twins, I was big. Like HUGE. Not really until the end, but noticably bigger than someone carrying a singleton.
And Baby Morrison #4 is getting slightly neglected unfortunately. Mostly because when I get dressed , I am usually running to the car on my way out, no time for photos!!
But I will try and make more of an effort, just to compare if anything!

So.... here I am ready to go out for tea with my beautiful Bookclub girls at 21 weeks,  (2 weeks ago)
Complete with my own baby hugger!! So cute!


At 21 weeks , the baby could measure 27cm from crown to foot, and can probably hear everything we are saying and doing!! Luckily I sing alot to the kids but I am sure it is hearing all my telling off I have been doing of late (cabin fever is setting in for everyone!)

The baby is really starting to kick now, and really loves that sugar hit I like to consume after dinner!
Noel felt bub kick the for first time this week (22 1/2 weeks) which was so lovely for him. I think he thought he was never going to feel it! The kicking does feel a little dull this time, but its early days and I have to remember I don't have 2 little rascals kicking anymore, just the one beautiful cherub!

Right, so I am now 23 weeks ( will be on Friday) , so I have 15 weeks to get organised and move these rooms and beds around. I can't wait to just get stuck into it now!
OOOOOWwww how exciting!

Mum's Brag Book

But who could blame me?
In all their sickness, rivers of snot, husky voices and nasty coughs, they still manage to smile and have fun- In between allthe crying, whinging and sooking of course!

Sisterly love is grand

                                            The cheekiest, bravest and CUTEST boy around!

                                                                     Sharing is caring!

                                                                       My little friend

And just because everyone plays with Firemans hats in the bath!!


Awesome one day, not the other!

Life in our house , has been a bit like the weather. Beautiful, sunny, happy, then , in thee next breath miserable , raining and cold!

On Monday, it was lovely and warm outside, but a typical windy Gero day (great for drying sheets and swimming towels!) , the kids enjoyed the sunshine, played in the sandpit and were in generally good moods considering their health.

Tuesday came, the sky was grey, then black, and the sky opened up and out came the rain! All 32mm of it!! It didn't stop, constant, all day. Great for farmers, not great for Sick kids or Mum's getting cabin fever, again....
And so the kids were more like this;

Poor Max

Poor Lacey

Stella was happy enough , but was stoked to be able to stay in her PJ"s longer!!

So... like I said, its amazing the way how the weather determines your mood, had it been sunny yesterday, the kids would have been outside frolicking around, regardless of the way they were feeling!!

And whoever said they liked winter, needs to come and live in our house for a bit, poor little darlings!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Buffet

Over the past few years, we have had quite a number of discussions as to what we were going to do with our house! We purchased it nearly 4 years ago, as a Spec home, off a local building company and were stoked!! We had just sold our Starter house, a typical 70's house, pokey rooms and aged decor(but in a fantastic location and large block) and had doubled our money. We were moving into a brand new home , in a new and great suburb, one which we had lusted over!! And we lived happily and contently ......until we decided to try for another baby!! Lets upgrade!
Shall we buy another , larger home? Should we build? Should we stay? After buying a block, and putting our house on the market, our decision was made.
Then we fell pregnant with the twins!!
And I couldn't be bothered!
Couldn't be bothered with moving twice, once into a rental whilst building, then into our new home.
Our lives were going to change dramatically enough, let alone , throwing in a move too!!
Not to mention , the words of my dear Mother, all hale Mother Dearest!!
"You grew up in a 3 by 1 and that did us just fine!!"
So.... we decided to stay.
That doesn't mean to say I haven't thought about it again, only like a thousand times. But we have decided to stay in our house, a beautiful 4 by 2 , not too big, not too small, not too many rooms to count, not a theatre, not a games room, no activity and no study.
Our front "formal Loungeroom" was converted into a toy room, and we are still doing things, step by step, finances permitting, to make our house , our home!

And then...... But wait, there is more...... a surprise package, in the form of baby Morrison # 4!!
Ohhh how lovely, how blessed are we? Oh dear, how squished we will be!!
 Never fear, Ikea is here!!

A phone call away, and 2 days later, some mega awesome flatpacks were delivered right into my garage!!

