Monday, August 27, 2012

A special bond....

Twins really are something special.
Hard work, testing and a totally different parenting experience yet so completely amazing to watch a bond grow and develop between two little people, whom have never been separated.
Its pretty obvious to see the differences between Max and Lacey, but they aren't just skin deep.
He is emotional and needy.
She is confident and independent
He is quite selfish ( a man right?!)
And she always thinks about and worries about him.
He is left handed
She is right handed
He is all about having fun
She is all about finding the fun
Lacey really is a devil at heart. She is the first to find and create mischief and I can honestly say that "LACEY" is the most used word in this house, even more than NO and SHHHHHHHH.
Lacey is too smart for her own good and when you watch her interact, you can see her little mind ticking over. Working 100 miles an hour, problem solving, watching how you did something to recreate it. Often we perceive this as being 'naughty' and at times it just is. But at others, I think we should be praising her for figuring out how to do something independently.
I really wish she wasn't so much like her Mother though! hmmmmm

Lacey really watches out for her 'big' brother. If she is given a biscuit, she will automatically ask for his, just to make sure he does not miss out.
If she moves her chair, she will then move his too!
If they are in bed, going to sleep, she will wait for him to be there before she settles.

Now that is love.
That is a special bond that no one in the world will ever be able to separate!
Thats twin love
And a little poem that Lacey was given on a print for her birthday. It brings me to tears every.single.time.
I'm sch a lucky little girl
My Mummy told me so
Because I've got a secret
and I want you to know
I never have to be lonely
I always have a friend
We play and play
and laugh all day
Our giggles never end
There's something very special
about this friend of mine
We grew in Mummy's tummy and
we were born at the same time.
Mummy told me about it
We've been together from the start
And he is more than my best friend
He is half of my heart


  1. Gosh Liz your twinnies are so beautiful!! And that poem brought a tear to my eye! So sweet! xx

  2. Gorgeous twins and what a special bond! How lucky they are to have that xx

  3. Such a gorgeous post, twins are very very special. Yours are just the cutest!
    That poem is beautiful.

  4. Ohhh,I just cried at that poem too! I have new twin girls; do you know where the print was from, i love it!


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