Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toy Room Questions and Answers

Wowzers!! What an overwhelming response I had to the Toy Room Makeover post!!
Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments ! Its so nice to know that everyone loves the space as much as we do! The colours are so lovely and cheery and we are loving the new touches.
I have received a few questions about various things around the room, so I will try and cover those here , but if anyone else would like to know anything, please do not hesitate to flick me an email and I'll try and answer everything the best I can ( or remember)
First up, one of the requests was for some inside shots of our toys. Even though the Toy room looks as if there are a lot of toys, as there are a lot of baskets, most of them are only half full and there are even a few that are empty. In our home , I do cull toys on a regular basis and try to only purchase ones that are wooden or more natural. The kids tend to play with the same things everyday, trains, lego, wooden blocks, cars and dress ups. Throw in a kitchenette and some play food and they are set for a good time forever!
So here is a sneak peek inside a few baskets for you!
Cars are a real necessity for any toy room, even for families of just girls I believe. These are the communal cars, and ones for when other children come over to play, Max has his special cars in a Carry All from Pottery Barn that he carries them around in , and they keep them separate.

Puzzle boards, the pieces are in the top basket, in zip lock bags and labelled accordingly.

Balls- just that and not too many just yet. These are on the Christmas list for the kids actually!

Phones- something we can not escape and I find these are great for the kids to play with for Role Play and imagination. Some are old phones , others play ones.

Wooden Blocks- classic and still a hit everyday!

Another Question was how I store our soft toys, well this is it! As above,they are stored in 2 baskets in the Toy Room and individual special ones with each child on their beds or in their rooms,
I tend to only keep the special soft toys, they are real dust collectors and you tend to accumulate so many over time!

The gorgeous labels create such a uniform look. Love them!
Another question was about the Target print , and what did is say. Here is a closer photo, as you can see , it is just perfect for a childs room or play area. I bought it on sale a little while ago but I am sure you could find one in a store somewhere , or perhaps try a home shopping store.

More details on the Curtains- They are from Spotlight and VERY reasonably priced for what they are. They came in a green and blue, but they were different patterns. I can not for the life of me remember the brand name , but hopefully this pic will help you further!

Lastly, a question about the kids pencil turntable, pictured at the top of the photo below.
This is a Mini Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn. Its a perfect size, divided and obviously spins for convenience. I bought it some time ago , and it was pricey but has been well worth the cost!
I hope I have answered your queries adequately, and like I said, if there are any other bits and pieces anyone would like to know about, just let me know!
Thankyou all for your support, yet again, now on to the next big project!!
But it might just be selling up and building yet!! eeeek

Monday, August 27, 2012

A special bond....

Twins really are something special.
Hard work, testing and a totally different parenting experience yet so completely amazing to watch a bond grow and develop between two little people, whom have never been separated.
Its pretty obvious to see the differences between Max and Lacey, but they aren't just skin deep.
He is emotional and needy.
She is confident and independent
He is quite selfish ( a man right?!)
And she always thinks about and worries about him.
He is left handed
She is right handed
He is all about having fun
She is all about finding the fun
Lacey really is a devil at heart. She is the first to find and create mischief and I can honestly say that "LACEY" is the most used word in this house, even more than NO and SHHHHHHHH.
Lacey is too smart for her own good and when you watch her interact, you can see her little mind ticking over. Working 100 miles an hour, problem solving, watching how you did something to recreate it. Often we perceive this as being 'naughty' and at times it just is. But at others, I think we should be praising her for figuring out how to do something independently.
I really wish she wasn't so much like her Mother though! hmmmmm

Lacey really watches out for her 'big' brother. If she is given a biscuit, she will automatically ask for his, just to make sure he does not miss out.
If she moves her chair, she will then move his too!
If they are in bed, going to sleep, she will wait for him to be there before she settles.

Now that is love.
That is a special bond that no one in the world will ever be able to separate!
Thats twin love
And a little poem that Lacey was given on a print for her birthday. It brings me to tears every.single.time.
I'm sch a lucky little girl
My Mummy told me so
Because I've got a secret
and I want you to know
I never have to be lonely
I always have a friend
We play and play
and laugh all day
Our giggles never end
There's something very special
about this friend of mine
We grew in Mummy's tummy and
we were born at the same time.
Mummy told me about it
We've been together from the start
And he is more than my best friend
He is half of my heart

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Toy Room Makeover

Finally our Toy Room is finished. It has taken some time, whenever funds and spare time permitted but we are chuffed with the results.

