Monday, February 28, 2011

Mischief x2

Just a few of the things that have happened over the last few weeks!! Must admit, the mischief is definately Max, and Lacey just follows!

A feather boa, plucked to an inch of its life, all over Stella's bedroom floor!

Off on another little adventure, looking for more trouble to get into!! They are so cute when they follow in single file!! Pretty sure they were on the search for big sis!!

                                   The face of an angel, didn't you know? Pffft, yeah right!!

                                                                     There she is!!

                                Silence and a bathroom = this!! Stella's little cubby/ bed/ house ?

                Complete with a pot holder, toy vacuum cleaner, towels, toys, pillows, hmmmmmm

                                                       And he just wants to join in!

                                                 Another new trick and little cubby house!

                   The favourite thing to do at the moment, make a mess and search through the pantry!

                         Stella said "Mum, Mum, what happened?!" Oh dear, what did happen?

Lets just say, there is never EVER a dull moment in our house, and boy do we LOVE LOVE LOVE our beautiful kids!

We're back!!!

Finally, my laptop is back, fixed and boy does it feel good and boy did I miss it!! Bet you missed me too, didn't ya?! (Soon you will be wishing I would have another break, there is soooo much to catch up on, I might just overdose you on posts and photos!!)

Soooooooo much has happened in the past month, and I became more apparent to me than ever , just how much I love blogging, recording our life and the happenings and laying all my thoughts and feelings out in words, its such a great way to debrief and clear your mind!!
Seeing as though so much has happened and I have a million different things and photos to share, I am going to categorize my posts, in true Liz form. Hey, I don't have a job anymore, something has to keep me occupied , right?!!

So, as you know I am doing Project Life (and boy am I behind now that my computer was getting fixed) , I have been conscious of taking a Photo A Day, and loading all of my photos onto the computer, I couldn't believe just how many I take of our beautiful babies, during or after they have eaten dinner! And who could resist anyway?
Take a look at these, and they are just from the past few weeks!!

Luckily for us, Lacey is a fantastic eater. Actually she is a garbage guts and eats anything and everything you put in front of her, and lots of it!! Yet darling Max, gee he is a picky eater!! He literally gags, then does a shiver and grabs the food out of his mouth and throws it!! What 9 month old baby does that?

Here's the proof!!

A yummy casserole with rice, and he really does NOT like it!!

And here is the gag!! Poor little boy, what a drama Queen!!

And yet Lacey ate it all up and was clean as a whistle!! So different our kids!!

My cooking must be really boring and bad!! Poor little might feel asleep before his meal even begun!

Oh But Lacey enjoyed it, and it was EVERYWHERE!!

After a Sunday afternoon Happy Meal treat for Stella, Max finds the pickle she picked out of her burger and starts chomping! Yummy, NOT!

                             Two cheeky little bubbas, waiting like seagulls for some toast for brekky!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Bitter Sweet Farewell


I've got news, like BIG news. Nothing like the "I am pregnant...... with twins" bombshell we dropped on everyone but equally as earth shaking and life changing kinda news.

Lets start at the very beginning (which is a very good place to start). On the 16th January 2006 at 9 am, the doors of my beloved Tresses For Hair opened for the first time. Together with Noel ( Who took holidays for my first week) , we sailed ship on Tresses Maiden voyage, none the wiser on how big and busy my dream salon would become.

