Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Going on 23!!

On Monday, our little ladybug turned 3! I did the normal motherly thing to do , and thought back those 3 years as to how I was feeling on the 4th of April 2008! Hmmm, purhaps I shouldn't have, but I know it sounds strange but I really enjoyed my labour with Stella. Then at 5:19pm, our beautiful big baby girl was born, weighing 8lb 8ozs and 50cm long.
Little did we realise how much our lives would change in an instant! Oh how much love we had for our little princess within seconds and how we are so proud of the little , gorgeous person she has become!

This year we threw her a party, with her little friends, seeing as though last year I was 37 weeks pregnant with the twins and could hardly walk, let alone throw a big shin dig (she had a party at the park HERE).
I asked Stella a few weeks ago to pick a cake out of the Australian's Womans Weekly cookbook and she did, she picked a ladybug, and I was very pleased. That then became the theme for the party.

I purchased a Package off Etsy , the same as THIS ONE and it was fantastic. You can type in whatever you want, and it comes with everything you can image. I , of course, didn't use everything but I think for what I used , we got our money's worth!! So if you are in the market for a birthday theme or gift, check them out, super quick and super easy !

So here are some details, hope you like it;

The invites

The cake , at 1:30am the night before the party, I know, why do we do it!!

Some red bug food, the red spot plates (and we had cups to match , from Typo)

Ladybug cupcakes!

The signs hanging and the front banner are all included in the kit from Etsy.

The set up before everyone arrived and all the food was out.

The Lolly Bags

Tags also included, there were a few to choose from actually. I just stapled them on and tided some thick, curling ribbon (from Spotlight) around the handles.

The signs and lanterns

Nearly there

Choc chip, and Jaffa Chip cookies! Popcorn and tongs to serve on either side

Ladybug iced Milk Arrowroots, and choc crackles

Cuteness  with her friends waiting for the cake!


Blowing out the candles on the bug cake!

LOVE this face!

The Lady bug cake before it gets demolished!

Her party was on Sunday morning, and her Birthday was Monday so we had a little family dinner too, photos to come!


  1. oh you are so clever! Boys can have lady bug parties can't they? LOL ;) LOVE IT!

  2. Oh yum...everything looks great...and the cake is amazing! :)

  3. WOW!!! You did a fantastic job of EVERYTHING!! Love the cake! Love the food table!! WOW!! Stella is so blessed to have you as a mum!! xx

  4. Great job on the cake, gorgeous party table too. Looks like the b'day girl had fun! love it.

  5. goregous Liz, really cute, hope your little one had a great day :)


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