The bones of our toy room were already quite good, and many would have been happy with it, but I was bored of the same decor, things were getting worn and tired looking and as our room (which is supposed to be our formal lounge/open theatre ) is ope to the main hallway and one of the first things you see when you enter our home, I wanted it to look a bit 'nicer'.
There are some before photos in posts HERE and HERE

Our home is predominantly beige/brown and white in colouring, so I knew I wanted to try something different and perhaps a little out of my comfort zone. Seeing as though our existing art canvas is yellow, it was a great place to start and there are so many products available in the grey/yellow tones at the moment so the decision was made.
You might remember I wrote a post with a few plans for the room HERE , well these were the main products that I purchased, the floor mat and the couch cover, and they weren't cheap, so this is one of my 'not so cheap organising posts' but I have never actually set out on a mission to decorate a whole room, in a theme or 'look'. My rooms have all just evolved and its probably why they all look unfinished. Well not this time, I was doing it right this time!!

So , here it is. Our toy room.
(NB- this room hardly EVER looks this way. Sure, maybe at night, when the little cherubs are tucked up in bed but during the day, its a sight to behold!!)

Ohh I love it!! Absolutely LOVE it! So fresh and crisp. Colourful but not too 'in your face' and still nice and neutral when you walk by.

Now more details for everyone;
The floor rug is from IKEA, super cheap at $49.95, called GISLEV
Our original brown couch from IKEA got a new cover KARLSTAD Grey $199.00 (eeek I know! Nice Tax refund but a cheap alternative to buying a new couch!)
Yellow lamp on side table - Target , $35 on sale, originally $50

On the couch there is a mix of patterned cushions , all keeping with the colour theme, but all purchased on sale.
Yellow back cushion - $8.86 ( x 2) Target
Grey and yellow chevron cushion (x3) $8.86 and one was $5.86 with a small hole I repaired. Target
Grey polka dot cushion -  I made it. The fabric is Michael Miller and it was in my stash. The ruffle is just some scrap material and the gorgeous Felt flower is handmade by my sister from Bread n Butter Factory .(They are a brooch or a hair clip and come in a range of colours!) 

The reading corner has been very popular since removing the small couch. It was super cute but the kids were using it as a step ladder to reach higher books, and it didn't fit all 3 older kids , which resulted in fighting!
I just replaced the couch with white pillows, a few scatter cushions (the chevron one for $8.86 and a plain yellow I scored from Target last week for $2.86!!)
The star mats help to define the area and keep it soft to lay or sit on , and are from Target a little while ago, I scored them for $15 , and originally bought them for Angus' room.
The book shelves are the famous BEKVAM spice racks from IKEA, and we love them!! They are used all day , every day and the kids love being able to see all the books.

I made the Art Display Canvas a while ago, and it has been a fantastic way to display the current craft projects or drawings that come home from school.
Its just a large canvas (that I already had) , spray painted , with bulldog clips glued on.
The curtains are a new addition, and purchased from Spotlight. Also a while ago ( I told you I have been buying stuff gradually!). They are a light fabric with a gorgeous Grey and white pattern, and we reused a rod from our living area (we replaced curtains with Plantation Shutters).
The Storage unit is quite old but still in fantastic condition, it is the TROFAST unit from IKEA.

I picked up the print (in the greeny blue) at Target and it is perfect for a toy or childrens area.

On the main wall, we have put a few RIBBA Picture Ledges (also IKEA), at a bargain of $19.95, they are the perfect size to create this display area. I have placed a few framed prints that I found on pinterest, free of course and had them printed at a photoshop.
They are 4 cute Nursery Rhymes and you can print them in a variety of colours! Things like 'If you are happy and you know it' and 'twinkle twinkle'
You can find them HERE.

 We also added some small canvas' that the kids have done , and will swap and change these as new pieces are created.

The print on the end in yellow is from a little delightful and says
'so many smiles begin with you' . You can find it HERE

A few yellow tin buckets bought from Crazy Clarks for about $6 each were added as storage for play food, kitchen items and tea sets.

All the toy baskets were tizzied up with gorgeous yellow labels, laminated and tied on with yellow bakers twine. I am so pleased with the uniform look , and they have been great for Stella with letter and work recognition. They are the perfect size and I love the colour! Do you think you would like them too? (hint hint)
The white boxes hold all of the kids craft supplies, such as paints and glues, paper supplies, craft items etc. And the top row of the shelves is perfect storage for my scrapbooking albums and the kids art folders. They like to look through them whenever they please.

