Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart These

I have had a busy day today, doing a whole lot of not much. Actually the twins cried for a lot of the day, and at the same time too, which is never nice to endure. Always a heart and mind game as to who to hold and who to let cry!
So.... here are a few things that I have stumbled across on  a few blogs I follow , that I just LOVE, and one day, just one day, I am going to attempt to make them too!
How devine is this?

If you like this too , check out the creators blog HERE

And I love this vintage sheet , actually I do like all things vintage!

I absolutely LOVE this blog, Janelle is amazing, and I even had the pleasure of winning a gorgeous iPhone pouch made by her, its is devine, and I will try and take a pic in the next few days!

And how gorgeous is this wallpaper? oh gush, I would LOVE this in my bedroom one day!!

You can find this on the one and only Becky Higgins' blog HERE. I have purchased a few Baby scrapbooking kits by Becky and had them shipped from the US, great value and can't wait to have time to use them!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Colour me happy!

I have been playing with a bit of colour in my house lately, which is rather different for me, as I have a very WHITE house, with accents of beige, tan and chocolate, oh how interesting!! NOT!! I am yet to understand as to why this was the case, when I am such a colour lover, I think its because I like them all so much, sticking to a few , and choosing them, is too hard!!
Anyhooos, today Stella went with her grandparents for the better half of the day, which left me a little time to organise a little. A little being the operative word. I did however discover that having twins , with no toddler aswell, is a damn sight easier, and when you do actually get them to sleep at the same time, even if its just for 20 mins, then its just you, and that piping hot cup of tea, this NEVER happens with a 2 year old around!! So , note to self, in my next life, twins first up please!!
I have been keeping a few of Max's formula tins for a rainy day, they just seem so handy, and didn't want to chuch them out, so here is what I created today, just to hold a few bits and bobs in my sewing/craft room.
The before;

Just wish the lids were white , might have to spray paint them!

And after, too easy, just wrap some funky scrapbooking paper or material around them, and use double sided tape to secure or I use some spray adhesive! Voila, trendy tins for storage!

Let me know if anyone would like me to save some for them, I am going to have a lot soon, the rate that Master Max drinks his milk, its the good stuff alright, but if anyone is familiar with Neocate, it smells and tastes FOUL!!

And last but not least, my new bed quilt.
Isn't she lovely!! Isn't she wonderful! Oh my, I LOVE HER!!

A gorgeous friend from school is in America at the moment and after a whinging Facebook status how I wished I was in America (as everything is so accessable, cheaper and lovlier, and the freight to Oz is HUGE!) she asked if there was anything she could get for me, well as a matter of fact , there was!! This amazing quilt from Anthrapologie. THE most devine store all throughout the US, and it just so happened she was going to New York and said she would check it out for me!! With her buying it and shipping it back to me, it was still cheaper than purchasing it online and getting it sent home, much MUCH cheaper!!AND... its made of multiple layers of Indian cotton, very similar to muslin, so it is uber warm, and uber soft AND even with it being a little bit , a lot  pricey, my DH loves it too! Even better!
With a few cushions to finish, from our trusty local Target, it looks amazing, if I do say so myself!! So thanks a bunch Sam, your vegemite will be on its way soon! haha
Anyway, don't forget to enter my giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on one of my last posts, and you will go in the draw to win your choice of 3 burp cloths, and if you recommend a friend, get them to write your name with their comment and you get an extra entry. The comp will run until next Tuesday! Happy commenting!

Competition Giveaway!!

Everyone loves a giveaway and even more so if you win!! So to try and abide by the Facebook rules, as you all know how much I abide by rules (meh) , I am giving a lucky reader and fan from FB the chance to win 3 burp clothes , in the patterns of their choice!! Now these burp clothes aren't just a fancy word and invention for spew rag, however , they are perfect for that ;) , they are great for older kids faces, school bags, hand wipes etc and all in a uber fashionable way!!
So don't forget to recommend and tell a friend, and if you do and they comment, get them to write your name with their comment and you will win another entry into the draw!! Easy peasy! Happy commenting , and hopefully winning!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am trying to do more of it so I have time to make super cute things like this;

I know, I know, its not the best, most straightest thing ever (no thanks to my overlocker dethreading and breaking a needle AGAIN!! Time to call the manufacturers I say) but I am more than happy with the result! Actually, I am quite chuffed about it! The only bad thing, I have been busting to make more since!! So the Bizzy Dayz baby and kids items have gone on the backburner for now, and I have made a vow to myself to make a few things for myself first!

