Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Just had to pop back and show the completed Birthday artwork for DH from the kids. I really wanted to do something special for him , from them this year! It has been a big past 12 months, and Noel is the best Dad anyone could ever hope for, and I wanted to show him that!
This craft was easy, cheap and a great idea for Fathers Day!!
I had seen a similar thing on Pinterest (I am totally addicted BTW) but they used different types of scrapbooking paper with traced hands (purhaps easier and a damn site cleaner!!) but not as fun for the kiddies!

Here is is hanging in our Photo Gallery.

And up close!! Each hand was painted on separate pieces of paper, then I cut them out and glued them together. I could have done it all on the same piece at the same time, but they I had the worry of paint colours mixing, and it not ending up as nice. At least this way I was able to pick the best hand print out of the bunch and combine them!

And obviously Stella's hand is dark pink, Max's is blue and Lacey's is light pink!! Too cute!!
Try it out for yourself, and if you do, I'd love to see!!

Small changes, big difference!

To continue on with our home organising and Spring Cleaning, we have made some small changes ( and some rather large ones that I will share tomorrow ) but they have had a big impact on our home organising!
They don't have to be expensive, full on changes. The simple things are often the best!
I have found that the busier that our lives have become the more I need things in order, and the more people that occupy our house, obviously ,the more stuff there is. I don't like "stuff".
Don't get me wrong, I used to like stuff, not anymore. You snooze and you loose it!! Thrown out , given away, Freecycled, sold or repurposed. If we haven't used it in 6-12 months, we don't need it. Simple.
So, in an attempt to reduce clutter, and things lying around.................

Shelving! Where else, but the toilet?
Totally, 100%, copied, stolen , everything from Jade at the Super Organiser Mum, Seen HERE. Same same but different. Definately not as pretty or interesting as hers, but its working its magic already!
We too have little people that roam the house and like to put things down the toilet, namely , full toilet rolls. ARGH, so this was the perfect solution for us.
We were lucky and already had the shelf, having just taken them down from either side of our old TV Unit, so it was looking for a new home!

  As you can see from the above photo, the shelf is quite high on the wall, a giant and a midget lives here!
The baskets are also from Ikea, and are holding lady products , I needed mine a bit bigger ( I am about to have a baby if you get my drift) and for smaller things aswell.

I finally found somewhere for this cute wrought iron hanging to go, I was given this by a good friend a year or so ago. I needed somewhere to hang my handbag, as it has been living on the back of our bedroom door handle. I don't take a handbag out all the time, just a nappy bag, but when I go out solo (when , ha!) or just with Stella , I take a bag. I often have a few on the go too, sizes/colours etc, so this is a good use of space!

And we are nearly there with our Laundry redo. I can't wait until the bench top is in and the base drawer unit, but these things take time, and money! ARGH
Our Laundry is very small and narrow , so there isn't alot of room for much, but we needed somewhere to hang things, and the small hooks that were there weren't cutting it, so in went a new hook row and dryer.

I had bought the hooks from Ikea a while ago, for the twins room, but its not needed, but it was here! Yippee! (Hanging off there is a small ironing board , also Ikea, fancy that, and my Laundry bags.)
The Drying rack has been in the cupboard for near on 2 years, shameful, but finally it made it to the wall!! (Shown down above, and up , below)
Purhaps a little late in winter now, but it'll be great for bathers and towels in summer as Noel is always at the pool with Waterpolo.

I have just found the perfect free print , so I have downloaded and will hang soon, can't rush these things!

Well, its pretty obvious I love Ikea, but how could you not?! So cheap, so easy and versatile! I love using small bits and pieces to change a few things to make our life easier!
We are slowly crossing things off the list, and it feels great!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crafting for Dad

A few weeks back, it was my darling husbands Birthday. He is not one for fuss, and gives the most boring Birthday lists you could ever imagine!! Think iTunes, iTunes, iTunes. Hmmm such a music mad man!

So, to celebrate this occasion and give a few special things to Daddy, we got busy. Max and Lacey are really enjoying participating in the colouring in and activities lately, not that they achieve much but thats half the fun!

We made cards;

And I multi tasked while they were colouring, I was folding washing and sorting into baskets, and no colouring session is complete without some snacks!

We also did some hand prints, to be used in a frame for Dad (will photograph the finished product in the morning)

And its safe to say that they were his favourite presents for the day!


