Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Menu Plan

Its a bit late, but here is our menu plan for this week. The kids (all 3) have got chest AND ear infections, so we found out after a trip to the Doctors yesterday, so we are pumping them with every fruit and vegetable available!! My very generous parents went to Perth on the weekend and bought home some lovely fresh fruit and vege (like bucketfuls) so its been a welcome addition to our diets this week!! BTW- Blood Oranges are YUMMY!!

Monday- Chicken and Vegetable Pie 

I was so proud of my pie, this is only one of the 2, I made, so yummy!!

Tuesday- Meatballs + Vege with Ikea gravy ( we bought the powder last week when we were there!!)
Wednesday- Jacket Potatoes with Bacon, capsicum, cheese and salsa
Thursday- Fish with Lemon Pepper sauce, chips and salad
Friday- Enchiladas with rice packet and salad
Saturday- Butter Chicken with Rice and Naan Bread
Sunday- Roast with Vege

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