Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small changes, big difference!

To continue on with our home organising and Spring Cleaning, we have made some small changes ( and some rather large ones that I will share tomorrow ) but they have had a big impact on our home organising!
They don't have to be expensive, full on changes. The simple things are often the best!
I have found that the busier that our lives have become the more I need things in order, and the more people that occupy our house, obviously ,the more stuff there is. I don't like "stuff".
Don't get me wrong, I used to like stuff, not anymore. You snooze and you loose it!! Thrown out , given away, Freecycled, sold or repurposed. If we haven't used it in 6-12 months, we don't need it. Simple.
So, in an attempt to reduce clutter, and things lying around.................

Shelving! Where else, but the toilet?
Totally, 100%, copied, stolen , everything from Jade at the Super Organiser Mum, Seen HERE. Same same but different. Definately not as pretty or interesting as hers, but its working its magic already!
We too have little people that roam the house and like to put things down the toilet, namely , full toilet rolls. ARGH, so this was the perfect solution for us.
We were lucky and already had the shelf, having just taken them down from either side of our old TV Unit, so it was looking for a new home!

  As you can see from the above photo, the shelf is quite high on the wall, a giant and a midget lives here!
The baskets are also from Ikea, and are holding lady products , I needed mine a bit bigger ( I am about to have a baby if you get my drift) and for smaller things aswell.

I finally found somewhere for this cute wrought iron hanging to go, I was given this by a good friend a year or so ago. I needed somewhere to hang my handbag, as it has been living on the back of our bedroom door handle. I don't take a handbag out all the time, just a nappy bag, but when I go out solo (when , ha!) or just with Stella , I take a bag. I often have a few on the go too, sizes/colours etc, so this is a good use of space!

And we are nearly there with our Laundry redo. I can't wait until the bench top is in and the base drawer unit, but these things take time, and money! ARGH
Our Laundry is very small and narrow , so there isn't alot of room for much, but we needed somewhere to hang things, and the small hooks that were there weren't cutting it, so in went a new hook row and dryer.

I had bought the hooks from Ikea a while ago, for the twins room, but its not needed, but it was here! Yippee! (Hanging off there is a small ironing board , also Ikea, fancy that, and my Laundry bags.)
The Drying rack has been in the cupboard for near on 2 years, shameful, but finally it made it to the wall!! (Shown down above, and up , below)
Purhaps a little late in winter now, but it'll be great for bathers and towels in summer as Noel is always at the pool with Waterpolo.

I have just found the perfect free print , so I have downloaded and will hang soon, can't rush these things!

Well, its pretty obvious I love Ikea, but how could you not?! So cheap, so easy and versatile! I love using small bits and pieces to change a few things to make our life easier!
We are slowly crossing things off the list, and it feels great!!


  1. Love it all Liz. I was writing my list for Ikea last night and I had a shelf for the toilet on there too! A little someone is obsessed with toilet paper and toilets at the moment. Life is a lot more difficult now she can open doors!

  2. Ohhh I am hating having to keep the toilet doors shut at the moment, Especially when miss 3 is busting to go to the loo!!


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