Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just sharing this weeks (even though its almost over) menu plan. It might give you some ideas for your own, and if you have any for me ,please share!!
This week has been a busy one, lots happening at night etc so the easier meals made the cut!

Monday- Chilli Con Carne on Baked Whole Potatoes with sprinkled cheese
Tuesday- Tuna Patties, Continental Rice packet and Salad
Wednesday- Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta with Pinenuts
Thursday- Quiche Chips and Salad
Friday- Apricot Chicken , Veg and Rice
Saturday- At football
Sunday - Roast Corned beef with Veg and mustard sauce

The Tuna patties, I made at lunch time that day, and were a hit, and made more than enough, so Noel had a yummy lunch yesterday.
Pesto Pasta dish was requested by DH , he LOVES it and its super easy
I had a baking , home day yesterday. Made some choc chip cookies and 2 quiches, one for my parents ( They work too hard!!!) , and one for our tea tonight, as I knew I wouldn't have time. I have a late doctors appointment and Noel is off to footy training only 15 mins after he gets home. It pays to be prepared!

I am loving meal planning, it gives me so much more time and patience at the end of the day , and our dinners are yummy!!

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  1. Ohh thanks Liz, I just did mine last night but am going to swap something out for chilli con carne baked potato - yum!


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