There I was, a few months shy of my 21st Birthday , embarking on the biggest journey and rollercoaster ride of my life (until the cherubs came along of course!!) I was diving head first and blind folded into unchartered waters and completely unaware and inexperienced at running a business. All I knew was that I loved what I did, was not afraid of hard work (and extremely hard work it was) and wanted to create a magical space of my own, to service clients the way I thought they should be, to have a salon look the way I wanted and pave a path for our future together.
I am proud to say , I did all these things and so much more!
Tresses grew beyond my wildest dreams, at one stage we had 7 staff members, and it all happened so quickly, but it all fell into place, like it was meant to be.
It hasn't come without its heartaches, disappointments and stresses. Mostly due to staffing related issues, you can never trust people the way you thing you can, (lesson learnt the hard way) and I worked 15 hour days, like a trojan, to get my salon of the ground, even until the night I went into labour with Stella!!
It has caused Noel and I some issues, as does anything that puts pressure on you relationship, I remember at one point him saying to me "you have to come home at some point Liz, I married you to be with you, not for you to be at work all the time" or he would just come in so that he could at least spend time with me whilst I was working.
I have done peoples hair at 6 am, because I have been booked, at 9:30pm because I have been busy, but all in the name of the game.
I have loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it, worked my butt off but now , 2 houses, 4 cars , and 3 precious kiddies later , priorities and life has changed.
The salon, once my baby and treasured for dear life, had to make way for 3 new babies , whom instantly forced their way into my life as my most prized possessions and THE most important things in my life.
They are the best thing I have ever done, by far, to become a mother, but the salon is too!!
I am proud of myself for what I have achieved and how far I have come. The salon has provided unconditional support for me and my family, but the time has come to pass the reins over to someone else!
A new, young, enthusiastic woman names Nikki (who already works at the salon) and her family , have bought the salon, effective as of the 28th Feb!!!
Its time to make the salon her life as I did mine.
On Sunday, when I pack the last of my things into my car, it will take all of my might, energy and self control to walk out of that amazing space , my salon, my baby, and leave the keys behind, knowing it is the end of my journey.
However I will take comfort in the fact that I am moving on to the best job in the world!! Being a full time mother to our amazing 3 kiddies.
I am going to take time out for myself for a change and do all the things I have always wanted , yet never could as a busy business owner and mother and blah blah blah. Too many hats to count!!
Its not the working that is the tiring and emotionally draining thing about owning a business. Its all the other things. The super, wages, tax, BAS, ordering , staffing , its all constant thinking and worrying and it has worn me down. It happens to the best of people but raising 3 kids ,  2 years apart, it has finally got me!!
Trying to feed, nourish, and care for 2 tiny babies , in an utter sleep deprived state and then having staffing and business issues, would have to be one of the lowest points of my life. I may have covered it up well, but boy oh boy. That was hairy!!

Alas, I have survived, and I have come through with the realisation that life is short and the kids are only young once. Blink and you miss it and I would rather regret selling my salon, that regret missing out on them growing up.

Its not a goodbye but a see you soon, I say!!
When the kids are in school I would love to open another salon, and I might just go and get a job, you know , go to work, do some hair, have a chat, come home, but for now, I am having a break!! A well deserved one!! I am going to build blocks, play trains, change nappies and do the dancing and gym run!!
And for the future of my hairdressing? Who knows?! Rest assured you will be the first to know!

I wish the new owners all the very best, take care of her, and to my staff, past and present. THANKYOU!!
Thankyou for being you, for being hard workers , for making me love being your boss, and most of all for all the great times!!
And to my clients, thankyou for your continued support, for the beautiful friendships I have made and for welcoming me into your lives!! I couldnt have done it without you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inner Health

I have recently started going to a Chinese Herbal Medicinist, and Accupunturist, through the recommendation of my Sister. I am going for a few reasons, the main 2 is to help with the Tendonitist condition in my feet, made all the more worse because of my twins pregnancy (double the amount of hormone Relaxin) and for inner health and weightloss.

I have only been a few times, but am already addicted to Fufu (Yep, thats his name) and can't believe how much pleasure I get out of getting poked with needles. It honesly does NOT hurt, and the half hour of relaxing that has to happen with the needles in and working, is by far , the best thing!!
But, there is always a negative to every positive in life, and it has to be the herbs that I have to drink!! MY GOSH!! Horrible to say the least, YUK, YUK, YUK!!
I have to brew them up in water for an hour, this gives me 3 glasses and I struggle , like nothing before to drink it!! It tastes like off , celery, mouldy soup. Gag......... nuff said.

I am hoping to get my beloved laptop back tomorrow!! I am really struggling with not having it!! I am now 3 weeks behind on my Project life, because I can't check the dates on the photos I have already printed and I can't edit and load the photos on my camera!!
No photos, means no good blog posts, but boy do I have alot to blog about when I return, with a vengence of course!!
I have crafting, Valentines Decorating, gifts for My hubby, decorating at home, cooking , you name it, I will have it.......... when I get my laptop back!!