And on top of the Expedit unit, 2 baskets from Woolworths hold items that need to be out of reach from the kids, like a DVD folder, some colouring books etc.
The kids drawing supplies are kept in the turntable and a cute 'You are my sunshine' print found from HERE, was also printed onto photo paper and popped in a frame  I scored from Target at 50% off.

There you have it. Our childrens space for learning, playing and interacting.
Like I said, it has been one of our more expensive projects, but well worth it in the long run!
I hope you like our new space and have gained a few ideas or projects to do at home too!
I am so excited to be able to share a wonderful printable with you soon , so that your toy room could look as organised too!
Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Shared Wardrobe

My 'Organising on a Budget' project for this week is a bit late (sorry) but is a join Wardrobe in our home.
Max and Lacey, our gorgeous 2 year old twins, share a room and will probably for quite some time. They have always shared, have never slept apart and both need and want each other there to fall asleep (so cute).
However, as cute as it is, sharing also brings other problems. Especially when they aren't the same sex!
Our kids bedrooms are quite small, so space is of the essence, and with 2 beds there isn't room left for much else, especially a bulky chest of drawers, so all of Max and Lacey's clothes and shoes need to be stored in the double door wardrobe.

Most of their clothes are folded, and kept in wire drawers in the wardrobe, and only their good clothes are hung. This saves space and I believe it makes dressing them easier. When going out somewhere a little more special than everyday activites/home play then I choose something from the top, if its a normal day with a normal routine then I choose items from the drawers. Obviously there is the exception of jeans etc , as I fold them also ( I also keep my own jeans this way).

So on the weekend, I did a thorough cull and sort of their clothing, and set about to making some cute labels for the drawers and boxes at the top.
I am pleased with how it turned out, its quite hard to make so many things look neat!

We have had the wire drawers for some time, but if you are interested , the ones on the left are from IKEA here and the ones on the right are from Crazy Clarkes (these are 2 on top of each other) and they are relatively inexpensive. The basket in the middle holds a selection of soft toys, lots I would like to part with but can't for some reason or other!
The bottom of the right hand side is Max's and the left is Laceys (hence the pink) .

The top right side drawers are shared and go in sequence like this;

Teddies and Bathers
 (they sleep with a small rug with a teddy attached at night and we have spares for washing)
Socks and Hats
Underwear and singlets

Then Max's clothes start
Shirts (long and short sleeve)

Lacey's drawers are in the same order and both have the bottom drawer for their shoes. I love having the shoes in a drawer, easy to throw in and it still looks neat and tidy.
Inside the drawers I have used a mix of SKUBB boxes from IKEA and some plastic trays from a cheapie shop to containerise all the small items and keep each seperate. So the left side has a box for Lacey's Knickers and the right side a box for Max's little jocks. You can see how I organised Stella's drawers some time ago with the same boxes here.

The labels add a nice finishing touch and helps when darling Dad puts the clothes away now that I have rearranged a few items!

At the top of the wardrobe we have a shelf and I have used the basic PAPPIS box from IKEA, a spare white box from another project and a plastic storage tub.
These are all great for containing items and creating a neater look. The plastic tub is for clothing that is too small. Instead of placing the clothes back in the drawer or wash , when they are proven to be too small, they go straight in the tub. When the tub is full, it will be taken to the garage for storage (until Angus needs them from Max or until I go to a market to onsell most of Lacey's and earn a few dollars back) and the tub will be replaced with another.
A few backpacks sit up there too, just incase something happens to the ones they are using or they are in the wash.

The brown (and white) boxes house their keepsake and precious items, aswell as a left over box from another project. The kids are very fortunate ( I think..... at least I keep telling myself!) that they receive quite a lot of little trinkets and the like that are not to be played with , but that is quite hard to tell 2 year olds when the little goodies are sitting on their bookcase! So I put them away in a box until the time is right, or if they are on display, I like to keep the box handy and intact just incase. All these things go into the labelled boxes.
There is also a box for their sleeping bags, as they received them for Christmas and we use them when we go away.

