Monday, May 14, 2012

Here fishy fishy

A while ago, the kids and I completed these fish craft activities. I have had the post sitting there waiting to go , with just finishing touches needed, and everything else seemed more important , or more to my frame of mind. But finally, I'd like to share an easy craft activity that you can complete with your kids, with very little mess and supplies, in about 10 -15mins or so.

First up are these super cute "Patty Pan fish". I got the inspiration off of Pinterest, and had it stored in the back of my mind for a rainy day, and a Rainy day we had. The kids were going a bit stir crazy and I certainly was, and I had all the supplies on hand.

Here is Max's finished fishy;

To begin, take a few paper plates ( the super cheap kind, papery not plastic). You can just use glue and most of the time I do, but this time I ran a few rows of double sided tape along the bottom of the plate. This helps the patty cases stick straight away, rather than waiting for the glue to dry.

         I also cut a plate into quarters and attached to the side of the plate for the fish tail.
               Cover the plate with glue (we use PVA, its stronger and faster drying)

And get the kids to put the patty pan cases all over as scales. I pre-cut these in half, with a mixture of colours and patterns and each child had a bowl full.

                          Finish with a googly eye (and lots of glue!!) and your fishy is complete .

So cute and effective!! I must admit, I do have to stop myself from taking over and making sure all the cases are the right way, in the right spot etc, but it is the kids craft and they do, do a fabulous job!!

Because that craft was so quick ( and the rain was letting up any time soon) we also did a few "Contact fish". We have done other Contact craft in the past . We did some hearts for Valentines Day HERE, and some basic colour collaging on contact with a VERY young kiddos HERE . But  the idea of doing the fish ones came from the gorgeous Bianca at 'A little Delightful'

I cut a rectangular piece of contact and placed a card stock fish shape on top (which I had folded in half and cut out leaving the outer border shape) .

Again, each child had a small bowl with different bits and pieces to stick onto the card , like material, paper, the red shiny foil is an Easter egg wrapper (yes , I am one of those annoying people who like to carefully peel the wrapper off and smooth it out !!) that I chopped up. Anything and everything goes here!!

Once they have finished decorating, place another sheet of contact, sticky side down onto the fish creation and cut around the card cut out.

Voila, gorgeous craft creations, you can use them as a stained glass window by putting on a sliding door or window to strain the light, on the fridge, hand by a piece of ribbon through a punched hole. The possibilities are endless and its a relatively clean craft to do!!

Whats stopping you?

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