Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inner Health

I have recently started going to a Chinese Herbal Medicinist, and Accupunturist, through the recommendation of my Sister. I am going for a few reasons, the main 2 is to help with the Tendonitist condition in my feet, made all the more worse because of my twins pregnancy (double the amount of hormone Relaxin) and for inner health and weightloss.

I have only been a few times, but am already addicted to Fufu (Yep, thats his name) and can't believe how much pleasure I get out of getting poked with needles. It honesly does NOT hurt, and the half hour of relaxing that has to happen with the needles in and working, is by far , the best thing!!
But, there is always a negative to every positive in life, and it has to be the herbs that I have to drink!! MY GOSH!! Horrible to say the least, YUK, YUK, YUK!!
I have to brew them up in water for an hour, this gives me 3 glasses and I struggle , like nothing before to drink it!! It tastes like off , celery, mouldy soup. Gag......... nuff said.

I am hoping to get my beloved laptop back tomorrow!! I am really struggling with not having it!! I am now 3 weeks behind on my Project life, because I can't check the dates on the photos I have already printed and I can't edit and load the photos on my camera!!
No photos, means no good blog posts, but boy do I have alot to blog about when I return, with a vengence of course!!
I have crafting, Valentines Decorating, gifts for My hubby, decorating at home, cooking , you name it, I will have it.......... when I get my laptop back!!

For now, some things I have added to my Birthday Wishlist!

Personalized Keep Calm and SEW ON Print 8x10 (Cranberry featured)
This gorgeous print available HERE, LOVE it for my sewing room!!
Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Personalized Four Disc Layered Necklace
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! For my four most favourite people in the world!
I Love You Blogs and Tea (print)
Hmmm I need more walls, but this is one the list too!

Hmmm I do have more, just to remember them!

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  1. Ugh, the herbs sound horrendous! Love the necklace though :o)


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