For now, some things I have added to my Birthday Wishlist!

Personalized Keep Calm and SEW ON Print 8x10 (Cranberry featured)
This gorgeous print available HERE, LOVE it for my sewing room!!
Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Personalized Four Disc Layered Necklace
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! For my four most favourite people in the world!
I Love You Blogs and Tea (print)
Hmmm I need more walls, but this is one the list too!

Hmmm I do have more, just to remember them!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Half Here

So have you missed me? Have ya? Huh? Huh?
I have most definately missed you!! I soooo can not wait to get my laptop back, load some photos, edit some photos, play around, use my favourites list and do a PROPER blog post, with photos!!!
Everyday I think "oooww owww, must write about that" but Noooooooo, so rest assured , you will be bombarded with posts once I am reunited with my beloved Larry, the laptop!!

For now, cos I am having withdrawals, and am perusing the www for quirky , handmade gift ideas for my 3 little darlings for their birthdays in April. I have decided I don't really want to give them anything too battery operated, plastic or bulk manufactured, not that I have a problem with that sort of stuff, believe me, my house is FULL to the brim of it, but thats just the thing!! After Christmas, during my big cull, I donated a garbage bag of toys to the Flood victims, so I am not intending to replace them all in a hurry. Plus, Max and Lacey are happy playing with anything that Stella is and Stella loves playing with blocks, her wooden train set from Ikea, her baby doll Sally Fay and cooking up a storm at her kitchenette!!
I am even planning on making their birthday parties "Your Presence is Presents enough", actually, I am pretty sure that is what I am going to do. My original thought was to make them "Please no Toys" but people could take offense to that, therefore, it will be no gifts, but how to make a child understand that when they are just getting used to the whole birthday thing in the first place!!

So here are a few things I have discovered in my travels for our Biggest girl Stella;

A few of these for her kitchenette and tea parties with her dolls and teddies would be nice!

Fun Tea Party CUPCAKE
Tea Party Cupcakes

TEA SET - Eco Friendly Felt Play Food - Princess Tea Party Set on Silver Platter - Pink - Deliciously scented sugar cookies - Perfect for Valentine's Day
Eco Friendly Tea Set

Valentine Sale - Felt Strawberries - 5/Set - Pretend Play Food
Felt Strawberries
You can see a common theme here. Stella has mountains of plastic food, to which our babies put in their mouth ona regular basis. Hmmm that worries me what chemicals are in them, Sad I know!! AND they end up scattered all over the floor and never look that great. Out with the old and in with the new!

And how about this mega gorgeous clock!! What a fun and colourful way to teach our kiddies the time!! Perfect in their rooms or toy room too!

Children Wall Felt Clock - Round Orange
LOVE this Felt clock !!

Reversible Fabric Bin - Patchwork Collection - Linen
Fabric bin for pretty and annoying toys!
Organizer Basket Fabric Bin - Spring Green Petals
Maybe one for Mum too!!
Daisychain Babydoll Dress and Bloomers set for Blythe
And a super gorgeous dress for her Blythe Doll (that I have had put away for her birthday for a long time!!)
Annie in Blue and White Polka Dots handmade cloth rag doll
A Rag doll similar to this one for Lacey or Stella or both from Aunty Kristy!! ;) hint hint
And I am going to make her a bedding set with a pillow, sheets and quilt top for her dolls bed too!!
Anyone else got some good ideas for a little girl turning 3, or maybe its 23?!
And for my precious bundles of joy;

Girl in red (matted)...
This for Lacey

Liam - The Woodland Fox - Full Size - Made to Order
LOVE this for Max!!