I just made the A5 labels up with some digital scrapbooking paper and laminated them. I love the uniform look. And fancy that?! The drawer labels match ;)

I am so pleased with the finished wardrobe and I hope that I may have helped you with your storage issues in a small or shared bedroom. I know that not everyone has a double wardrobe, or even built ins for that matter and we are lucky in that regard but we are short on space.
These drawers and the small touches certainly do help when making the most of what we do have and making the space work for us!

I am proud to say that I did not go out and buy anything for this project, having repurposed pieces from around our home or my storage stash ( I tend to buy when they are on special or when I am in the city and can purchase from stores we don't have in town).
Apart from a few laminating pouches and the paper and ink, the project was super budget friendly, even if you do have to buy a few storage boxes and drawers.

To make this project easier for you to complete at home and for your convenience ( I find it annoying when you read a blog post and someone says they made labels , and they look really cool and you really really want them, but have to make them yourself!! haha Lazy or what?!), I am sharing the drawer labels as a printable for you! They are in a lovely green colour so totally unisex , for big and small so download and print away! I dare you!!

pdf version - Wardrobe labels

If you have missed the other projects completed so far in the 'Organising on a Budget' series, you can find them here;

Are you playing along? Finding inspiration in simple yet cost effective projects that can change your home and the way it runs? Please share some photos with me if you are, I would love to see them!
Thankyou for all your support for these posts, its so lovely to see people taking what they need from them and using it how they please!
Next up;
The toy room reveal!!
It has been a long process, of gradually buying things as the budget allowed but I am thrilled with the way it has turned out, small changes and big impact!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Mum's Day

It was my dear Mums birthday a few days ago.
Its always such an important day for me, and obviously for her too, but I always want her to have the best day she can!!
This year was a little different, as my poor Dad has really hurt his finger at work. Shattered the bone in the tip, lost his nail and has quite a severe cut (one that probably should have been stitched). Given he has that, and also an ear, nose and throat infection, he is like a bear with a sore thumb ( or middle finger haha), so things were pretty quiet.

We celebrated as a family, at the park , for a yummy lunch in the glorious sunshine. The kids had a ball, it was relaxing for everyone and I really hope that it was everything Mum had hoped for!!

As I was writing in her birthday card, I couldn't help but get a bit emotional.
I always try and use this occasion to tell her just how much she means to me and my family, and how special a person she really is!!
Its true, my Mum is my best friend, well second only to my husband, and she really is such a dedictated, loving mother.

She is honest, but tactful.
Firm but nice.
Affectionate and cuddly
Selfless and generous
And everything and more that I hope to be.

I really have had the best teacher for being a good Mum, and if I am only a fraction as good as she is to us, I will be happy and so will our children.

My Mum returned to work when I was just 9 months old. Full time, and not by choice.
It  was a sign of the times, and the extremely high interest rates!! ( my darling Dad also working 4 jobs at once!)
And they did it all for us. So that my sister and I could have the things we had wanted.
So we could do the things that other kids were.
So I could do those bootscootin' classes in the Undercover area after school.
So I could do Brownies and Guides, play netball and basketball, work at Target after school and weekends.
So I could play State and Country Week basketball, and have new sneakers to play with.
Mum would always come along as the Parent Superviser, and I loved it!!
She took 8 weeks off work , used up her long service leave, to come into my class , everyday in year 2.
Why? Because, I , Liz the Year one Dux of the Class, refused to go to school!! Absolutely refused. Tantrum city it was. ( I had a very frightening teacher and she was picking on people in the class and I didn't like it, justified behaviour I say , haha)
All for me.

In high school, you know the house that everyone wants to stay at?
The Mum that everyone loves?
That was my Mum. That was my house.
I was always having people stay over.
Always having people get ready for a night out at our house. Predrinks and the like.
And I remember my best friend always fibbing to Mum that she had eaten. Because she hadn't of course, and we so responsibly thought 'Eating was Cheating'.
"Yes Mrs D, I had a pie at home"
Because she knew that if she hadn't of said that, we would have had to sit down to a 3 course meal before venturing to that gathering or party.

She has always supported, with due caution, all my crazy ideas!!
To start a business and open my own salon at the age of 20!!
To keep said business when I had my first child. Then my second and third.
To take our first child to Europe for 3 weeks.
To buy our first house and then upgrade to something new.

The first place Noel and I ever lived was in my parents granny flat. We were there for years. And loved every minute.
It was small and cosy and we made it our happy home.
All thanks to my parents.

