Monday, February 28, 2011

Mischief x2

Just a few of the things that have happened over the last few weeks!! Must admit, the mischief is definately Max, and Lacey just follows!

A feather boa, plucked to an inch of its life, all over Stella's bedroom floor!

Off on another little adventure, looking for more trouble to get into!! They are so cute when they follow in single file!! Pretty sure they were on the search for big sis!!

                                   The face of an angel, didn't you know? Pffft, yeah right!!

                                                                     There she is!!

                                Silence and a bathroom = this!! Stella's little cubby/ bed/ house ?

                Complete with a pot holder, toy vacuum cleaner, towels, toys, pillows, hmmmmmm

                                                       And he just wants to join in!

                                                 Another new trick and little cubby house!

                   The favourite thing to do at the moment, make a mess and search through the pantry!

                         Stella said "Mum, Mum, what happened?!" Oh dear, what did happen?

Lets just say, there is never EVER a dull moment in our house, and boy do we LOVE LOVE LOVE our beautiful kids!

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  1. They are just sooo sweet Liz! Don´t you just love how you can tell what rooms they have visited...just follow the trail of destruction lol!! xx


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