And this......... finally, is where the new Buffet comes into play!
Seeing as though that bedroom #4 that has been used as my amazing craft room, sewing room, scrapbooking room, will now have to make way for 2 little people to inhabit, so their new sibling can go into the nursery, everything that has been in storage in there, and lots up to 4 years, needs a home!

Any available space is going to be put to good use, but in a classy and organised fashion!
At our entryway, we used to have a small , wooden hall stand. Remember this?
It was pretty useless really, and only good for a small collection on display, and the entry way is so spacious, it was a perfect spot to put something a little more substantial!

And this is what we chose;

A buffet unit from Ikea, HERE, in a gorgeous Grey/Brown colour. Not too dark, not too light, and just the perfect size for that piece of the wall!

Oh what fun I am going to have creating displays here for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter!! Oooow

And inside now lives our Photo albums, Photo storage CD's, DVDS (yes we have alot from numerous trips overseas) and other technical stuff.

The Maroon pattern boxes are full of photo prints, from the years gone by, lots from when film was still used, and are all on my "To-Do" list of scrapbooking!
The white CD boxes are full of the Photo storage CD's- And easy access incase of fire etc , right near the front door and all in together.

These Boxes house our DVDS, and are labelled according to contents- TV Series, Music DVD's (Noel) etc

And the files are also full of DVD's, and no , we hardly watch them, and never ,ever go to the shop!
 So there you have it, the new storage addition to our house! I love it, Noel loves it, and we have received plenty of comments already!

And a sneak peak of another new furniture piece to our home, it is devine!!

Weekend loves..

They fly by!! Weekends, go way too fast for my liking!!
But not without some beautiful things happening!

Like 2 little people watching their Dad mow the lawn through the window!!

Some gorgeous, new, patent, super soft shoes!! Ooowww they are sooo nice , and feel like slippers!

Some mega bargains picked at up at the Jive Baby sale, they are closing down, last day is the 30th, and they had a clearance sale yesterday arvo!!

The simple pleasures, like taking a handbag out instead of a nappy bag!!

And some not so great things too!
Like another trip to the chemist to stock up on supplies, and a Saturday night trip to the Hospital with one Lacey darling!
Sick again!! AYYYYYY!

Team all this , with my very first Enjo Party , to which I played host , and am now utterly addicted, some Football, swimming lessons for Stella (the twins did not attend theirs as they were sick) , my Nephews 9th Birthday (The birthday dinner was held at our house) and some general household jobs and tidying and our weekend was jam packed!! I need a rest just from everything that happened!! Next weekend is set to be no different, but I am looking forward to it already!!

Oh to dream! What would you do if you had a day , or even half a day, child free?
I would love to say read a book, sleep, go out for lunch, but all I dream about doing , is getting into my spare room, tidying, sorting, organising, and making way for it to become the twins bedroom. All the stuff you can't do with 2 little "helpers" that like to cause chaos where ever they go!!

And if anyone is techno savvy, which clearly , I am NOT!! Can anyone help me as to why I can not comment on other blogs under my Google and blog log in? It won't work, and I can't figure out why?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How do I do it?...hmmmm

Believe it or not, it is the most commonly asked question of me!!
The answer?!
Just like everyone else!!
There is nothing different, nor strange, nor special about me , or my parenting, or my house, or my cleaning or anything for that matter, and the real truth is , sometimes I don't do it. I don't cope, I have melt downs, and my house looks like mini tornado has swept through and destroyed everything in sight.
But on the other hand, and thankfully, for the most part, we kept it together, and I do , do it!! Yah!

Like I have said in the past, I don't want to seem like I am giving a lecture, or conveying a message that what I do is the right way etc, however, there are some little things that I have learnt and developed over time, particularly the past 14 months (since the twins have arrived) that I believe, have made my life and that of our family, run a little smoother. So I will share. Every little bit helps, right?

For those who know me well, know that I don't really like much clutter and "stuff" around , and I have gotten more pedantic with this of late. Stuff creates mess, which in my life , complicates things that just don't need to be complicated anymore than they already are!!
I like things to be put away straight away, or within a day or 2 (in Noel's case) and if there are dishes there, they get done etc.

