Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bunny love

After posting this photo on Instagram and later to my blog facebook page, I have a barrage of questions as to where to source such gorgeous bunnies.

Now to be clear, these are bunnies in waiting. Gorgeous floppy eared bundles of love that are stashed at the top of my wardrobe, for Easter and birthday gifts.

Its no secret that I like to shop during sales , online especially, and at times where the budget allows. I prefer this method of gift shopping as its less stressful, I can do it in my own time, in my own home and we aren't faced with a financial issue in the weeks leading up to events , especially where parties are concerned too!

 Now , our bunny collection is getting up there a bit. Most of them are Angus', but the other kids have one each as well. Angus doesn't play with his so much yet, but the other 3 sleep with their Henry, Molly and Poppy every night!!  So sweet

Seeing as though some people have been emailing and messaging me about where to find such gorgeousness, and they have trouble, I thought I would share where I found these cuties!

The little lady in the front with the tartan skirt, Big boy/girl at the back in the white and blue stripes and gorgeous red girl with bow were all purchased from various baby and kids boutiques online in clearance and post Christmas sales but I have found them for sale HERE

The sweet little angel girl (tiny one in front) is for Stella for her birthday as she wants a big and small girl, and was also bought on sale from Sweet Creations and they have the most gorgeous and large range of Maileg bunnies, my absolute fav. See them all HERE
And the little man at the back in overalls, was found online, last one and I can't seem to find someone else that stocks him. Sorry , and he's cute too!!

But wait!! There is more!!
One of my most favourite online shopping haunts, Ollie Rose have a few of the Alimrose bunnies on order , and are offering Bizzy Dayz readers an opportunity to pre order them, with a 15% discount!!
PRE-ORDER - Capi le Lapin (55cms)

Sweet little things like Le Lapin are available to Pre order now, and when using the discount code - bizzydayz you can receive not only 15% discount off him, but all of your order placed at the same time.
Cool bananas or what?

Now this is a spare of the moment offer from the gorgeous girls at Ollie Rose, after they saw my post on my Facebook page, and have kindly decided to make this offer!!

So if you are in the market for bunnies, for birthdays, Easter or just because, then get shopping!!

You are able to order and receive discount on your whole order placed with Ollie Rose by using the code bizzydayz , as long as you have a bunny included in your order!
Orders will not be shipped until the bunnies are in stock (most likely after the 15th Feb) and the whole order will be sent together
This offer expires on the 14th FEB

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