Monday, August 30, 2010

Competition Giveaway!!

Everyone loves a giveaway and even more so if you win!! So to try and abide by the Facebook rules, as you all know how much I abide by rules (meh) , I am giving a lucky reader and fan from FB the chance to win 3 burp clothes , in the patterns of their choice!! Now these burp clothes aren't just a fancy word and invention for spew rag, however , they are perfect for that ;) , they are great for older kids faces, school bags, hand wipes etc and all in a uber fashionable way!!
So don't forget to recommend and tell a friend, and if you do and they comment, get them to write your name with their comment and you will win another entry into the draw!! Easy peasy! Happy commenting , and hopefully winning!


  1. Loving your burp cloths Liz! Who knew a spew rag could be so trendy!!

    They would come in handy when 'jellybean' arrives in Jan!

    Keegan Rigby

  2. I always call them spew rags LOL.... Dont even know why we started calling them that! I LOVE your burp cloths and ours get a fair beating with miss "spew her guts up" xxxx Kate parke

  3. Ohh very nice Lizy! :) Could definitely come in handy with my new little miss spewy!

    Elise Patience x


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