Friday, September 26, 2014

Our new addition

Five wonderful weeks ago we added a new member to our family. A little fur baby who we called Toby. He is a cavalier cross Maltese and the fluffiest little boy you ever did see and we love him so!!

Getting a dog is something we have been thinking about for a while, and seeing as though we had to leave our other dog behind when me moved (dogs weren't allowed in Transit housing and the kennel situation is awful up here). Our kids have been afraid of dogs for a while now and we really needed something to help with that situation, protect our home and add some fluffy love. Toby certainly does most of those things (doesn't quite protect yet!)

Toby's first day in his new home

Max was super happy that Toby was here, but wasn't all that keen to wrap his arms around him on the first day at home
at 7 weeks old

He gets cuddled and cradled. Put in the toy prams and loved to within an inch of his life. And I can't forget the rug that gets layed over him when he naps! So sweet

Its not just the kids heart he has stolen, its mine too. I love our cuddles at night when the kids are in bed!

9 week old Toby

He falls asleep anywhere and everywhere and his favourite position is flat on his back, bless him! 

11 weeks old

Stella and Toby have formed such a bond and it has been beautiful to watch. She runs in after school , straight to him for a cuddle. She sneaks out of her room at night for a cuddle and he laps it all up! 

12 week old Toby and Stella

Adding Toby to our family has been the best decision we have made in a long time. The kids fell in love instantly (we all did), they are really learning about care and being responsible for a pet by having to feed him and help bath him and you can't beat his cuddles. Such a sook! 

Seeing as though we haven't had a pet for a while, we are still figuring out what works best for us in terms of the organisation of his things, the food and the sleeping arrangements but I will be sure to bring you a blog post when it is all nutted out. 
But for now, excuse me while I go and have a cuddle with my fluff ball puppy!

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