Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter crafting so far...

Its only early days, but we have already completed a few Easter crafting activities, but never fear, there is still a heap on our "To Do List!"

The kids LOVE glueing at the moment, and I prefer it over a painting craft ( I mean, who wouldn't?!) so this is perfect. Another take on our Handmade Hearts, but only Easter Eggs.

One is destined for our front Buffet display, and the others for the Toy room I think!

For the past few weeks, I have been in charge of organising the craft activity at Playgroup, and this is what we created on Friday! Simple Paper plates, foot print ears and cute fluffy noses!

And the week before we decorated paper plate Easter Eggs (we painted them the previous week so they had time to dry). Confetti, glitter, gem stickers, fluro spot stickers, alfoil, feathers, you name it , it all went onto the eggs and they turned out so well!  (We used the large , rather hard paper plates , they are about $5 for a pack).

As I said, the list is still full of activities, and really , there is only 2 weeks to do them!

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