With my Mum and sister on Mothers Day , 2012

All I can hope is that am a good a mother as her. That my kids feel the same about me as I do about my Mum.
That they love me as much, they appreciate me as much, and they are as grateful as I am.

So this post is dedicated to my dearest Mother.
Where would we be without you?
Happy Birthday Mum xo

I urge you all to tell your loved ones , just the way you feel about them. Life is too short and too precious not to!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Down That Little Lane- Guest Sponsor

I am VERY excited to announce a guest Sponsor for the month , and its one of my most favourite online haunts!!
Down that Little Lane , is filled with all things gorgeous , from Home Decor, to Linen, Toys and Kids items. My Wish List is never ending and if I was to win lotto, I would purchase nearly everything!
Seriously, I dare you to check it out, there is something for everyone, young and old and regardless of personal taste.

Down that Little Lane is an awesome way of shopping from lots of different stores, yet checking out and making one easy payment. Saves on time, hassle ( and bank fees!)

Don't forget to check out the gorgeous site, Facebook page and blog

When I introduce a new sponsor, I always like to show what they have on offer and my favourite items, this was definately an easy task, apologies now if I go overboard! And I simple just can NOT put pics up of everything I would love to get but the links will do if you want to check them out too!

For the kids;
GORGEOUS bedding for my girls - HERE ( and its on sale OMG!)
This cushion would be perfect for our playroom makeover!! -HERE
My obsession with spots and stripes continues with this beautiful bedding perfect for Angus - HERE
Cute little tooth fairy pillow for when the need arises - HERE
And hundreds, literally hundreds more

For me/our home;
a china plate made into a super cool necklace - HERE
Love love love Saltwater sandals- HERE
Just my style-  2 tier fruit bowl - HERE

Ok, so I am seriously lusting after these gorgeous beds for our kids. I just love the vintage look, and they come in pretty funky colours too! Me? I would pick white, of course!

Incy Interiors Mia Bed
So there you have, just a few of my favourite things. Please head on over to Down that Little Lane and check out all of the super gorgeous things. A lot of their stock is handmade or created by Stay at Home Mums, crafters and all so precious, so every purchase is warranted ( or at least that is my excuse!) Don't forget to also 'like' their facebook page, and let them know how I sent you, you never know, they may stay for good!!
Happy shopping!

Disclaimer; I am have not been paid to write this post, nor to talk about these products. These opinions are merely that of my own, and because I genuinely love their stuff.
I do not take any responsibility for any damaged that may occur to your bank statement or credit card.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Method Giveaway

This Giveaway has ended!! Thankyou to everyone who entered!!

KATE HEALEY you are the lucky winner!!

Its no secret that I love to have a clean home.
I also love to use products that I know are safe to use around my children but are still cleaning all surfaces adequately.

And guess what? I have these awesome method products to giveaway!!
The gorgeous people at method have ever so kindly given one Bizzy Dayz reader the chance to win these 4 fantastic sprays, that will clean nearly every surface in your home, leaving it smelling so delicious!

The lucky winner will receive;
1 x Bathroom Cleaner
1 x  All Purpose Spray
1 x Daily Kitchen Spray
1 x Daily Granite Spray

I have and use all of these products, and absolutely LOVE them.
I love the gorgeous scents, I love the efficency of the product and I love the company's morals.

Like I said, I love knowing that they are safe to use around our kids.
They are also safe for use around animals.
They are Animal cruelty free and vegan
Their packaging is totally recyclable
Are their products look gorgeous too!
Whats not to love?!

All of these products and SO SO much more are available through their online store, or at your local Woolworths and selected IGA's.

Now , to be in the running to win these products is easy. Simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts, become a liker of the method facebook page and for an extra chance,  become a liker of my Bizzy Dayz Facebook Page.

Entries are open to Australian residents.
Entries close at midday on Saturday 11th August, 2012.

Winner will be announced on the blog within a few hours of competition closing  and will have 3 days to contact me to claim their prize, after which if no contact has been made the prize will be redrawn.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Laundry Cupboards

Project #3 of my "Organising on a Budget" series is our Laundry cupboards.
Since installing all the new cupboards ( you can see more in my DIY Laundry post), we are very fortunate to have quite a lot of storage in our home.
However.. storage space doesn't necessarily mean organisation, infact, it could often mean the opposite!! The more space can equal more mess.

