Tuesday, June 7, 2011

18 weeks.........last week

Last week, before falling ill, I had grand intentions of a baby bump update. So , here it is, a week late, my bump at 18 and a half weeks! Isn't it a biggen!! Oh deary me, I think , actually, I know, my stomach muscles are literally non existant and had still on come back to the middle from the twins pregnancy, and this baby popped right out there, and fast too!!

How am I feeling? Well the morning /all day/ all night sickness has pretty much gone now, with only remanents of nausea hanging its ugly head around from time to time. The heartburn has well and truely kicked in and I constantly feel like me chest and throat is on fire, and my pelvis has started to separate with orders from the doctor to "rest" , hmmm are you kidding me?

Other than that, I am fantastic!! We went for our big Anatomy scan on Friday, and our healthy (and still surprise) bundle is healthy, equipped and perfect!! How lucky are we?!
Yes, we have kept the sex a secret, its not a big thing for us, this time around, and had we not been having twins last time, I wouldnt have found out then either, but twins call for some extra organising!! We both wouldn't care if we had all of the same sex, and even if we did have 3 girls say, Noel would still be happy with another!! I mean, how could you not?! A beautiful, soft, cuddly, squeaky bundle of love!! Healthy and happy is all I can ask for, so I am putting my order in, for a non reflux- non colic- non milk protein allergic baby please!! Haha, but even then, we love them all the more!!

The maternity clothes have come out again!!
I must admit though, I am enjoying being pregnant in winter!! Ohh how nice is it!! Having had Stella and the twins in April, after the peak of summer ( and I went 8 months of Stella's pregnancy without any airconditioning!!) I am enjoying being cool. I am not as cold as my family in this weather, so the interanal heating of the baby is well and truely there still, I am just not cooking and sweating it out in 40 degree temps!
However, it does call for more clothes, and being pregnant and dressing is always hard enough!! haha

And for those who were worried about me last week, thankyou!! I ended up getting blood tests, etc for a suspected case of Ross River Virus, and it is yet to be diagnosed but I really believe it was just a random, rogue virus that I happened to get , somewhere in my tracks. But boy was it horrible!! It was like it attacked my nervous system! I couldn't talk, couldn't walk, couldn't eat or drink. I seriously thought I was having a stroke or getting Bells Palsy!! Thankfully, Noel came home from work, looked after the kids and I slept it off and went to the doctors and hospital solo.
I wouldn't wish it on anybody, but it sure does make you appreciate your life and body when it is healthy, that is for sure!


Thankyou for taking the time to read and more importantly comment on my blog. They are all so appreciated! Liz x