Sunday, April 15, 2012

Captured My Heart

Tonight I had planned to bring you a few birthday posts, one of my favourite birthday presents I received and one from Stella's 4th birthday last week. However, I loaded some photos from today, sat down to edit them, and am now speechless.
Well , as speechless as I get!

I simple love that feeling when you open a photo and you find yourself smiling instantly.
Your heart skips a beat and aches at the same time.
All because you know you have captured something wonderful.
A moment in time, and the most adorable faces one could imagine.
I captured my heart.
These precious people, (plus their brother Angus) make everyday, every terrible day, so very very worth it.

And don't they think they are special with Mummy's glasses ( or in twin language - 'gwarses')

And then nothing but their bare, beautiful faces (ok, maybe with a bit of biccie, samidge (sandwhich) and a whole lotta cheek and innocense! ( And YES, Max has a pony tail spout on top of his head, can't do for the girls and not him, thats just nasty!)

                    And then I saw this, LOVE. But it broke my heart that Lacey wasn't in focus.......

And then came this..........

                 Being a mother is hard work. Its exhausting, its tireless and there are no sick days.
                                                    But its the best job in the world!


  1. My hubby HATES how many photos I take, but when I open my laptop, & those beautiful images stare at me ... I smile, the same way you just described.

    It's ... the best!

    And it's FREE!

    And they will TREASURE the 9 million photos we took in time :)

  2. You are so right! They will love the memories that we captured, so they know, just ow much we love them xo


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