Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Changers .....

Game changers. In the words of Beth from Baby Mac,  of course!

Lately, we have been lucky enough to have some real game changers in our household. Things that change the way you function, cope and enjoy . Whats not to love? They make a change in this thing we call life and for the better!

First off the list is a minor one, and only cost a few dollars too! 
I found this yummy scrummy Onion Marmalade in Woolworths last week. It didn't take long to empty the jar! We have been enjoying it in ham and salad wraps for lunch and even toasted sandwiches but it would be totally Delicious with some crackers and cheese too!  It seriously reminds me of those yummy relishes that you buy whilst doing a tour of the wineries etc , so some days I like to pretend that is just what we've done!

This thing!! Oh how I love it so!! 
For the last 9 months, since we had to get the head on our vacuum cleaner replaced, I have been battling with it staying on the pole. A long story short, they updated the models so the new head doesn't click into our vacuum pole so when I have been vacuuming the floor rugs, when I pull it back I have to hold the head on!! MOST. ANNOYING. THING . EVER!!
Insert extremely happy face when my husband bought one of these Dyson cordless beauties home the other day! We have been interested and researching them for a while. And finally, its mine. 
Not cheap mind you, but I can vacuum my whole house with this beauty daily. I can whiz under the dining table multiple times a day , to clean up the food and carnage from the kids eating. I can take it outside at the drop of a hat and vacuum the car. Game Changer!!

And lets not forget this little beauty!! Bought from Typo  , for just $10, I finally have music around the house again! I have been having to use the laptop etc as our iPod dock carked it. This is a great little battery operated radio (perfect for cyclones) and its cute too!
We have this Bose Soundlink speaker  on our wish/lust but a bit more saving will have to be done for that first!

So there you have it. Not a lot but enough to change a few things around our home, and all for the better!!
Have you discovered many game changers lately?

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  1. ooh I love my Dyson cordless vacuum! And I love onion relish - thanks for the tip.


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