Monday, August 30, 2010

Colour me happy!

I have been playing with a bit of colour in my house lately, which is rather different for me, as I have a very WHITE house, with accents of beige, tan and chocolate, oh how interesting!! NOT!! I am yet to understand as to why this was the case, when I am such a colour lover, I think its because I like them all so much, sticking to a few , and choosing them, is too hard!!
Anyhooos, today Stella went with her grandparents for the better half of the day, which left me a little time to organise a little. A little being the operative word. I did however discover that having twins , with no toddler aswell, is a damn sight easier, and when you do actually get them to sleep at the same time, even if its just for 20 mins, then its just you, and that piping hot cup of tea, this NEVER happens with a 2 year old around!! So , note to self, in my next life, twins first up please!!
I have been keeping a few of Max's formula tins for a rainy day, they just seem so handy, and didn't want to chuch them out, so here is what I created today, just to hold a few bits and bobs in my sewing/craft room.
The before;

Just wish the lids were white , might have to spray paint them!

And after, too easy, just wrap some funky scrapbooking paper or material around them, and use double sided tape to secure or I use some spray adhesive! Voila, trendy tins for storage!

Let me know if anyone would like me to save some for them, I am going to have a lot soon, the rate that Master Max drinks his milk, its the good stuff alright, but if anyone is familiar with Neocate, it smells and tastes FOUL!!

And last but not least, my new bed quilt.
Isn't she lovely!! Isn't she wonderful! Oh my, I LOVE HER!!

A gorgeous friend from school is in America at the moment and after a whinging Facebook status how I wished I was in America (as everything is so accessable, cheaper and lovlier, and the freight to Oz is HUGE!) she asked if there was anything she could get for me, well as a matter of fact , there was!! This amazing quilt from Anthrapologie. THE most devine store all throughout the US, and it just so happened she was going to New York and said she would check it out for me!! With her buying it and shipping it back to me, it was still cheaper than purchasing it online and getting it sent home, much MUCH cheaper!!AND... its made of multiple layers of Indian cotton, very similar to muslin, so it is uber warm, and uber soft AND even with it being a little bit , a lot  pricey, my DH loves it too! Even better!
With a few cushions to finish, from our trusty local Target, it looks amazing, if I do say so myself!! So thanks a bunch Sam, your vegemite will be on its way soon! haha
Anyway, don't forget to enter my giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on one of my last posts, and you will go in the draw to win your choice of 3 burp cloths, and if you recommend a friend, get them to write your name with their comment and you get an extra entry. The comp will run until next Tuesday! Happy commenting!


  1. I love it, love it love it!!!
    Its gorgeous and i want one :)
    Its so nice and so you!!
    Yep colour defiantly brightens up your life!!
    It can change your now when your down just walk into your bedroom and stare at your bed!!! hehe...
    Love you and missing you more my darling friend!! xo

  2. Thanks for following my blog... my first subscriber no less... and ALL the way from half-way across the globe. I look forward to coming back around to look around some more!

  3. Liz I love reading you blog.. I have so much fun reading all your stories and YES you inspire me to declutter, get organised and life right now. Would love if you could save me some od Max's tins... i am in need of some for my craft stuff.

    bec xoxo

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love comments...that bedding is amazing and so is Anthropologie! Hope your day got better as the day went on with the twins. What a dilema...which one to comfort.

    I'll be back!


  5. Save me some tins Lizbef!!!! Loving the tin thing, LOVING the bedspread more :D xox

  6. I love your trendy little storage tins!!! I've been thinking on something like this for a while, standing in my way...... We actually use nothing that I could save to make them out of. I spent an hour thinking about how weird we are!!!

  7. Beautiful work and very nice blog!
    Cute kids:)
    Big kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art


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