Now, back to planning. I am trying to declutter and just generally reorganise my whole life. This twins business does nothing for the state of ones house (a constant battle to keep under control , even for a clean freak, especially getting ready to put it one the market!!) and ones general organisation. And believe me, I need all the help I can get , between wages, super, tax, orders, holidays, employees, toddler, babies x2, house, washing, cooking , Baking (for salon) and the general weekly activities, I NEED the help!!
So I have started to menu plan again. I did it a few years ago, more for budget back then, and that is always a bonus, but for us, in this part of our lives, it is for organisation at peak hour (aka Witching hour) or for those who aren't parents or aren't aware , the time between 5-7 when its dinner, bath and bed time for all children when they are in an exhausted, emotional state and are VERY hard to reason with!!
How it works is.... I don't shop very often right, so our last one was 2 weeks ago and we still have enough in the pantry and meat in the freezer to last another 2, we just need to touch up on Bread, milk and veges a bit. I made a planner for 4 weeks , based on what I bought and was going to buy ( I made 2 week planner before shopping and 2 week one after when I was inspired). It makes it so much easier each morning, I don't have to think about what to have , or see if we have the ingredients to make it etc, I just get the meat or whatever out of the freezer, then I can start to prepare or cook tea , or put it in slow cooker which is even better, at lunch or mid afternoon to avoid a panic at peak hour.

I got this super cute pad from Inner B , a website online, where I also got my uber gorgeous Mummy planner, and if I knew how to create a link , I would but feel free to email me if you want the details. However I have seen a few similar at target ( I am just anal and don't like the pattern on them!!)
So.... my goals for the next week or so....... clean out my wardrobe, declutter and whip my house into shape (ha ha!) and create another something gorgeous for around the house! Another cushion purhaps..................

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Simple Things

The simple things in life are often the best!
A piping hot cup of tea ( a rarity in my house lately, they always go cold or the kettle boils and thats where it ends), complete with a yummy choccie slice and cupcake for Miss S.

A Spotlight sale!! Who would have thought 5 years ago that I would be so into fabric, housey stuff and sewing!! Nanna anyone?!
But no, on a serious note, they had a sale on. If you bought the rest of the bolt, you go the fabric for $1m!! Sale stock only , but oh so yummy! Needless to say, I spent $200, but I got 200m of fabric!! Saved over $2500!!
Yummy!! And yes, they are Noel's old denim shorts, I am on a mission to 'create' something with them!

And a birthday bash!! Happiest of Birthday wishes to my DH!! Gorgeous boy turned 26 today, and we celebrated in the usual family style, complete with a "green Frog cake". Thats what the kids call it,and we are not able to have a birthday without one!! Easy peasy. Pizza, a blackforest cake (on his wishlist) and the icecream cake and thats the party!

Spent the WHOLE DAY at home today, and will again tomorrow as my car is in getting fixed and we don't get the hire one until tomorrow arvo, so what others might call, "stuck at home" or "jailed in", I LOVE IT!! Tracksuit pants, craft with Stella, baking ( a choc bit slice today) and sleeping cherubs and it makes for one happy wife, and you all know what the equals = happy life!! The simple things .......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday = Funday

