Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sorting the washing,

Seriously..... thats what this blog post is all about! ha ha
But after some talk recently on Facebook, and THIS blog post from the lovely Clare at The HOME She Made about how we each make our washing schedules easier to maintain and complete each day/week, I thought I would share what we do in our home.
Now with 4 kids, a husband who plays football in winter,Waterpolo in summer and wears High Vis clothing and gets dirty at work, our washing piles up quickly.
Not only that , but our kids have a new set of PJ's every night, silly I know, but thats just what we do.
Hence the reason why I wash a few loads a day. Its never scheduled, say whites on Mondays etc, but when there is a decent sized pile, it gets washed.
I guess the advantage of kids that way at 5:30 EVERY. MORNING, is that a few loads can be done by mid morning and hung out to dry.
Every day they are bought in, and folded and most of the time put away.

In our home, each family member has a white basket, these live in the Laundry but are bought out to fold each day, or every other day. As the items are folded, they get placed in the owners basket.
I find this easier to put the clothes away, you are going ot one room, its all contained and if you don't have time to put them away that day, the basket is neat enough to sit on a chest of drawers and not look offensive.
The baskets may be small, but they are the right size when you are washing regularly, and they are only little peoples clothes ;) ( its also alot less daunting to put away a little basket of clothes than a big one!)

Shown here, was my washing from yesterday. The pile at the back is Noel and my clothes, the kids all have one, and there is a spare that is for the miscellaneous that are washing ie: you do a load of towels that day, its for towels, you do a load of baby muslins and rugs (as it was yesterday), its for them etc.
And hanging over the chair in front , are the clothes for the ironing basket and delightful ironing lady ( I have mentioned before that this is my luxury, I HATE ironing, can't find the time with the kids and prefer not to do it when they are around, too dangerous! )

Simple but easy to follow and keep up. It works for us, and at the moment, if you haven't noticed, I am all about the simple things!


  1. We do the same. It is so handy to have a basket each, it also means we do not have a giant pile of washing on the chair in our room quite so often now and it can all get put in rooms a bit easier :)

  2. Where do you store the baskets... in the linen cupboard? I only have 2 baskets/basket spaces in my laundry and 4 people, haha!


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