Monday, June 27, 2011

New Buffet

Over the past few years, we have had quite a number of discussions as to what we were going to do with our house! We purchased it nearly 4 years ago, as a Spec home, off a local building company and were stoked!! We had just sold our Starter house, a typical 70's house, pokey rooms and aged decor(but in a fantastic location and large block) and had doubled our money. We were moving into a brand new home , in a new and great suburb, one which we had lusted over!! And we lived happily and contently ......until we decided to try for another baby!! Lets upgrade!
Shall we buy another , larger home? Should we build? Should we stay? After buying a block, and putting our house on the market, our decision was made.
Then we fell pregnant with the twins!!
And I couldn't be bothered!
Couldn't be bothered with moving twice, once into a rental whilst building, then into our new home.
Our lives were going to change dramatically enough, let alone , throwing in a move too!!
Not to mention , the words of my dear Mother, all hale Mother Dearest!!
"You grew up in a 3 by 1 and that did us just fine!!"
So.... we decided to stay.
That doesn't mean to say I haven't thought about it again, only like a thousand times. But we have decided to stay in our house, a beautiful 4 by 2 , not too big, not too small, not too many rooms to count, not a theatre, not a games room, no activity and no study.
Our front "formal Loungeroom" was converted into a toy room, and we are still doing things, step by step, finances permitting, to make our house , our home!

And then...... But wait, there is more...... a surprise package, in the form of baby Morrison # 4!!
Ohhh how lovely, how blessed are we? Oh dear, how squished we will be!!
 Never fear, Ikea is here!!

A phone call away, and 2 days later, some mega awesome flatpacks were delivered right into my garage!!

And this......... finally, is where the new Buffet comes into play!
Seeing as though that bedroom #4 that has been used as my amazing craft room, sewing room, scrapbooking room, will now have to make way for 2 little people to inhabit, so their new sibling can go into the nursery, everything that has been in storage in there, and lots up to 4 years, needs a home!

Any available space is going to be put to good use, but in a classy and organised fashion!
At our entryway, we used to have a small , wooden hall stand. Remember this?
It was pretty useless really, and only good for a small collection on display, and the entry way is so spacious, it was a perfect spot to put something a little more substantial!

And this is what we chose;

A buffet unit from Ikea, HERE, in a gorgeous Grey/Brown colour. Not too dark, not too light, and just the perfect size for that piece of the wall!

Oh what fun I am going to have creating displays here for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter!! Oooow

And inside now lives our Photo albums, Photo storage CD's, DVDS (yes we have alot from numerous trips overseas) and other technical stuff.

The Maroon pattern boxes are full of photo prints, from the years gone by, lots from when film was still used, and are all on my "To-Do" list of scrapbooking!
The white CD boxes are full of the Photo storage CD's- And easy access incase of fire etc , right near the front door and all in together.

These Boxes house our DVDS, and are labelled according to contents- TV Series, Music DVD's (Noel) etc

And the files are also full of DVD's, and no , we hardly watch them, and never ,ever go to the shop!
 So there you have it, the new storage addition to our house! I love it, Noel loves it, and we have received plenty of comments already!

And a sneak peak of another new furniture piece to our home, it is devine!!


  1. Oh we have such similar tastes Liz, that unit has been on my want list for ages as we are hoping to re-do our living area soon (as soon as anyone can be bothered painting) and you have chosen my lust after dining table as well I see - wanna come do my place :)

  2. your entryway looks gorgeous Liz, straight out of a home magazine! And i love the distressed paintwork on the table too:)
    We lived in our little starter home which was the typical 3x1 right up until our 6th was born! By then we had 3 in one room, 2 in another and a baby in with us...and then we thought it was time to upgrade!

  3. Hey Liz love the buffet jsut beautiful, I was having trouble commenting on your blog last week and found this info on another blog.

    Hi, hopefully this might help explain :)

    Blogger is having issues with people being able to leave comments on various blogs and they are looking into fixing this, but till they do, here are some steps to help.

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    Here choose the "Full page"

    This will allow people to be able to leave comments on your blog.


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    1. If a blog's comment form takes you to the log in page, UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS "REMEMBER ME" and log in. It will take you back to complete your comment.

    2. You might need to clear your internet browser's cache though if you still unable to login

    BUT hopefully if people who own blogs change the comments to full page, this will help you all to be able to login and leave comments.

    Hope this helps Jillx

  4. LOVE the buffet!! GORGEOUS!!! and I cant believe you got that table from Finity!! Im sooo jealous!! Cant wait to see the blog about the table...COME ON!! I wanna see it!! xx


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