I also like a clean house. Actually I LOVE a clean house. Noel has a saying "Happy wife , clean floor" and unfortunately , he is right. I would really love to be the type of person that didn't care, but I do. If the floor is dirty , needs a sweep or mop, I feel a little weird. Sort of stressed, anxious. Strange. I know.
So... I sweep, usually twice a day, if time permits.

I have a designated cleaning day. I try to clean on a Monday. Its also clean sheet day. I LOVE clean sheet day!! So before I head off for the Monday trip to dancing for Stella, I strip all the beds and start to wash the sheets.
When we get home from dancing, the kids have a play, sit down for some morning tea and I remake the beds, and put on another load of washing.

I used to have a cleaning lady, and I loved it. However, as much as someone cleaning your house is awesome, it also costs money, and now that I am not working, I see no reason why I can't do it myself, there is always time at night or when the kids sleep. Or Stella just helps me, she is a great little cleaner!!
Not to mention the fact that no matter how good someone is, they never do it quite the way you do!!
So I also clean the house on  a Monday.
I try and do all the dusting now,after morning tea and the kids just toddle around after me. I clean the toilets, mirrors(I love the Windex wipes, they are awesome, and generally I use a few wipes for our large ensuite mirror and then use them to wipe over the window sill and the tops of the tiles on the bottom of the walls, door moulds, and frames etc) and wipe over the vanities in the bathrooms. I just spray the shower in the ensuite with cleaning product, Jif etc, and Noel generally cleans it with a scrubbing brush when he has a shower at night, so that I am not inhaling the fumes whilst pregnant.
The kids bath gets done when they have their lunch time sleep or later on in the day.
I usually vaccum the floor during lunchtime, its the best way, when the twins are strapped into their highchair and well occupied by food!! haha
They don't hate the vacuum, and usually just follow me around watching anyway, but I get the job done alot faster, and if I do it during lunch, it means I can mop whilst they have their sleep at about 1pm.

So there you have it, how I normally get my house clean, with 3 littlies, under 3 years, and to be honest, now that I have a set routine and plan, its not that hard!!

Doing little things each day helps too. Like sweeping, wiping all benchtops in the kitchen, the dining table after every use etc. I also make the beds when we get dressed every day. We also have a squigy that hangs on a suction hook in our shower, and after every shower, we wipe the screen down. This has contributed so much to the easiness of cleaning the shower screen and keeping it looking squeaky clean. It only takes 2 seconds, gives you a chance to drip dry, and once its a part of your routine, you don't even think twice!

The vain of my life, might very well be the high chairs though!!Argh!!
If someone created a highchair that was self cleaning, I was sooo be their first customer!! With the twins, and sometimes eating in them up to 5 times a day , with 3 meals and snacks, that is one hell of alot of cleaning!
However, I have a little method here too! After the kids meal, I grab a new flannel from the linen cupboard, which is conveniently in the hallway adjacent to the dining room and wipe over the babies hands , face etc before letting them down to play. I also use the flannel to wipe over the high chair tray and seat (we use Ikea highchairs), I sweep up the carnage on the floor with a dustpan, wipe over with the flannel any mess on the floor and put the flannell in the wash. A new one is used for each meal. Easy.

Washing- As previously mentioned, we do a few loads of washing everyday. Especially in these colder months. With 3 kids, 2 adults, Noel at footy training, the babies in cloth nappies and several flannels, towels, rugs , there is more than enough washing to warrant these loads.
Some days , I may do more like 4-6 loads, and I would say we wash about 20 loads in a week. Sheesh!!
Keeping in mind , we are doing swimming lessons at the moment, and like I said, 3 days of sweaty, yucky footy gear! nice
Up until just recently, believe it or not, we haven't really been able to manage to get out to the washing line to hang it out. Weird I know, but with babies that weren't walking, and a jam packed day, sometimes hanging it out was easy, it was the getting it in before it had been there for days thing , that really proved to be difficult. We own a dryer, but don't really like the idea of putting full loads in there when there is a perfectly good, and free, sun to dry them! This is where the good , old fashion, clothes hoists came to play!
We own 2, and for the past 12 months , they have been constantly full! Its so easy to hang the washing on them , pop them under the patio, then purhaps out in the sun during the day, and bring them in before it got moist. Later in the night , when the kids are in bed, we would take the washing off and fold it up etc.
It worked for us, it might for you , maybe?

