Friday, February 11, 2011

Half Here

So have you missed me? Have ya? Huh? Huh?
I have most definately missed you!! I soooo can not wait to get my laptop back, load some photos, edit some photos, play around, use my favourites list and do a PROPER blog post, with photos!!!
Everyday I think "oooww owww, must write about that" but Noooooooo, so rest assured , you will be bombarded with posts once I am reunited with my beloved Larry, the laptop!!

For now, cos I am having withdrawals, and am perusing the www for quirky , handmade gift ideas for my 3 little darlings for their birthdays in April. I have decided I don't really want to give them anything too battery operated, plastic or bulk manufactured, not that I have a problem with that sort of stuff, believe me, my house is FULL to the brim of it, but thats just the thing!! After Christmas, during my big cull, I donated a garbage bag of toys to the Flood victims, so I am not intending to replace them all in a hurry. Plus, Max and Lacey are happy playing with anything that Stella is and Stella loves playing with blocks, her wooden train set from Ikea, her baby doll Sally Fay and cooking up a storm at her kitchenette!!
I am even planning on making their birthday parties "Your Presence is Presents enough", actually, I am pretty sure that is what I am going to do. My original thought was to make them "Please no Toys" but people could take offense to that, therefore, it will be no gifts, but how to make a child understand that when they are just getting used to the whole birthday thing in the first place!!

So here are a few things I have discovered in my travels for our Biggest girl Stella;

A few of these for her kitchenette and tea parties with her dolls and teddies would be nice!

Fun Tea Party CUPCAKE
Tea Party Cupcakes

TEA SET - Eco Friendly Felt Play Food - Princess Tea Party Set on Silver Platter - Pink - Deliciously scented sugar cookies - Perfect for Valentine's Day
Eco Friendly Tea Set

Valentine Sale - Felt Strawberries - 5/Set - Pretend Play Food
Felt Strawberries
You can see a common theme here. Stella has mountains of plastic food, to which our babies put in their mouth ona regular basis. Hmmm that worries me what chemicals are in them, Sad I know!! AND they end up scattered all over the floor and never look that great. Out with the old and in with the new!

And how about this mega gorgeous clock!! What a fun and colourful way to teach our kiddies the time!! Perfect in their rooms or toy room too!

Children Wall Felt Clock - Round Orange
LOVE this Felt clock !!

Reversible Fabric Bin - Patchwork Collection - Linen
Fabric bin for pretty and annoying toys!
Organizer Basket Fabric Bin - Spring Green Petals
Maybe one for Mum too!!
Daisychain Babydoll Dress and Bloomers set for Blythe
And a super gorgeous dress for her Blythe Doll (that I have had put away for her birthday for a long time!!)
Annie in Blue and White Polka Dots handmade cloth rag doll
A Rag doll similar to this one for Lacey or Stella or both from Aunty Kristy!! ;) hint hint
And I am going to make her a bedding set with a pillow, sheets and quilt top for her dolls bed too!!
Anyone else got some good ideas for a little girl turning 3, or maybe its 23?!
And for my precious bundles of joy;

Girl in red (matted)...
This for Lacey

Liam - The Woodland Fox - Full Size - Made to Order
LOVE this for Max!!

Chunky Dump Truck Scribblers -Set of (4) 2nd Chance Crayons
Some pretty cool crayons!!
Toy Dump Truck
Cool as!
Hmmm as you can see, I spend waaaayyy too much time searching through the amazing handmade stuff on Etsy and Made It!! I have even started a list for myself for my birthday (which is mid March) which I have not done before!!
Sorry about the long winded post, definately missed it, so much to share when back online like ; A painted cactus tree for a valentines display, a tidy up of Stella's room, lots of playing and happenings, the first day of dancing, some baking, some decorating, some painting, see told you I have been busy!! So stay tuned!! And let me know if there is anything you really want to see too!!
Happy weekend to all!!


  1. Wow, those knitted cupcakes are just adorable!

  2. OMG I love it all, especially the clock and crayons, u are so talanted :-)


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