Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Exactly a week ago, our littlest man turned ONE!!
I can not believe how fast the year went, time just slipped away and before we knew it , he was trying to talk and walk!! Remember him like this?

This precious little boy, our little surprise package, has completed our family so perfectly and brought each and every one of us , so much joy!!
He is loved beyond belief. Obsessed and fussed over by his brother and sisters and loves to cuddle and kiss everyone.
He is now walking (started about 2 weeks ago) , tries to piece puzzles together, likes to try and use a fork with dinner and has started to climb on EVERYTHING!!
He really is progressing well beyond his age, but that is what you get when you have 3 older siblings to learn from.

Anyway, here is a few (ok, quite a few) snapshots of our beautiful morning, on Angus' first birthday.

Always a few helpers around for when he needs it!

Look what I got!!

Presents from us! Not too many but just enough!

A new Scooter/bike from Grandma and Poppy!! So cute!

And the family tradition of Green Icecream Frog cake for his birthday night!

The day was filled with fun and laughter (and Trick or Treating) and we could not have asked for more.
Love you Angus Frankie xo


  1. Gorgeous little man, I love the photo of m=him with his little lip tucked in so cute. A we loved little man

  2. Such a gorgeous little man!! I love the Scooter Bike Liz, do you know where it is from? That is a great ide afor Mr B's birthday next month x

  3. Links to gifts please..... scooter and teddies.
    Amazing photos


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