Monday, August 13, 2012

My Mum's Day

It was my dear Mums birthday a few days ago.
Its always such an important day for me, and obviously for her too, but I always want her to have the best day she can!!
This year was a little different, as my poor Dad has really hurt his finger at work. Shattered the bone in the tip, lost his nail and has quite a severe cut (one that probably should have been stitched). Given he has that, and also an ear, nose and throat infection, he is like a bear with a sore thumb ( or middle finger haha), so things were pretty quiet.

We celebrated as a family, at the park , for a yummy lunch in the glorious sunshine. The kids had a ball, it was relaxing for everyone and I really hope that it was everything Mum had hoped for!!

As I was writing in her birthday card, I couldn't help but get a bit emotional.
I always try and use this occasion to tell her just how much she means to me and my family, and how special a person she really is!!
Its true, my Mum is my best friend, well second only to my husband, and she really is such a dedictated, loving mother.

She is honest, but tactful.
Firm but nice.
Affectionate and cuddly
Selfless and generous
And everything and more that I hope to be.

I really have had the best teacher for being a good Mum, and if I am only a fraction as good as she is to us, I will be happy and so will our children.

My Mum returned to work when I was just 9 months old. Full time, and not by choice.
It  was a sign of the times, and the extremely high interest rates!! ( my darling Dad also working 4 jobs at once!)
And they did it all for us. So that my sister and I could have the things we had wanted.
So we could do the things that other kids were.
So I could do those bootscootin' classes in the Undercover area after school.
So I could do Brownies and Guides, play netball and basketball, work at Target after school and weekends.
So I could play State and Country Week basketball, and have new sneakers to play with.
Mum would always come along as the Parent Superviser, and I loved it!!
She took 8 weeks off work , used up her long service leave, to come into my class , everyday in year 2.
Why? Because, I , Liz the Year one Dux of the Class, refused to go to school!! Absolutely refused. Tantrum city it was. ( I had a very frightening teacher and she was picking on people in the class and I didn't like it, justified behaviour I say , haha)
All for me.

In high school, you know the house that everyone wants to stay at?
The Mum that everyone loves?
That was my Mum. That was my house.
I was always having people stay over.
Always having people get ready for a night out at our house. Predrinks and the like.
And I remember my best friend always fibbing to Mum that she had eaten. Because she hadn't of course, and we so responsibly thought 'Eating was Cheating'.
"Yes Mrs D, I had a pie at home"
Because she knew that if she hadn't of said that, we would have had to sit down to a 3 course meal before venturing to that gathering or party.

She has always supported, with due caution, all my crazy ideas!!
To start a business and open my own salon at the age of 20!!
To keep said business when I had my first child. Then my second and third.
To take our first child to Europe for 3 weeks.
To buy our first house and then upgrade to something new.

The first place Noel and I ever lived was in my parents granny flat. We were there for years. And loved every minute.
It was small and cosy and we made it our happy home.
All thanks to my parents.

With my Mum and sister on Mothers Day , 2012

All I can hope is that am a good a mother as her. That my kids feel the same about me as I do about my Mum.
That they love me as much, they appreciate me as much, and they are as grateful as I am.

So this post is dedicated to my dearest Mother.
Where would we be without you?
Happy Birthday Mum xo

I urge you all to tell your loved ones , just the way you feel about them. Life is too short and too precious not to!


  1. love this liz. what a beautiful post. You look just like you're mum too.
    funnily enough i wrote a post about love too today, only it's down the line not up.

  2. Liz what a great loving post. It bought chills to my skin. I hope my girls can look back in years to come and think of me in this way. it is so true to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. I lost my dad just over 6 years and it never stops hurting. I hope I make sure my mum knows I how much I care and love her.

  3. What a beautiful post Liz. How wonderful for you to enjoy such a great relationship with your mother and how lovely that you can let her know how much you appreciate and love her. Happy Birthday to your Mum. xx

  4. Beautiful and very well written. I agree you do have a very very special mum! xx

  5. What a gorgeous Mum you have. I often feel like I just dont tell my mum enough how much I love her. Every now and then I go out of my way to make her feel really special, but it is the simple little things that make the biggeste difference right?
    Thanks for linking up lovely xx

  6. Such a beautiful post, Liz!

    My Mum was also the one that all of my friends thought was 'cool' and my house was the house that everyone stayed at. I didn't really appreciate it too much at the time {"my Mum is NOT cool, okay?" *teenage pout*} but i really do now because I realise that part of her being 'cool' was that she made the effort to take an interest in the things we kids were interested in.

    I hope your poor Dad feels better soon!!


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