I LOVE Sundays!! I am sure I have said it all before but I love, love , love them!! Nothing better than a lazy morning, pikelets for a breakfast picnic, soe=me quiet time for Stella watching new movies that Grandma bought home from Bali yesterday (dont like the new Toy Story 3 btw!!) , then a trip to town, parents house and home for more chilling.
Stella and I made a pretty necklace for her, as she is into everything jewellery at the moment , and we went to town to buy her a present for sleeping through the night and not calling out to Dad and she bought more jewellery!!
She has been waking a few times a night for the past few months. At first it was right after she went into Knickers for her night time sleep, then it has just snowballed, and finally the twins are sleeping better, and now onto Stella!!
She just wakes as anyone does, and calls out for stupid reasons "I can't find my water bottle" and its right next to her, " I want a cuddle" cute but argh!! Noel has been getting up to her, so I am lucky but it still wakes us and its just not fair on him. Soooo we have resorted to a parents best friend = bribery!!
If she sleeps through without calling Dad she can get a sticker and a present!! From the cheapie shops of course, but it works!!
Speaking of toys, I am looking for a Blythe doll for her for Christmas, argh!! SO hard to find, especially one for less than $150! I think its more for me actually!
I am thinking about doing a day trip to Perth for Upmarket, I can't wait!!
Hope evryone enjoyed their Sunday.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, oh how I love thee!!
And I love my Max's cheeky grin even more!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have so much to be thankful for, and to appreciate in my life that sometimes I need to just stop and think about those things.
I have a gorgeous family, and such beautiful , beautiful kids if I do say so myself!
I love my little people, more and more each day, and feel so blessed to have healthy , happy kids.
Our babies are growing so fast, and flourishing into their amazing and large personalities, and I look at them every day in awe. How lucky am I to be able to conceive a child/children , Let alone 2 at once, carry them inside for the length of time they need to grow all their little fingers, hairs, eyelashes, nostrils , all the gorgeous little things I kiss on a day to day basis. Being a Mum is truely the best gift a woman is given in life and I love the job so so much.
Stella, well , her larger than life personality is infectious and I seriously have not met a more interesting, homical or happier child in my life!! She is so knowledgable, and constantly astounds me with her mind! Today we made an African Savana on a small coffee table, with a table cloth for the sand, complete with a hill and river made of felt and a few pebbles from around the house, and her plastic aftrican animals. She calls it a 'Sabana' but by golly gosh, she is only just 2!!
And my husband, hmmm as I have said, I could not have found a more hardworking, adorable man if I had tried.
I am complete.
I hope whoever is out there reading, takes the time to stop and think about their lives, and appreciate what you have got for a change, instead of always wanting more, or thinking the worst, the negative!
Sorry but it was time for a wake up call to myself, after all the negative thinking and horrible things that have happened and instead think postively, as My Mum always says, 'You have to put it out there Liz!'
I putting it out there alright!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comes In 3's (or so they say!!)

Yep, they do say it comes in 3's, but for me at the moment it feels like it just doesn't stop!!
What has been happening you ask?
Well first off our beautiful boofy boy Max has been diagnosed with a Milk Protein allergy, which isn't that bad, at least we know what it is now. It all came about after a trip to the Paediatrician ,as I have suspected there is something not quite right with him for a while. He developed this phlegmy cough and has had the snuffles since birth and apparently the Milk allergy is an upper respiratory allergy. So the Paed put him on a prescription formula.
A few days after going on that, and luckily , whilst we were at the salon, he started to cough, then choke and wouldn't breathe. He went red, then white then blue . It was AWFUL!! So I rushed him to the ED. A further 5 hrs there and we were sent home non the wiser. It repeated the next morning so up I went again and a visit fromt he doc he was prescriped a new formula. Luckily nothing has occured since.
Next thing, Stella developed a nasty cough last week, then she went down hill fast, and complained of a sore ear, hight tmep etc. Up to the ED again. 39.7 degree temps and all and when sitting at the first window to see the nurse to give your symptoms he kindly askes "any vomiting" to which I answer no. Well less than 2 secs later and Stella chucks up on me, and her , everywhere. NICE!! Antibotics for an Upper respiratory Infection.
Next thing is my full time senior at the salon, and someone I thought I could rely on, quit!! Told me Tuesday, left Friday. Needless to say, I have returned to work On Saturdays (to which I am actually Loving!!)
Next thing is Noel took my car to the shop the other day and was driving out . He was stopped in the road as he was waiting to exit and a stupid old man couldn't see out his back window because of a big load, and didn't check his mirrors, and he reversed right into my car. Smashed the sliding rear door, shattered the glass, and dented the back panel. 1200kms on the odometer and its nearly a right off. We have to wait 4 weeks for a new door to come from Korea, not good!!
I have then had gastro all weekend, to which I felt I was going to die, literally!!
Throw a few other nasties into the mix and life has been a little up and down of late!
HOWEVER, my kids are adorable , my husband gorgeous and my friends and family priceless, and that is what we need to think of in times like these, when life just seems to want to poo all over you!

AND... not to mention, my roaring success at the Midwest baby and Kids Market!
Hopefully I will have a few new followers from that, and I promise to upload pics of the new and excess stock from the market available for purchase.
Take care all