Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red Spot Boutique

Today I popped into our one and only large department store in G-Town. Target of course. The ever delightful Red Spot Boutique.
I have to admit, I actually love perusing the aisles and departments and Target was my first job, at the tender age of 14. Check out chick, then a promotion as I grew a bit older to the Refund/Exchange counters (horror after Christmas) before I resigned when I got my Apprenticeship.
Anyway, back to the shopping. Geraldton is a bit deprived. Ok, really deprived. For a city of its size, we are really disadvantaged in the Departments stores and Target has the Monopoly. Bring on BIG W I say!!!
However, that doesn't mean you don't nab a bargain or 10 every now and then!!

Today I picked up a few goodies, and thought it was only polite to share.

Two fantastic books, as amazing prices!!  The Annabel Karmel one is usually $29 but was on Clearance for $9.88. Apparently they only unpacked it this morning but there is a new version with a new cover , so this is on special!! YAY! There were a few there, so if your Target doesn't have them, let me know!!

And the Christmas Sorted book. I have a pink one about Home Sorted, but this is a fantastic organising book for the Silly Season. Craft ideas for kids, recipes, checklists. All the good stuff. For $10.88 Bargain!!

And of course a Jade inspired glass vase. Very Bed Bath and Table but on special at Target for $24.50. Can't wait to use it now!

So, there you have it. A few bargains I picked up today. Not super cheap, but all a fab price for very practical and useful items.

We had a busy but nice day today. Took the kids to Gym, Stella loves it and Max and Lacey just cruise around and play on everything, Lacey particularly likes climbing onto the mats and small tramps now. But no Gym outing is complete without a trip to McDonalds McCafe with a few lovely ladies for a coffee and play first!!

All my jobs were done yesterday, well alot of them, the floors, bathrooms, dusting, changing the sheets and a few loads of washing, so its always nice to have a down day just playing and chilling afterwards!! But back to it tomorrow!! The machine NEVER stops in my house, and neither do I!!

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  1. Was it Target at Northgate? I used to love going there when I was a kid. It was like the big city next to Carnarvon!


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