 Stella also drew some portraits of her Dad!

His present loot


And my precious people on Daddy's Birthday!

One day, just one day, we will get a shot with everyone looking great ;)

To the best Dad and Husband in the world, I hope you had a great day xo


So.. it has suddenly occured to me (purhaps over the past few years or so, we can't rush these things!!) that I hate photographs. Of myself that is, everyone else?! Yes I love them, have them everywhere, of me? Negative!!
Unless they have been taken by a professional, they always seem to be alot nicer, you know edited and stuff.

Right , so I hate photographs of myself, and DH isn't the best at using inituative and grabbing the camera either, me?! I am snap happy and have the nickname "Pappa" (aka paparazzi).
However, just because I hate photos of myself, doesn't mean my kids will hate them too.
Infact,probably the opposite. They will want to know what their Mum looked like when they were little.
What her hair was like, how frumpy she looked, what the clothes for the era were like, did we look like her when she was young?
And because of this new thought, we now have these;
Still no the best, the wrong position, and I feel and look like a big , fat ......... mumma, but there I am , late August, 2011, with the 3 most precious people in my life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just like their Father!

Yep, the kids are just like their Dad. They LOVE food, and gobble anything and everything in sight!!
Hopefully they will share his body shape and build (but perhaps not his height, eeek).

SO, here I am , just sharing some Mummy moments , in our house, at meal time!

First up, you know those days that you think "My god, what am I going to feed the hungry hoards for Lunch" and its the day before food shop day. Baked beans , scrambled eggs and toast of course!!
Never lovers of baked beans in the past, I revisited them, with total success!!

How utterly cute but totally sad for Mum at the same time, that the twins like to feed themselves, especially Master Max!

Yummo, says Lacey, and every last bean and egg piece was gone!


Now I know this isn't a meal time, but these 2 little gorgeous faces are what wait for me every day , hanging around the kitchen for a snack, or lunch or anything!!! CUTE!

And a weekend treat in our house has definately become Pikelets. Made by Dad of course, and a little help from Stella along the way too!! Would you believe that the twins eat 4-5 decent sized pikelets in a sitting?! And on normal days 2-3 pieces of toast each with Jam?! No way, yes way! Oh dear!

And eating those said pieces of toast! All at the table, cute as buttons and real big kids now , boohoooo!

Only an obsessed mother would take this many pics of her kids eating?!
Crikey, am I "One of those Mothers already?" Hell yes!

New do

Being a hairdresser (and lately not looking like one at all!) I am familiar with the way a new hair cut or colour, or both, can make you feel. However, its been quite some time , since I have been to a salon as a client, and had my hair done. A fair while since I have not had to tell the person doing my hair what to do, or infact, mix the colour up myself!

But guess what!? That all changed! Yippee!!
My Little Protege, my apprentice, the very girl that I taught from a mere baby (sniff sniff) , has just opened her own salon!! And its gorgeous!! To say that I am proud, is an absolute understatement!!! 
I could NOT be happier, nor feel more proud of the woman, hairdresser, business owner that she has become!!
And now, I have a hairdresser of my own. Kate had always done my hair at the salon, there is no one I would trust more with my locks than her, but making that 6 weekly booking was thrilling!!
And getting my hair done was even more so!!
So.... I had a cut, and colour and even FOILS!! Yep, nanna Liz was revamped. And it feels gorgeous, and I love the cut and new fringe so so much!!

Can you see my foils, under a veiling section so the top is kept dark and regrowth free, but some shimmering hilights still!!

So do yourselves a favour, make the appointment, take the time, and go and get a new do!! Be daring, be different and you won't be disappointed!!

Getting Organised

There has been alot of this happening around here lately!! Trying to cross jobs off the never ending list. Making way for a new baby and member to the family. Organising our documents and important things , since selling the salon. Trying to make life easier and put systems in place so that everything runs smoothly when we have 4 kids, all very young.
You get the drift.
So in the past month, we have had alot of projects on the go!! Lots of orders from Ikea, phone calls about items, searching the net for inspiration (and Pinterest!!) and trips to DH favourite shop (Bunnings of course!!)
But.... we are thrilled with the way everything is turning out and falling into place.
I am stoked with all the extra storage we have created , just by changing a few crucial pieces of furniture in our house, and making the space we have, work for us!!
Throw in my gorgeous Mums, and Noel's birthdays and the month has filled up quickly and flown by even faster!
So, thats where I have been. AWOL, and on a mission!! With only 9 weeks to go, we don't have the luxury of time, and I am sure that will certainly NOT change when the little cherub arrives either!!
And with Noel playing football, swimming lessons and the odd event/party etc on weekends, its hard to find spare moments to get these jobs done.
Life I tell ya, is awesome, but boy is it busy busy!!