Chunky Dump Truck Scribblers -Set of (4) 2nd Chance Crayons
Some pretty cool crayons!!
Toy Dump Truck
Cool as!
Hmmm as you can see, I spend waaaayyy too much time searching through the amazing handmade stuff on Etsy and Made It!! I have even started a list for myself for my birthday (which is mid March) which I have not done before!!
Sorry about the long winded post, definately missed it, so much to share when back online like ; A painted cactus tree for a valentines display, a tidy up of Stella's room, lots of playing and happenings, the first day of dancing, some baking, some decorating, some painting, see told you I have been busy!! So stay tuned!! And let me know if there is anything you really want to see too!!
Happy weekend to all!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still here

So I am still here. Albeit in a lesser form of myself, computerless, but surviving none the less. Boy oh boy am I missing blogging. Sharing my creations ( to which there has been a few over the weekend) but also some important days and events for our little family and my POTD's.
I am busy decorating and planning Valentines crafts and our home and putting the first wheels in motion for April, I know I know, it's ages away but we have 3 kids birthdays, our anniversary and a holiday to Shark Bay in that month so I want to be super organised!! I have mixed emotions about the twins birthday. It's their first so I am excited but so emotional at the same time. My babies. Growing up. Not little babies anymore. So sad for mummy.
I hope everyone is keeping cool in Oz and warm in the US and seeing as though I am blogging on my phone, I am off to pack for a big day out with the cherubs tomorrow! Night all!
Oh and before I forget, Happy Birthday Daddy dearest. The best Dad in the world (bar Noel of course), we love you dearly and are so blessed to have an amazing, supportive and loving father like you! Xo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Out of Office

Just a quick and uber boring note to say that I will be out of action for a few days, unfortunately. Our laptop took a turn for the worst yesterday, with a bit, ok a lot, of help from Master Mischief Max!!! A slight big tug on the cord and bam, laptop on the ground and a shattered screen. EEeeeekkkkk
Luckily no child was harmed in the downfall of the computer, however, my little lifeline was not so lucky!!

On a positive note, I will have lots to discuss when I am back, with a busy and projectful ( I made that up but it fit the bill perfectly!) weekend!!
Enjoy peeps.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok, so there are a few things I would like to share with you, you might not be interested but I will try anyway, and I just thought I would ocmbine the post. After all, sharing is caring!

Just a quick meal I prepared for my family yesterday!! It must of been good because Stella ate the whole thing and fast too!!
I know as much as anyone that if you have had  a hard day, if the kids are naughty or unsettled and you need to prepare dinner whilst WW3 is happening around you, that it has to be quick and easy, aswell as nutrious and healthy for everyone.
This is my recipe for Savoury Mince, it isn't actually a proper recipe, just something that I have made our up over time. My sister gave us an amazing little hand written book as a wedding present, with alot of our family recipes. Things like my Grandmas Pastry and scones, my Dad pikelets, mock chicken, meatballs, curries , you name it, plus I have added my own in aswell. However, you don't always have all the ingredients of a recipe in your pantry and it was more often than not that I didn't have everything for Dads Savoury Mince, so here is Liz's Savoury Mince. ( I know I know that mince is not that great for us, not the healthest meat around, but Stella loves it and eats it, this is Noel's favourite meal and  it was in my freezer, plus it beats Takeaway on a hard night!!)

I started by chopping up all our veges, I like to try and do this a bit earlier in the arvo, to save time at peak hour, but whenever is good for you. Any vegies can go in this meal, and I like to try and use up all the ones that need using up, and its a great way to "hide" vegies for the kids or fussy eaters!!
We had - cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, zucchini, onion, and celery but usually I add frozen peas and corn but I forgot this time!!

Cook your mince with the onions , and add some crushed garlic.

Add your vegies, your sauces, try different combinations that are in your cupboard, ours was;
2 tbsp Tomato Sauce
1 tbsp Barbeque Sauce
1 tbsp Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce)
1 Tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce ( it wasn't at all spicy and was fine for Stella)
1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
Adjust to your taste and liking.
Cook up some pasta, I used spirals and when cooked add to pan with everything else.

Serve and enjoy, below are Noels and Stellas dinner.


The babies even liked this, mixed up with a barmix to make it easier.

Next of the sharing, are these 2 uber gorgeous backpacks I picked up the other day for Max and Lacey!!

Umm, hello?!!! Cute or what!!! After falling in love with the Skip Hop ones HERE and starting to search the net for a store that had them on sale, I just happened to go into my local Crazy Clarkes Store and glance over to see these beauties!! They are nearly identical, and I say they are cheap copies, but for $10, I didn't care and quickly snapped them up for my cherubs. The backpacks seem a bit smaller but we don't need anything big, I am just in planning mode for when I can ditch the nappy bag, regain my handbag and start taking their bags out instead!!
And who could resist a little puppy dog and mouse!?! So get to your nearest Crazy Clarkes, and if you don't have one, let me know, I will see what I can do and post it to you!! Who am I to deny someone such goodies!?