Our cupboards sort of got out of order, nothing major (thats why there are no "Before" pics) but I knew it needed some reorganising and I am slowly working through the home one space at a time.

I used to use all of the white Ikea Storage boxes with a lid, however I found that for commonly used items , these are not that practical. Anything with a lid is something you have to remove and take longer to put away and that means things get dumped. So I was on a lookout for something open and of course, budget friendly.

So I made a start on our over head cupboards.

Top Right basket - this is where I store our iron as it doesn't get used a great deal as we have an ironing lady (best $25 we spend in a week, seriously!!) and distilled water next to it for the iron.
Top left -  is suncream (extra bottles as I like to buy it on special or in bulk) and Insect repellent.
Bottom shelf , on the right - the pink Hobby boxes are part of our First Aid Kit, one is for bandaids and bandages, the other is for creams and ointments.
On top of the Pink boxes is my tool box. My husband bought me a tool box of my very own and filled it with all the things I used to ask him for, thoughtful huh? haha
The clear basket in the middle is my husbands clutter basket. You have to have one!! Its a neccessity when living with a man that doesn't find loose screws, nuts , bolts, allen keys etc hanging around are infuriating? When I find them, they go in there, easy.
Bottom left-  is our Battery box, and sitting on top is a Carry all with our Medicine, syrups, tablets ,Vapo steam capsules etc

I found these great foldable canvas baskets at Bunnings, all discounted to around $4 each and they are a great size.
I labelled everything using these gorgeous labels from Bianca at a little delightful, as they matched the rest of the laundry labels because I had used them there also. Obviously I wanted them to say more specific things, so I just typed up the labels and taped them on the printable backing before laminating.

The right hand cupboards are over the trough, therefore they store Lux (in glass jar) , ,Nappisan ( in white tin tub) , then to the left are a few cleaning products that I use rarely.
The white boxes hold things like light globes, Hubby's sports items ( whistles, mouthguards etc) yucky things like mousetraps etc.

For our Laundry cupboard, I wanted somewhere to put our broom and mop etc, and get them off the floor and free up some space. So we bought one of these hangings from Bunnings (aobut $13 ) , and its perfect. Now everything has a place and its using a space that was otherwise pretty useless.

Inside the cupboard;
At the top, I have used a set of the canvas drawers that are now available at Bunnings (around $26). These are great however I found that the handles ripped when pulled sometimes, the fabric is perhaps not strong enough. But they look great, come in a variety of colours and probably would be fine if the contents wasn't so heavy.
These drawers hold Laminating Sheets, excess products (toilet spray, hand wash etc) and travel packs of tissues, Hand sanitizer etc.
Middle shelf is my cleaning tub and the basket next to it holds the cleaning cloths ( I use Enjo and have different mits for different areas), and the winder cleaner rod.

Next shelf down, a box for card games - UNO, playing cards, dice etc.
A box for spare curtains, rings, etc
Next to it a tub for Ned, our dog. So his Shampoo, spare jumper, nail clippers, flee control , spare lead.
And the bottom box is for Photo frames. I like to buy them when they are on special, or when we take a trip to Perth for IKEA, and have them on hand when I want to frame something or decorate an area.
Our Tupperware cooler bag stands next to it.

So now the cupboards are nice and neat. They have labels which will (hopefully) help everyone find where to put things away and where they are when they need them.
It didn't take long once I got stuck into them, and I think I spent around $50, which is pretty good going for  the amount of space I re organised!

I'd love for you to join in on the organising fun!
Share photos on my Facebook page of your neat and clean spaces, or just let me know how you have gone! You needn't spend a fortune, nor take hours to do them, but its nice to know we are taking steps, week by week, to organise our homes and improve the efficiency of our lives
If you missed it , I organised our Main Bathroom HERE
And made some Home Made Washing Powder HERE

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lately... Instagram love

I haven't done a Lately post lately.
You know the ones?
Mothers bragging rights and all!!
So here it goes, my gorgeous cherubs and my love for Instagram!!

Just after sleep time

Afternoon tea time!

A black eye from knocking it :(

At the Minature Railway

Blooms from our front garden

Proud to be standing

Dip and biccies for after school snack

Stella's painting of me in the garden

'Feeding' her baby

Playing Hospitals

Playing Hairdressers

New teeth

Bling from my Gf, and a day in the salon

AT Grandma and Poppy's block

The last of our roses before they got pruned

Pyjama day at Kindy