Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Been Happening?

Here? Lots!!
The kids have all had the sniffles and constant running noses of late. Easy with Stella, Some Demazin and Eucy Bear Rub on her feet and chest and it disappears in a few days. Max and Lacey however, are a different story! You can't give them as much, and they aren't as open to having their noses blown or wiped!!
Gosh they look cute all rugged up at the moment!! I know its not freezing, but there is a certain chill in the air, and I'll be damned if my kids are getting it!! So , out come the snuggle winter PJ's, singlets and socks on their feet with some Vics and they are set for a good night!!
Me , on the other hand, I have had a few weeks of constant headaches, terrible ones, and a few have turned into full blown Migraines. The ones that make you physically ill, sensitive and intolerance to light, and generally awful. AND , I have been trying to continue on with the kids, and not call Noel home, I must admit though, I was super close one day. Instead , I hung on until he was home, and the babies were in bed, and I headed there myself.
I got them with my last pregnancy, and just expected it was an overload of hormones from a twin pregnancy, however, I must of been wrong.

We have 2 walking babies now. Toddlers , I should say!! They are soooo adorable , toddling their way around. Lacey mastered the art first, even though her big brother (by 2 whole minutes) has been steadier on his feet for longer, she was much more determined! It wasn't long before Max followed suit, and they are just so cute!!
Perfect timing for a few days with Grandma!!
Yep, you read right, Noel and I are off on a child free break, for the first time in years.
I havent' spoken about it until now, for the simple reason, to be honest , that I am not actually looking forward to it at all. Leaving my kids, is going to be the hardest thing I will ever have to do. Stella has had all over 5 sleepovers at my Mums and most of them was when I was in hospital having the twins!!
Max and Lacey, have never slept anywhere but home , and have only been babysat without us 3 times.
They will be fine, and there is no one I feel more comfortable and confident leaving my pride and joys with, than my Mum!! They will be kissed and cuddled to within an inch of their lives, just the way I do, and Stella will love it! Its me, I am the sook, and I will be very upset, but I know we need this. I need this!!
The pregnancy has taken its toll on me already, the sickness, the headaches, the tiredness, and all while caring for 2 very energetic and adventurous little 10-12 months old babies and a 3 year old.
We won't get this opportunity again, and we are really going to love it, I know we will. I will keep telling myself that!! haha
Where are we going? Bali of course!!! 3 nights stay in Bali (costing the same price as a week , but I can NOT leave my little darlings for any longer so Noel took what he could get!!)
I am going to SLEEP, and rest, and get massages (my pelvis and lower back is playing up and the Dr has given instructions to rest alot , yeah right, or it will be bed rest for the last stint of my pregnancy!)  shopping of course, and day spas!! Jealous? Sounds devine, pity I have been crying at the thought of going!! Toughen up Liz!!
But, seriously, how amazing is my Mum!! Its no easy task taking care of my children, Solo, as Dad is busy working all the time, but she didn't bat an eyelid!! She will need a serious sleep when we get home, but I seriously have the best Mum in the world! Don't know what I would do without her, she is my best friend, my strength , everything!! LOVE you Mum!!

What else? Well , together with 3 other amazing, talented and strong ladies, all mothers of Multiples, we organised and held the AMBAWA State Seminar in Geraldton. (Australian Multiple Birth Association)
The weekend was fantastic!! The Guest Speakers were fantastic and I learnt so , so much!! We did a mini First Aid course with St Johns Ambulance, and I feel awesome knowing that if something happened to my family or kids, I would know what to do, so important I think! A Naturopath, I learnt so much about our bodies, the way they work, what they need and how to get it, and we did a session of Body Balance ( mix of the best of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates) . I feel empowered and so satisfied with my weekend, and I got to spend some time, with other Mums in the same position and it was a blast!!

We have just been busy, birthday parties galore to attend, playdates, recovering from sickness and planning of events has left me and the fam a bit under the weather, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And boy do I love seeing that light!!

Lastly, did you know this is my 149th post!! You know what that means right? A hellova lot of dribble!! YES!! But also, the next post is my 150th!! I think that this, along with my childfree , babymoon before Bub #4 arrives, are cause for due celebration, and there should be a little  giveaway!! Stay tuned for the next installment in the life of Liz and co, and you could be a WINNER!!

And Just cos he is he cutest little boy in the world!!

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  1. Thank goodness for mothers! Have a great time away Liz, enjoy it while you can before number four comes along!xx


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