Thursday, July 28, 2011

Devine Princess

Ok, I know I am definately at risk of sounding and looking like an over obsessed, biased mother and I have over-loaded everyone on photos of the kids lately , but my god, are they CUTE! ha
Most of the time anyway!! Today Lacey was nothing like this, more of a grumpy, whining, crying snotty mess, but still pretty cute with a grumpy face on!
And Max, the poor little dude, no wonder he has been cranky, ear infection, chest infection and I found ANOTHER tooth today, only it was a back molar!! What the....! So 2 front side teeth and a molar in a week. Noice.

But for now, the Devine, placid yet bossy Princess, having fun on the swing!

Don't you love it when they are having so much fun, they close their eyes!!



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