Lastly , after a pretty good tip off from a good friend and terrible shopping influence, I purchased these gorgeous canvas baskets, complete with handle for easy transport. They are on sale at the moment from Bambini Pronto at such an amazing price, so I snapped up one small and 2 large baskets. The small one is great, and I have replaced a white basket with a chocolate Canvas storage one to house our nappies and wipes in our living area. Fantastic and portable for a mobile change station for your babies and the large is now the home for our toys in the family room (as the rest live in the Toy Room). Again, great to transport with the handles, as I often take toys outside when we are playing out there. This makes life easier!

There you have it, sorry if  I have heart the bank balance, but I couldn't help but share!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some shape and paint..

To continue our Valentines crafts, yesterday we made some Salt Dough, I googled it some time ago, remembering when I made it as a child, I think I typed in  "dough you can cook" ahhh derrrr!!
Anyway, then I saw it on another blog and my sister also did some dough crafting with her kiddies HERE, and my brain went into overdrive. Hmm what to do , what to make!!

The recipe that I used for the Salt Dough is
2 cups of Plain Flour
1 Cup of Salt
1 cup of lukewarm water
I used my Kenwood Mix master with my dough hook to stir it but a simple wooden spoon would do the try just as good, just with more effort!! haha

Then we set about rolling, cutting shaping. You name it!! We made a bunch of love hearts and pierced a hole with the end of a pen , for a project coming soon!! Stella also rolled a bunch of little balls and made holes in them to use as beads to make a necklace and we both made a little bowl for her Nannie, seeing as though it was her birthday yesterday!! What Nannie doesn't like some home made craft from her grand daughter?

Then you just pop the creations into the oven, and bake for about 20-30 mins. My recipe said and hour, so luckily I walked past and check it after 25 mins, to find very well done little balls and hearts!
I did learn through doing this activity that you need to peirce the items to stop them from rising or bubbling!

Luckily it was sleep time, to allow time for cooling , otherwise I would have had one very impatient little girl on my hands!
We then set upon painting out little goodies! I often get comments as to how I find the time to paint with a 2 year old and twins. Well notice the little legs of our spectators. A few vegemite cruskits took care of the entertainment for them, and we were set.
I have discovered, the hard way of course, to make sure you have everything on hand you need and prepare you area well for these sessions. I have a plastic table cloth on the table (notice it is different? As much as I loved our gorgeous Marble square one, it was sooo big and obtrusive in our living area, so we picked this one up second hand and cheap, and I have BIG plans to paint it all white!!) anyway, plastic table cloth (you can buy from Spotlight) , newspaper sheets layed out, old Icecream lids to use as paint palettes and a big box of wipes and a wet cloth for spillages!!

I buy the big bottles of paint and we just have the primary colours, so I can mix them to what ever we need to use!

All our paint equipment is kept in this white box, available from Ikea, and it is stored in our Expedit cube unit in our toy room. Of course on the top shelf, with the other craft stuff! I like to be able to start a project, grab the relavant box and start without fuss!

The contents of our Paints box. Sponges, shapes, stencils, brushes all the relevant stuff. I hope to do a post on our toy room soon, if you guys are interested!!

The master at work!! It has to be Stella's all time favourite activity. And it surprises me how many parents don't do it with their kids, for fear of mess!! But I have to say, the worst we have had is paint on her hands, actually her whole body, but a bath can fix that and on the floor and that is cleanable too!!
But don't forget an art smock, nothing fancy, even one of Dads old shirts, we picked up this super ugly Elmo one at Spotlight for $3 so it came home with me, no one sees it, so who cares!!

Stella's little bowl for her Nannie!! Like usual, all the paints mixed, she continued to paint paint paint and they are one big colour now, no biggy, its an original, and then I just sprinkled some glitter over the top (I am not letting my kids touch glitter for a while after the last episode HERE) and used a glaze paint from Kaiser Craft from Spotlight.

Nannie was chuffed and so was Stella to gift it!!
Try it yourself!