Daily dishes either get washed straight away, or loaded into the dishwasher straight away (I am not very good at using the dishwasher, so I avoid that, old fashioned I guess). I am fine to leave the dishes to dry naturally, at least its clean dishes on my sink, not dirty ones!

Bathing- To bath our kids, we now bath them all together, in the main bathroom, with one parent watching them. Generally this is Noel, and I am chopping veg etc , and during this time, I also gather all their pyjamas and things.
We dress our kids in Stella's room. I don't know how this started, but it works , so we continue. Her bedroom is the closest to the bathroom and its quite comfortable to change them on the bed or floor mat in her room, and at least we are keeping the rogue child, who is not getting dressed, contained in a small area, and the room is alot warmer too!!  I set the pyjamas, singlet, nappy or knickers and bed socks out in kiddy piles on the bed and any creams that each child may need, for easy access and efficiency.

I have Menu Planned for our home for some time now. I Love it!! Now that I use the system week by week and am able to go food shopping weekly (Since selling the salon and having more time, before now it has been quite sporatic and very hard to plan anything) it has made life soooo much easier, and yummier!!
I used to plan our meals, even when I shopped every now and then , but now I am more diligent and Noel is offering suggestions.
I find I have more time at the busy times of the day, when there is alot more going on than just dinner, like bath and bed for twins, and it makes me feel more in control. Always important, right!?
I gather inspiration from friends, TV, magazines, family, our likes etc, but our meals are nothing special.
By Menu planning, I am able to look on the fridge every morning, know what to get out of the freezer to defrost, and its ready to go to start being prepared by lunch time. This time of the day for me is really important, and yes , I should be resting, but its too invaluable to our home for me to do that.
I also LOVE using the slow cooker, and I am able to put this on at lunchtime, chop the necessary ingredients to put in it, then chop the vegies etc later on when Noel is feeding the twins their dinner.

Last weeks and the week before's meal plans! I am currently using Inner B planner pads, they have a magnet on the back to attach to the fridge, however, when these run out I will start to use the free download from HERE.

And again, but with my Recipe Journal. This is all handwritten , family recipes , that my sister gave to us as a wedding present over 6 years ago. I still use this little beauty nearly every day for something and its where I get alot of our dinners from too!

I try to plan our meals around what is happening. So , for instance, on training nights, I make easy stuff, or things that taste ok when reheated in the microwave when Noel gets home. On football game nights, its easy peasy meals or it would result in takeaway.
Last week was;
Mon- Beef Casserole in Slow Cooker
Tues - Chicken wings with Continental rice and salad - F/T
Wed- Lamb shanks in Slow Cooker
Thurs- Burritos with rice - F/T
Fri- Chicken Curry in Slow Cooker (this ended up being Take away after a later than expected trip to the Lavendar farm with friends :))
Sat- Football club
Sun- Corned beef in Slow cooker with Roast Veges and mustard sauce

Snack- Mango Fruit Cake

This week; Not shown in pic
Mon- Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta with Pinenuts and cherry tomatoes- WINNER
Tues- Curried Sausages in Slow Cooker with vegies
Wed- Grilled Fish with salad
Thurs- Veal Parma with Chips and Salad
Fri- Apricot Chicken
Sat- Nachos

Snack- Triple Choc Muffins

The Yummy and very popular with everyone, even the babies, Mango Fruit cake!
If anyone has any ideas, favourite meals etc, please feel free to share. I am always trying to change it up a bit! I do try and plan at least one meal that is Meat free, not only is it easier on the hip pocket, but its good for you too!

