Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow, there was a party........

Better late than never I say! That is my motto for pretty much everything at the moment! Lol.
The theme for Max and Lacey's First Birthday this year was a hard one to choose, with a combined sex party, nothing can be all blue, and the same for pink. So I decided to go with a Rainbow theme, so any colour went and I didn't descriminate!!

The day went off without a hitch, or well , just the usual tanti's, tiffs over scooters and some serious playing and eating, and I believe that everyone had a great time, and the twins were absolutely spoilt rotten, with such amazing gifts from our beautiful friends. But that deserves another post altogether!

I think I will let the photos speak for themselves;

Our little family

The bare table

Rainbow cupcakes with rainbow flags

  • Lollies of course, after kids had gotten into them, and the bottom left are not monsters or worms, haha, they were supposed to be rainbows on a cloud, however the piping bag was not co operating and I lost patience , late at night!!


The good stuff!!

Mini hotdogs with bake at home rolls

Rainbow jelly cups were an absolute hit!

Max's Rainbow cake

Lacey's Number one cake

Waiting for the cake onslaught

NB: Lacey is breaking off a whole side of the number one base, for her to munch on!!

Evidence as shown

Our family again, but cake was too good to miss

Hows the mess!!
We want to thank everyone who attended, we had a ball, Max and Lacey did too. They are special , special little people, and their lives were well worth celebrating!

I am back from my break, with lots to share, now to get the time to do it!

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