One of our projects, and the important one for the kids, was a new sandpit. The old Sandpit was a 1m square box from Bunnings. Definately not big enough for 3 little people, but thye used to love it and squeeze in there like Sardines!!
So a Sunday Morning job, and the new Sandpit as complete!!

Digging out the grass complete

Lacey, after she sampled the soil, and realised it didn't taste that flash!!

Max , trying to help with a hammer!!

Stella , measuring, just to make sure Dad has done it right!

Hmmm, I somehow doubt that Max is afraid of drills, he couldn't get close enough!!

Voila!! A new, big sandpit, and even though it was sprinkling, the girls were in there playing!!

Awesome, but not so great for my floors!! Sand everywhere, all the time!
And the next morning, a peak out the patio door, and a gorgeous sight of Max, playing in his new sandpit! LOVE

Next up, was a new chest of Drawers for Stella. She was in desperate need of a new set, the old ones were the cheapest from Ikea, and had served her well for 3 years, but they no longer rolled well!
We purchased these, from Ikea, and they are the Hemnes. Nice and tall , solid, and deep drawers.

And now everything in the drawers is organised better in baskets. Easy to find, and put stuff away!! DH even puts away clothes now!!

Her shirt Drawer, singlets on far left, T-shirts in the middle, and long sleeves on the right.
 And the second drawer, also the deepest (the 2 little drawers on the top hold knickers,singlets and precious things!!)

From Left ; Winter Pyjamas, Summer Pyjamas, Dancing clothes, bathers
Behind; Tights, bed socks and socks

I love the organisation, the space and the way everything stays folded and less cramped and crushed.
Money well spent!

I also managed to revamp the tired box set that has always sat upon her dresser. It holds lackies, headbands, bracelets, her baby bracelets, and other important items to be kept safe.
It was painted a manky green colour, with angels etc, however a bit of a sand, spray paint and some fabric Scrapbooking paper (purchased from Spotlight in the Cardstock section) and it was revamped quite easily!!
The Fabric paper was self sticking, however not strong enough to hold onto the wood, so I used some Spray adhesive first.  I love the way it turned out , and adds some colour to the drawers.

There has been a fair bit of constructing happening around here, all flatpacked of course. A new TV unit has gone in,(Liatorp Series from Ikea of course!!)  I will try and photograph tomorrow (it looks amazing!!), another Billy bookcase for beneath the kitchen bench top in the dining area, Lots of labelling and rearranging of boxes , and the twins have even moved rooms!!

Noel , the master at Ikea furniture, and his little helper!

I will be sure to blog about it all soon!!
This weekend, I hope we can get a new base cupboard into the laundry, so that the benchtop that is taking up a large chunk of our Garage can be moved and installed, however I dont like our chances, here's hoping!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menu Plan

I am alive. Just.
No really, all is well, just busy and the days fly by, then I colapse in a heap! Nothing short of the normal!

Bringing you my Menu Plan for this week (current) , I am a little late, sorry.

Monday - Massaman Curry with Naan Bread and Rice (Valcom Jar from the curry section of Woolworths) YUMMO!!
Tuesday- Lasagne, Chips and Salad (cooking as we speak)
Wednesday- Chops and Vege (haven't had this for ages, a pregnancy craving!) (footy)
Thursday- My Mum's Birthday
Friday - Tacos (footy)
Saturday- Home made pies from Left over Taco mince and a frozen stew
Sunday- Roast

Pretty basic this week, and as you can see, footy training nights are simple meals, that either are fine to reheat at 10pm for DH or easy for me to dish up to kids by myself.
My Menu plan for next week is also done, as I shop fortnightly. I find this works for us, as I can buy meat in bulk and divide the portions, kinder to the hip pocket!!

Any meal ideas? Whats your favourite meal?
I am going to do a few recipe posts soon, have had a few requests for things , and believe me, I am no Masterchef, but sharing is caring, after all , that is what this is all about!!
And talk about sharing, Check out the Ollie Rose BLOG,  for another Menu Plan!