I think that is about all, well its all the main things, and as much as I can think of right now, if you have any questions or any advice, please share. Like I said, every little bit helps, and its all just trying to make our lives that bit easier and therefore more enjoyable, or at least have some more quality time to share with our kids, playing lego or something!
I do feel like I need a disclaimer though, we work as a team in our house. Yes , I cook, and I clean, but Noel does soo much more , and by him helping to feed and bath, it allows me to organise vegies, get pyjamas, all that stuff. He is out of the house at least 2 nights a week for football training. Usually on these days he gets home from work at 4:45pm, and leaves by 5pm to travel the 45mins for training (he plays for a lovely rural club), and so these nights are harder. But thankfully, quite often, my Mum comes up to help me put the kids to bed. Its quite difficult, with the routine we have established with them, to put them to bed solo. We take them individually , to the front toy room, in the dark, to get into their grobags, and drink their night time bottle, and then put them to bed . All quietly. Rather hard if you have a rogue toddler roaming around , wanting to join in!! So the spare hands  entertain Twin #2 and keep them quiet and distant.
Oh and  I also have a beautiful ironing lady!! I HATE , like loath , ironing, and so I can totally justify the $20-$30  we spend per week , purely for the convenience of going to the cupboard and wearing beautiful , pressed clothes. She is worth her weight in gold, for real!!

Hope its help, and like I said, share away :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, our little cherubs have not been well. To be honest, it was a bit of a nightmare, with 2 junior snot monsters, with noses like taps, and hating to have it wiped. Chesty, horrible , painful coughs, and alot of crying, and sleeplessness.
It was however, great for Mummy, with lots of cuddles being dealt out, but not so good when all 3 wanted them at the same time!

We stayed home for a whole week, not leaving the house, other than to do a manditory food shop, or we might well have died of starvation, not through an overdose on snot! ha.
Instead of the usual trips to playgroup, gym etc, we stayed hom, in Pj's and trackies, socks, heater on and vicks everywhere!
I hate when the kids are sick, especially the littlies, as they can not take anything , other than keeping up the Panadol and using a Vapouriser.
Stella was a little easier, she is able to take medicine, and does so very willingly, so we are lucky. But then Noel and I got it! Oh the joys of parenting.

Since reading Jade's blog and seeing this post a fair while ago, I knew what needed to be done to keep things organised and the communication lines open between Noel and Myself. Especially for administering medication, as you never want to double up or forget and seeing though Noel is such a hands on Dad, its a joint effort.
I copied Jade's idea , using the bowls, one for Stella, one for Max and Lacey, and wish I had of just printed of a checklist like she had, however, it was a spare of the moment decision and with 2 sick bubbas, time didn't permit, a simple notepad made do. I am going to print off some checklists though, and have them in the file withe my printables, for easy access for next time!

We simply noted the time the medication was given, how any many mLs and what of, and who is was for.
Max and Lacey also had the Vapouriser on in their room, but because we only have one, we also used these new plug ins purchased from the chemist  called Sudoclear in Stella's room as she wasn't as sick. You simply replace the little odour pad every night and plug into a power point. The rooms smells devine, it clears the airways and the air and room isn't so moist!

Thankfully, it only took a week or so for the worst of it to clear, and we had our happy kiddies back again!!
I hope this can help you when you have multiple kids sick in your house, as Jade has helped me too! Again!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Our house has been busy of late. We have quite a few projects on the go at once, and only ever 1 out of the 2 weekend days to do them (because of Noel playing football). However, things are starting to take shape, and I am feeling better about everything everyday! What I wouldn't give for a weekend retreat to catch up on my Project Life or a few , girly scrapbooking nights, but that'll all happen in time, I HOPE!

Here are a few snippets of what has been going on in our home;

We have enjoyed a few Pyjama days in the past few weeks, not me, the kids, but they love it. Well Stella loves it, and never really wants to get out of her Pj's. The kids have all been fairly sick with colds/chest infections/coughs , and then both Noel and I got it too, so we have been staying inside, rugged up and enjoying playing blocks, Train sets and creating little houses and tea parties!

Stella with Gypsy on her lounge chair, we made from Duplo, she is wearing a new scarf made by my sister, cute hey!

Max, playing in his favourite room of the house, Stella's room, in his snuggly sleep suit. So cute!!

Lacey, being mischeivious, climbing, and getting books down!! Yikes!
And simple afternoon teas, in a trashed toy room, but they are soooo cute all sitting like big people in their trackie dacks!

And Stella and I got a new Blythe Doll. We are sharing her, she was supposed to be mine, however, how can you stop the love?

