Monday, July 18, 2011

Where is the old me?

After writing my previous post, I sat for a minute and reflected. Deep I know, but I did.
Since when did I become the Liz that got excited over a mop?
Since when did I become the Liz that menu planned?
Cleaned and enjoyed it?
Read Better Homes and Gardens Magazines, Real Living etc, instead of Cosmo, Marie Claire and Cleo?
Why is my Shop to You Drop Mag, now a kids one?
Why do I dream of some child free, downtime to sit and SCRAPBOOK, instead of hitting the town for a night out or Sunday sesh?
Why does the thought of a night out at a party, drinking, chatting etc, simple not interest me? Actually I Couldn't think of much worse.
And back to the Scrapbooking, I remember thinking once that Scrapbooking was for Nanna's and I am NEVER , ever doing it!! Wrong!

When did I become this Liz?
Where did the girl go with the purple, pink and crazed our hair go?
Where did the girl with the facial piercings go?
Is she hidden? Or gone forever?
Is it bad that I am nothing like my former self? Nothing like the woman my husband fell in love with?

You know what, I don't care!!
I don't think I have changed as a person for any other reason other than growing up, maturing and becoming a responsible parent!!
Noel and I started going out when I was 17. A baby. A teenager. Adventurous, outlandish, a hairdressing apprentice, not afraid to be different.
And I still am that same person.
Only I have traded the bright hair and funky do for , dark brown, shiny hair, sleek into a ponytail (yes bad, I need a new do!)
Traded the weird clothes for practical , classic styles. Ones you can sit on the floor and build blocks and train tracks in!
And I am happy. I am happy when my kids are happy. When they are fed, clean and healthy and giggling together.
I am happy scrapbooking , knitting and sewing. All the things I swore I would never do.
I LOVE doing them all.
And yes, cleaning products and mops excite me.
Sad but true!
And I am finally comfortable in my own skin. My relatively new skin. But I am happy and would wish Life any other way!
Just call me Nanna, Nanna Liz ;)


  1. Beautiful:) but then you always have been:)

  2. Hi Liz. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I did try to reply but your email isn't linked. If you are interested in the crochet rug please email me. Thanks Liz

  3. LOVE this!
    thanks for your comment on my blog liz! pottery barn is definitely one of my favorites! i wish i had a trip planned and could bring you stuff!!! i've never been to your country but have always wanted to!
    you & your family are adorable!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hello from another young mum who enjoys all those things too! I never would have pictured myself enjoying all those things too, and my husband teases me for menu planning and scrapbooking, but isn't it great to be finally comfortable in your own skin?


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