Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Body art and Bali

As I mentioned, while in Bali, Noel got some serious Tattoos done. Now you may not be a fan of Tattoos, you may hate them, but I do beg of you to keep an open mind, and appreciate it for what it is. I have had to teach myself to do this, especially with this last one, as Noel LOVES it and they are just what he is into. I am not ink free myself, but I do not wish to get anymore either. I like what I have, and am comfortable with all my decisions.

Now Bali IS VERY safe and clean to get Tattoos done, each different place differing of course , but it is up to the individual to check everything out. Noel has had a tattoo done at this particular shop before and was extremely happy, and boy , were they happy to see him  when we first arrived!! The Balinese never forget a face, but who could forget Noel anyway? You don't get many men that are 6ft 9 around the traps!! LOL

The needles are always from sealed packets, new for everyone and quite a few for every tattoo too. The artists may be wearing thongs but everything smells and looks clean and hygenic.

I believe getting a tattoo here, sometimes is just a tracing exercise, whereas, Noels tattoo is most certainly something you would could "Body Art".
His tattooist, freehand drew the picture, from some explanations from Noel as to what he was after, and he only drew the basics. The rest was all added as he went, through creative expression. Lots of trust was needed but Noel was confident!!

And a picture speaks a 1000 words;


DH existing tattoo and expaining what he wanted

The kids names inside his arm

The freehand drawing in pen before it begins

Ahhhh the smiles, but it is only the beginning!!

And 5 1/2 hours later, that smile is a fair bit harder to put on!! Ohhh how I relished in this, self inflicted and as I reminded him, only a small pain in the scheme of child birth!!

TA-DA!! Selasai!! Finished! Definately a work of art and credit to the tattoo artist!

So, nearly 6 hours later, he was finished , and in a fair bit of pain. With his arm already swelling, me on the other hand, had spent the hours across the road in the day spa/ massage parlour, getting a full body massage and pamper , went and grabbed some dinner and read a mag and then decided to go back for a foot massage.
Why not I say?!

And because no Bali trip is complete without the fish tank!! Obviously not my hairy legs, rather those of Noel, I was inside getting a mani/pedi , thankyou very much!

And to top it off, a fairwell feast at the Hard Rock of THE BEST brownie /icecream dish in the World!! Definately one to be shared , unless you have a cast iron stomach!! Yummmo

And thats all the photos we have folks, sad hey. But I was too busy getting massages and browsing boutiques. What a pity!
And the moral of the story, or more of the post -
Never judge a book by its cover, behind the "tough stickers" is the softest, most senstive, caring and cuddly man in the world. xo


  1. WOW!! The tats look GREAT!!!!
    Did you put your feet in the fish tank thing...ive always wanted to try that!!!
    Glad you had a great time!! xx

  2. Great Tats and doesn't Stella look like her Daddy.

  3. Mmm, I love those Hard Rock brownies! I've had fish foot spas in Thailand and Hong Kong - they are divine!


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