Stella has affectionately called her Alice Angelina, which I thought was soooo creative until I watching Angelina Ballerina, haha . Bless her cotton socks!

And some super yummy goodies for Alice!! The most amazing little Linen pant set and floral top, and cute as a button floor mat (for Stella's up and coming doll house) made by the super talented Janelle Wind. Stella and I both love her goodies!

Some different, snacky lunches for my cherubs. Max and Lacey are at a hard age for lunches. They no longer like to be fed unless it is yoghurt so I am now giving them the same lunch as Stella. This day was Yoghurt, crackers, tomato, cheese, olives, hommus and a little lamington treat. And you know what!! They LOVED the hommus. Stella and Lacey like the olives (must be like their mother) but Max wasn't too fussed and decided to use them as missiles to throw around the room instead. Hmmmmm

And just one of our organising Projects was fot the toy room!. Now, this room, is the death of me, or it will be! It is insanely hard to make this room look more organised than what it is, and I now only tidy it twice a day. Before their lunch time sleep and before dinner/bed routine.

We are on a mission to streamline the house, and use our furniture more effectively to save on space and create more storage options. Seeing as though we are losing our "Spare room" which has been my sewing, craft room and also storage for all those extra bits and bobs and all our paper work (which has to be kept for 5 years from the salon).
So, we took out the corner TV unit, and turned an existing Expedit on its side (and also bought a new TV in a sale). A few more baskets and moving a few things around and voila!!
Not quite finished, but nearly!

I have spoken about my storage here before but I have all of the kids craft goods in the top white boxes, all labelled and out of reach of little fingers!

This weekend Noel put some new overhead cupboards into our teeny tiny laundry, all flat packed and they look fanastic ,and last week we purchased a big chest of drawers for our room ,and a buffet for the entrance, and they look fantastic!! We were on a budget of $1500 and its all come in well under so we are happy!
I will show pics once everything is looking perfect ;)

Hmmm, whats the next job? Ahhh moving the twins rooms of course, eeek!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

18 weeks.........last week

Last week, before falling ill, I had grand intentions of a baby bump update. So , here it is, a week late, my bump at 18 and a half weeks! Isn't it a biggen!! Oh deary me, I think , actually, I know, my stomach muscles are literally non existant and had still on come back to the middle from the twins pregnancy, and this baby popped right out there, and fast too!!

How am I feeling? Well the morning /all day/ all night sickness has pretty much gone now, with only remanents of nausea hanging its ugly head around from time to time. The heartburn has well and truely kicked in and I constantly feel like me chest and throat is on fire, and my pelvis has started to separate with orders from the doctor to "rest" , hmmm are you kidding me?

Other than that, I am fantastic!! We went for our big Anatomy scan on Friday, and our healthy (and still surprise) bundle is healthy, equipped and perfect!! How lucky are we?!
Yes, we have kept the sex a secret, its not a big thing for us, this time around, and had we not been having twins last time, I wouldnt have found out then either, but twins call for some extra organising!! We both wouldn't care if we had all of the same sex, and even if we did have 3 girls say, Noel would still be happy with another!! I mean, how could you not?! A beautiful, soft, cuddly, squeaky bundle of love!! Healthy and happy is all I can ask for, so I am putting my order in, for a non reflux- non colic- non milk protein allergic baby please!! Haha, but even then, we love them all the more!!

The maternity clothes have come out again!!
I must admit though, I am enjoying being pregnant in winter!! Ohh how nice is it!! Having had Stella and the twins in April, after the peak of summer ( and I went 8 months of Stella's pregnancy without any airconditioning!!) I am enjoying being cool. I am not as cold as my family in this weather, so the interanal heating of the baby is well and truely there still, I am just not cooking and sweating it out in 40 degree temps!
However, it does call for more clothes, and being pregnant and dressing is always hard enough!! haha

And for those who were worried about me last week, thankyou!! I ended up getting blood tests, etc for a suspected case of Ross River Virus, and it is yet to be diagnosed but I really believe it was just a random, rogue virus that I happened to get , somewhere in my tracks. But boy was it horrible!! It was like it attacked my nervous system! I couldn't talk, couldn't walk, couldn't eat or drink. I seriously thought I was having a stroke or getting Bells Palsy!! Thankfully, Noel came home from work, looked after the kids and I slept it off and went to the doctors and hospital solo.
I wouldn't wish it on anybody, but it sure does make you appreciate your life and body when it is healthy, that is for sure!

