Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home again , home again......

So... we are home. What a whirlwind trip that was!! Drove to Perth Saturday night after the babies were tucked up and snoozing, so about 7pm, short stay in hotel, then a flight to Bali at 9:30am Sunday.
Arrive at our hotel , 2:30pm Sunday and head out to change money and start making plans (and tattoo designs, Noel, not me, with post photos soon!!)

Stay Monday, Tuesday then flight left Bali at 10:30pm Wednesday night, arrived Perth at 2am Thursday. Customs, Fuel station and on the Brand Highway by 2:30am, NO SLEEP!!

Arrive to our humble abode and adorable , beautiful children at 7am!! Wowzers!!

We had a beautiful time, relaxed, got pampered, massaged to within an inch of our lives and dined out alot. Totally different life for a few days but it was just what we needed.
HOWEVER, I am a sook. Terrible, disgraceful sook. I cried. Alot. Everyday. I missed my babies, my 3 beautiful little people. Alot.
I had a great time, but will NEVER leave my kids for that length of time , EVER again. Yep, sook.
And the sleep deprivation at the end of a trip = not good. For such a relaxing break, its taken me days to recover.
I used to whinge and think that 2-3 hours in a night of sleep , in the early days of the twins was bad. That was nothing compared to no sleep, other than the hour or so I had on the plane and in the car. But that was the type of sleep you have when you can still hear everything. The pilot talking on the radio, the service trolley rattling past.
Then to come home at 7am to fresh, energetic children. No chance for sleep. Needless to say, I was shattered, we were shattered, and its taken pregnant Liz, a while to recover. But I must say, the adrenaline took over that day, and I was in 7th Heaven. Cuddles, kisses, snuggles under rugs on the couch, I could not get enough of my kids. Bless them.

I will load the pics from our little digital camera and post ASAP for you, although there really isn't many, nothing much happened, but Noel got some serious artwork done.

But what's new around here lately??

Our couch arrived , after waiting for it for 18 weeks!! I nearly forgot what I had ordered!! But boy do I LOVE it!! The leather is soft, comfortable and soooooo easy to clean.. Perfect for little grubby finger marks!

We had new Plantation Shutters installed, finally, after yet again, waiting 9 weeks for them. So worth the wait, but boy did I get impatient!! haha

I LOVE the clean, fuss free lines they give the room. They open it up so much, are easy to clean and so fantastic. They are perfect!!

New Venetians were also installed in the back 2 bedrooms, Stella's room and my sewing room, which is in the process of being culled to create Max and Laceys big babies room. Making way for the new addition of course!!

These bedrooms had verticals, which I am not a fan of, so we decided to do the house gradually!! Spotlight had 40% off all custom made blinds, so I jumped at the offer!!

Other than that, the only things changing is my belly, and the weather!!
I swear I am  the same size in my tummy at 18 weeks , as I was with Stella's pregnancy at 28 weeks!! Its hard to compare from my last pregnancy of course, and the first to the 4th child , my body is definately different. Nothing is firm, and obviously has a tendency to stretch a lot easier.

The weather when we returned from Bali was quite chilly. Its like , over the few days we were away, it changed seasons. I am not usually a cold weather person, however I am liking it so far, but its only the beginning!!

Don't forget the giveaway on my last post, I will draw the winner on Wednesday night at 5pm, and you have to be in it , to win it. Thanks for all the lovely comments so far!!


  1. Hiya! LOVE the plantation blinds... I want to change all our cedar Venetians to these... they are a pita to clean. Glad you had a break before the bubba gets here... but I am hearing you... I am about to head to a scrapbooking retreat... and as much as I want (NEED!) the break I am thinking I will be the same. Then again I think I need to miss my kids for a few days to appreciate them more! ;) PLUS I will enjoy the cuddles when I get home. TAke care... can't wait to see photos of the man's new ink... ;)

  2. Sounds like a great trip : )

    Can I ask where the shutters are from? They look gorgeous


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