Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Support is the Key

Why hello there! Its the non-blogging blogger here!!
My apologies for the break in posts, I just felt I needed to take a little time out. Regroup, come back stronger and wiser! And..... my mind has been rather preoccupied and filled with house plans,  home opens, birthday and party planning and getting in early and organised for Christmas (OMG, did I just say the 'C' word?!)
But I am back, and have a line up of super cool posts to share. Ideas have been buzzing, the fingers just haven't been tapping. Stay tuned for new posts in the next few days.

I would like to thank everyone for their amazing messages, comments, emails and support after my last post. It was not an easy one to write, but I did feel so much better after doing so!
I have never felt so grateful and accepted than I did after receiving some of the most beautiful comments from people whom I have never layed my eyes on (or rather , never met in person!).
Even though I feel better , within myself and the issues I spoke about, I also feel grate sadness. Or perhaps rather, great disappointment.
Disappointment because , amongst those beautiful words that I received ,were also ones of understanding.
Many many women, wrote about how they too, are in  a similar situation, feel the same way, have been struggling with similar things.
How disappointing!
To know that as women, and Mums, and friends , we have all let our lives, and our days, get too busy. Too full. And full of things that are not that important when it boils down to it.
Too busy to stop and smell the roses.
Too busy to catch up for play dates or park visits.
Too busy to call a friend ( not text message,  not email, not facebook ). Too busy to call a friend they might be worried about. Might miss because they haven't seen them in a while. Or maybe just call for the sake of talking.

Yet, we seem to make the time for other things. Like exercise classes, waxing appointments and functions.
Time for things that, when it comes down to it, mean nothing when you are comparing it to a friendship, and heaven forbid..... a life.

Now, I am not saying that I am feeling that way, definitely not. But who's to say that your friend, that one that you thought about when you read my last post, who's to say that she isn't feeling so down, so blue, that she would be considering that it is all too hard?!
Suddenly, that exercise/scrapbooking class doesn't seem so important after all.
Perhaps that phone call would have been a better use of your time!

What I also found, after my last post, was that a few of my friends, automatically assumed I was referring to them. When in fact, I wasn't. It kinda got me thinking (in a Carrie Bradshaw kinda way) that if those people presumed that, then maybe they have a guilty conscience. Maybe they are carrying that guilt around. What a burden to have on your heart.
So don't be that person. Don't be that guilty friend , who chooses to think and not act. Chooses to say they are busy , and really could spare 5 mins. Its not a lot of time, but to someone it can be their world.
To someone, asking the question "Are you Ok?" is maybe, just maybe, what they want to hear.
What they need to hear.

Like I said, I feel good. Great even. Busy and tired, but that's a Mum's life , but I feel blessed to have the friends I have, grateful to all those who care but still saddened by the way you, my lovely readers, perhaps may be feeling!

It was such a coincidence that a few days after my post, it was National R U OK? Day.
Such an amazing initiative, and one that I will definitely support in years to come. Did you participate?
Did you call a friend, or drop over for a visit , just to ask the question?
The thing is, you don't have to wait for a national day, any day is the right day, the perfect day even.
Any day is a good day when it comes to friendships.
Make the call.


  1. Gorgeous post Liz! I particiapted in RUOK? day by writing a blog piece. After your post I also rang a couple of friends that I have been meaning to ring but hadn't. So glad I did!

    take care of yourself xxx

  2. Hi Liz,
    Glad you are back on line :)
    I miss your blogs, you are right.
    We all need to make the time to ring those people we think of and say...I need to ring to say Hi, how are you.
    Life is too short.
    I have been sending you positive vibes all week!!


  3. Woo Hoo! You are back and I for one can't wait to see the product of all that tapping on the keyboard! You are such an amazing woman Liz and I truly admire the way you juggle it all!!!!

  4. I love the way you have written this post! Disappointed hits the nail on the head. That word explains it perfectly. I always sit and wonder why people make such a huge effort if someone becomes ill or dies, then they all come out of the woodwork. Why don't they take the time just because???!!!???! Like u said 5 minutes out of your day can change someone else's day and put a smile on their face. I feel as though people have all lost their manners along the way too. I get so disappointed in people but I still make those phone calls or send a surprise little gift in the mail, just because. Cassie x

  5. I have just found your blog, great post for RUokday. I have nominated you for an award


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