Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21 weeks (2 weeks late again!)

I am not being all that punctual with these posts am I?
To be honest, I have been pretty slack at taking the belly shots at all this time around at all!
With Stella's pregnancy I was excited, it was new, you know how it is.
Then when I was pregnant with the twins, I was big. Like HUGE. Not really until the end, but noticably bigger than someone carrying a singleton.
And Baby Morrison #4 is getting slightly neglected unfortunately. Mostly because when I get dressed , I am usually running to the car on my way out, no time for photos!!
But I will try and make more of an effort, just to compare if anything!

So.... here I am ready to go out for tea with my beautiful Bookclub girls at 21 weeks,  (2 weeks ago)
Complete with my own baby hugger!! So cute!


At 21 weeks , the baby could measure 27cm from crown to foot, and can probably hear everything we are saying and doing!! Luckily I sing alot to the kids but I am sure it is hearing all my telling off I have been doing of late (cabin fever is setting in for everyone!)

The baby is really starting to kick now, and really loves that sugar hit I like to consume after dinner!
Noel felt bub kick the for first time this week (22 1/2 weeks) which was so lovely for him. I think he thought he was never going to feel it! The kicking does feel a little dull this time, but its early days and I have to remember I don't have 2 little rascals kicking anymore, just the one beautiful cherub!

Right, so I am now 23 weeks ( will be on Friday) , so I have 15 weeks to get organised and move these rooms and beds around. I can't wait to just get stuck into it now!
OOOOOWwww how exciting!

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