Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Organised

There has been alot of this happening around here lately!! Trying to cross jobs off the never ending list. Making way for a new baby and member to the family. Organising our documents and important things , since selling the salon. Trying to make life easier and put systems in place so that everything runs smoothly when we have 4 kids, all very young.
You get the drift.
So in the past month, we have had alot of projects on the go!! Lots of orders from Ikea, phone calls about items, searching the net for inspiration (and Pinterest!!) and trips to DH favourite shop (Bunnings of course!!)
But.... we are thrilled with the way everything is turning out and falling into place.
I am stoked with all the extra storage we have created , just by changing a few crucial pieces of furniture in our house, and making the space we have, work for us!!
Throw in my gorgeous Mums, and Noel's birthdays and the month has filled up quickly and flown by even faster!
So, thats where I have been. AWOL, and on a mission!! With only 9 weeks to go, we don't have the luxury of time, and I am sure that will certainly NOT change when the little cherub arrives either!!
And with Noel playing football, swimming lessons and the odd event/party etc on weekends, its hard to find spare moments to get these jobs done.
Life I tell ya, is awesome, but boy is it busy busy!!

One of our projects, and the important one for the kids, was a new sandpit. The old Sandpit was a 1m square box from Bunnings. Definately not big enough for 3 little people, but thye used to love it and squeeze in there like Sardines!!
So a Sunday Morning job, and the new Sandpit as complete!!

Digging out the grass complete

Lacey, after she sampled the soil, and realised it didn't taste that flash!!

Max , trying to help with a hammer!!

Stella , measuring, just to make sure Dad has done it right!

Hmmm, I somehow doubt that Max is afraid of drills, he couldn't get close enough!!

Voila!! A new, big sandpit, and even though it was sprinkling, the girls were in there playing!!

Awesome, but not so great for my floors!! Sand everywhere, all the time!
And the next morning, a peak out the patio door, and a gorgeous sight of Max, playing in his new sandpit! LOVE

Next up, was a new chest of Drawers for Stella. She was in desperate need of a new set, the old ones were the cheapest from Ikea, and had served her well for 3 years, but they no longer rolled well!
We purchased these, from Ikea, and they are the Hemnes. Nice and tall , solid, and deep drawers.

And now everything in the drawers is organised better in baskets. Easy to find, and put stuff away!! DH even puts away clothes now!!

Her shirt Drawer, singlets on far left, T-shirts in the middle, and long sleeves on the right.
 And the second drawer, also the deepest (the 2 little drawers on the top hold knickers,singlets and precious things!!)

From Left ; Winter Pyjamas, Summer Pyjamas, Dancing clothes, bathers
Behind; Tights, bed socks and socks

I love the organisation, the space and the way everything stays folded and less cramped and crushed.
Money well spent!

I also managed to revamp the tired box set that has always sat upon her dresser. It holds lackies, headbands, bracelets, her baby bracelets, and other important items to be kept safe.
It was painted a manky green colour, with angels etc, however a bit of a sand, spray paint and some fabric Scrapbooking paper (purchased from Spotlight in the Cardstock section) and it was revamped quite easily!!
The Fabric paper was self sticking, however not strong enough to hold onto the wood, so I used some Spray adhesive first.  I love the way it turned out , and adds some colour to the drawers.

There has been a fair bit of constructing happening around here, all flatpacked of course. A new TV unit has gone in,(Liatorp Series from Ikea of course!!)  I will try and photograph tomorrow (it looks amazing!!), another Billy bookcase for beneath the kitchen bench top in the dining area, Lots of labelling and rearranging of boxes , and the twins have even moved rooms!!

Noel , the master at Ikea furniture, and his little helper!

I will be sure to blog about it all soon!!
This weekend, I hope we can get a new base cupboard into the laundry, so that the benchtop that is taking up a large chunk of our Garage can be moved and installed, however I dont like our chances, here's hoping!


  1. Where did you get the dividers fir the drawers?

  2. Wow! You've been busy. Really love Stella's room. Love the drawer organisers too. I find it so easy to put the girls clothes away with these.

  3. Keysha, the dividers are from Ikea. Of course!! The best! THey come in black too!

  4. love her room! its so cute! i love her book case where is that from :)


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