Sunday, July 4, 2010

Super Sunday

I had one again, a super duper Sunday!!
We didn't leave the house until we had to go to a birthday party at 3pm! And the day was magnificent! Noel had a little sleep in , as I got one yesterday ( only 45 mins more but enough and we have never done it before, we have always BOTH got up at the same time, we are in it together we say!)
Followed by a breakfast of Pickelets (yummo) and some spring cleaning, washing etc. Sounds boring but I love the house feeling more organised and cleaner, I function better and the stuff was clogging up by brain cells. Plus a bit of painting with Stella and playing and the day turned out a ripper!
I'm off to bed, I am actually tired tonight and going to having an early one (its 10pm but thats early for me!)
Leaving you with a pic of my gorgoeus boy. Not Max but my big boy, Noel. My best friend (Corny I know but he is, well and truely), my rock , my everything. He is the best support and help anyone could ask for and he is just one in a million, even my friends say so. He is something else! And for your info, this pic has been brightened but not colour enhanced, they are his real eyes, yuh huh, dreamy... hehe I am supposed to say that though!

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