And the winner is...............

So.... I am back, again.... and only a week late in announcing the winner of the 150th Post Giveaway!! Firstly, I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you that took the time and effort to comment, I know life is busy, and sometimes that bit more work is just too much!! haha Also, thanks for what was written in the lovely comments. I am so pleased that people enjoy reading my ramblings, and I have found/met/read about some amazing people and all through the world of blogs!!

So, without further ado.............. here is the little package that will be going out in the mail to the winner;

And my grubby, chubby and super gorgeous helper, picking out a name (to which she later pretended were all salad and made me a pretend paper dinner)

"This one Mum!"

And the winner is....

Megs, a fellow twin Mummy, from the beautiful blog of a Truly Blessed Life.
Congratulations Megs, please email me on; with your address and I will pop your parcel in the snail mail!!

Thanks again, and don't forget to check out Megs' gorgeous little blog, love a Mum that says it like it is!! xo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am sorry I did not draw the giveaway winner today, not that anyone is waiting with baited breath. But I will do it ASAP tomorrow when I feeling better!
Have spent half the day in bed, the other half at the hospital, doctors then to get bloods taken, a rogue virus has hit me like a ton of bricks and my Dr is just worried as we just returned from Bali, better safe than sorry, but I don't think I have EVER felt this bad !

Definately an update tomorrow!

Body art and Bali

As I mentioned, while in Bali, Noel got some serious Tattoos done. Now you may not be a fan of Tattoos, you may hate them, but I do beg of you to keep an open mind, and appreciate it for what it is. I have had to teach myself to do this, especially with this last one, as Noel LOVES it and they are just what he is into. I am not ink free myself, but I do not wish to get anymore either. I like what I have, and am comfortable with all my decisions.

Now Bali IS VERY safe and clean to get Tattoos done, each different place differing of course , but it is up to the individual to check everything out. Noel has had a tattoo done at this particular shop before and was extremely happy, and boy , were they happy to see him  when we first arrived!! The Balinese never forget a face, but who could forget Noel anyway? You don't get many men that are 6ft 9 around the traps!! LOL

The needles are always from sealed packets, new for everyone and quite a few for every tattoo too. The artists may be wearing thongs but everything smells and looks clean and hygenic.

I believe getting a tattoo here, sometimes is just a tracing exercise, whereas, Noels tattoo is most certainly something you would could "Body Art".
His tattooist, freehand drew the picture, from some explanations from Noel as to what he was after, and he only drew the basics. The rest was all added as he went, through creative expression. Lots of trust was needed but Noel was confident!!

And a picture speaks a 1000 words;


DH existing tattoo and expaining what he wanted

The kids names inside his arm

The freehand drawing in pen before it begins

Ahhhh the smiles, but it is only the beginning!!

And 5 1/2 hours later, that smile is a fair bit harder to put on!! Ohhh how I relished in this, self inflicted and as I reminded him, only a small pain in the scheme of child birth!!

TA-DA!! Selasai!! Finished! Definately a work of art and credit to the tattoo artist!

So, nearly 6 hours later, he was finished , and in a fair bit of pain. With his arm already swelling, me on the other hand, had spent the hours across the road in the day spa/ massage parlour, getting a full body massage and pamper , went and grabbed some dinner and read a mag and then decided to go back for a foot massage.
Why not I say?!

And because no Bali trip is complete without the fish tank!! Obviously not my hairy legs, rather those of Noel, I was inside getting a mani/pedi , thankyou very much!

And to top it off, a fairwell feast at the Hard Rock of THE BEST brownie /icecream dish in the World!! Definately one to be shared , unless you have a cast iron stomach!! Yummmo

And thats all the photos we have folks, sad hey. But I was too busy getting massages and browsing boutiques. What a pity!
And the moral of the story, or more of the post -
Never judge a book by its cover, behind the "tough stickers" is the softest, most senstive, caring and cuddly man in the world. xo