Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makeshift Menu Plan

Normally when I menu plan for our family dinners for the week, I write the plan, make a shopping list accordingly and then go food shopping.
However, with the twins being sick, the weather being gross and a tight budget towards the end of the month , this plan is a bit different.
This week, I have made our Menu Plan, according to what we have in the freezer, and seeing as though I have a full upright freezer, it was a good thing to do.

We have done $21 Challenges, from Simple Savings before, and its great to do once a month or so, to clear out the pantry and freezer, and save some money for that surprise bill that arrived or something you want etc. This week, Noel has been to the Supermarket on the way home from work, and definately spent more than $21, the twins have had to be changed to a Lactose Free Long LIfe milk, we needed bread and normal milk and a few vegetables and fruit , but other than that, no shopping!!
Its amazing what you can live on, and on Monday I made a Raspberry Swirl Cake , and yesterday, Choc Chip cookies, and Chocolate Coconut Slice. I only had 2 eggs left, and searched my recipes for ones that only needed one each so that I could make more. These all make great lunch fillers for Noel, or treats for afternoon tea for the kids (and Me!!)

So here is our makeshift Menu Plan for this week;
Monday - Chicken Chasseur in the Slow Cooker with Veg
Tuesday- Marinated Pork Chops in the oven with Veg
Wednesday - Devilled Sausages with Sweet pot mash, peas , cauliflower and carrot- Packet mix
Thursday - Family Pie with Veg
Friday- Tuna Pasta Bake - Liz out
Saturday- Lamb Shanks in Slow Cooker with Cous cous and carrot/beans
Sunday- Footy so we will buy tea there or on way home

As I am typing, it occurs to me , there is alot of Vegetables happening, on purpose too, we are trying to get as much goodness into these kiddies so they shake their sickness!!
And there is nothing better than hearty, family meals!

Whats on your menu plan?


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    Kim Daniels
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  2. I need to get back to menu planning, your menu sounds delicious.


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