Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good with the bad

Thats how I am feeling about my days and life at the moment. You have to take the good with the bad, and I am. Luckily the good far out weigh the bad, but when you are having a SH*TE day, it all feels bad! haha funny about that!

Max has been unsettled of late, and we were up 12 times the other night, both DH and I!! Then they both had a bad day following and guess what!? So did I!!
I know most people would love to be still in their PJ's at 10 am but not this little black duck! I hate it! I felt gross!
Unfortunately last night , at the night dream feed at 11pm Max started coughing like he was a smoker and it doesn't sound good. Thankgod I had already booked him into the Paediatrician, as I think the Lactose Free formula he is on is just not good enough, he may need prescription stuff.

Anyway, still in the cleaning and sewing mood, just wish I had more time to do it. Only 3 weeks til the Baby and Kid Market, so I need to get stuck into it. And to be honest I think I just need to sew as its something I enjoy doing, for me.
Hmm had my grumble, hehe thats what the WWW is for right?!
Anyway, on the upside, Stella is a crack up atm! So funny, the things she says , blow me away.
Me- "don;t do that, you are being naughty"
S- "No my not"
Me- "yes you are"
S- "Yes my am!"
Hmmmm gorgeous!
A few pics from Stella's painting day on Friday. I have been trying to spend quality time with her when the babies are asleep, only problem is, its not very often they are asleep at the same time lately but we jagged it Friday and managed to get some painting done and she loved it!!

I then used a few masterpieces to creat my eldest nephews birthday card (he turned the big 8, and boy has time flown!! Love you K-Boy) and the card/pouch for his present.

I felt like such the bad Aunty but I could not for the life of me think of what to buy him,............ so he got money, and I think he was stoked. He felt important and so grown up and was able to go shoppin in town the next day for something he wanted. He ended up buying himself a really good watch from the surf shop, how very grown up of him, as he didnt want to buy something that was going to break!! How amazing, he really is just Aunty's precious boy.
The Masterpiece!!

As for the weather, I know our winters are not that bad, but Bring on SUMMER!!

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  1. Awww.... thankYOU Aunty! Superwoman Extraordinaire :D Kaelin loved his birthday card AND the $$$! One very stoked little/big man indeed. Time for us all to get sewing now me thinks, if only those twiglets would behave LOL Here's hoping xox


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