Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

What a week it has been here in the news in Australia. Amongst numerous other things, all of equal seriousness ( I am beginning to wonder why I even watch it , it makes me that depressed) it all saddens me. Deaths, murders, missing, accidents , you name it, its happening. But this week has been a particularly bad one. For those who watch the news, please ignore, but for those who don't or aren't in Australia, there was an explosion inside a mine in New Zealand, believed to be caused by a gas leak. 29 workers were trapped inside, and it was unknown whether they were alive, then, all hope of survivors was shattered yesterday, after yet again, another explosion. Utter tragedy. I just can't imagine what their families are going through. For their loved ones to be going to work, as normal, and never return that day. My husband used to work underground a bit at a mine, and it terrified me, and this is why.
So today, on a day when all Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a happy, healthy family and for life, our most precious gift and posession, and more importantly LOVE, the love that inspires us everyday, that puts the light in our hearts and the spring in our steps.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and please feel free to leave a comment as to what you are thankful for, its always nice to read and it really makes you reflect on your own life..
These are my reasons for smiling;

And boy I wasn't the only one smiling, this is Max and Laceys first trip in the car with their seats reversed!! I know I know, its a bit late but they have been happy rear facing as they get to look at Stella all the time but it was time!! And it was like they were in visual heaven!!
So....what are you thankful for?

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  1. Im thankful for our freedom... That we dont have to live in fear, but are so blessed to live life to the full! Im thankful for my health,and the health of my family... and for a country that provides us with an amazing health system when things dont go as planned. Im thankful that we have every reason to smile and laugh, food on the table, clean water... things that at times we take for granted...
    We are a prosperous and blessed, people and nation! ...but most of all I thank God for all He has blessed me with, especially my family, my salvation, my freedom and my future!
    Happy Thanks Giving Liz! Love you! xo


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