Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Menu Plan

I haven't shared our Menu Plan for a while now, and seeing as though I am rather a state of exhaustion, its all I can manage for a post at the moment. So many ideas run through my head, and when I sit down to write them I feel myself nodding off!! haha

Angus has been a good boy lately,  but has random nights where he isn't but I am not getting much sleep as I have a sore back. I don't quite know what I have done to it, if anything, but its sore. Maybe picking up and carrying the twins at 14kg each and sometimes both of them, or little Angus. Or that I have had 2 C- Sections, or maybe that we just need a new bed?! (hint hint hubby!!)
My birthday is in a few weeks, so maybe I shall ask for a day of respite, a massage and a decent sleep !

Lately I havent' been planning our meals for certain nights, but more making a list of meals that we have ingredients for and picking which one we will have in the morning. I try and base it on the days activities, my energy levels, whether Stella has school, if I have enough time in the mornings to put the slow cooker on, or if Noel has training for sport.

I went food shopping yesterday (during the 50 mins I had while Stella was at dancing , with the 3 little kids. It was full on, but the kids were well behaved and I was proud of myself for doing it. So many of my friends never food shop with their kids and I think sometimes its a cop out), so I made a list before I got there. We only shop fortnightly - 3 weekly, and yesterday I spend $270.

Its been quite a hot topic lately , about how much you spend on shopping, and I like to think we are quite thrifty when it comes to our food shopping. There are 5 people who eat in our family, and we are home 6 out of 7 days for lunch and DH takes all his lunch to work, aswell as Stella's packed lunches for school.
 I think this plays a big part in a families food bill. Its all very well for someone to say , "We only spend $90 a week", but do you eat lunch out at all? Does your beloved buy his lunch everyday? Are your kids in childcare where the food is supplied?
We certainly don't miss out and we all eat very well. Lots of fruit and vegetables, baked good for a treat and yummy teas, but you often wonder if there is any tricks or tips people have to decrease the dreaded food bill?

Meal planning is one of the best things to do for decreasing your food bill. There is no reason to buy things in the shopping, just in case.
Here is a list of meals we will be having over the next few weeks;

Tuna Pasta Bake
Sausages , Potato bake and Salad
Home made pizzas
Pork Chops roasted and Veg
Apricot Chicken with Roast carrot, beans and rice
Sundried tomato Pasta bake with Lots of veg
Spag Bog
Sausages and Coleslaw
Beef casserole in Slow cooker
Satay Chicken Drumsticks with Rice
Fish , chips and Salad
Creamy Pesto Chicken Fetticine

And the baking is ; Cupcakes, Mango Fruit Cake and Berry and Banana Loaf

Nothing Fancy, wholesome food , with lots of vegetables or Salad.

How much do you spend on your shopping a week/fortnight? Do you think its reasonable or would you like to decrease the cost? (who wouldn't though right?!)

If anyone would like recipes of anything, please let me know!

EDITED NOTE-  I maybe should explain the 'cop out" comment. Don't get me wrong, I am no supermum, I am a total cop out! I do internet shopping and get it delivered , and absolutely LOVE the service and the convenience of it. I mean, why not shop in the comfort of your home, in your PJ's ? But I also think that kids need to be taken to the shops, appointments, and to town in general. It makes them better behaved when they do go, as they are used to it. I even take our kids to get waxing done, i don't have a choice but I also believe it is good for them.
I also think , if you can't take your kids anywhere, why have them? Rather opinionated, but thats how I feel, just sayin'!


  1. I always take the kids shopping with me,I actually find it harder if I take hubby + kids cos he often sneaks things into the trolly :/
    Meal planning is definatly the way to go, Makes shopping & afternoon's that little bit less chaotic x

  2. We don't spend a lot of food, or try not to, we meal plan, everyone takes lunch and as a general rule we buy cheap cuts of meat, small amounts of processed food and the rest is fruit and veg. I also shop at 5th street where there is less choice (no impulse buying cause something looks pretty).

    I have to say tho I dont think taking the kids out at everything you need to do, makes them behave better. Mine come most places with me as I have no choice (personal drs appts can be interesting), but given half a chance I wouldn't take them food shopping, appts etc, not because they cannot behave, but because without children I can do stuff in half the time, with half the noise and half the hassle. I can food shop in 30 mins max, not forget anything and have to deal with the I need this muuuuuuum conversation every isle. It is just so much more easier without them, and in a busy world where we are all juggling 20 billion things I take the easy option everytime when I have the choice - if anything it is time saving.

    DP is a whole nother story however, he is more annoying than the kids to take anywhere.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    Men are THE WORST to take shopping, they either charge ahead and make you hurry or they throw everything that looks nice into the trolley and it costs a bomb!

    I totally get where you are coming from Jemma, I too like to leave the kids when I can, if only for a little bit of sanity time, but I do think that in this day and age, people leave their kids for nearly everything, and whenever they can.
    To me, thats not what having kids is about. Like getting someone to have the kids while you do school pickup? Or to help you in the shopping Centre. Are these people just not confident enough or is it laziness?

    I think its pretty sad if people have never taken their kids shopping because there is an option available. Like never?!
    If you take your kids most places or at least try to, then yeah , of course leave them if it makes it easier. But I know too many people that leave their children to do EVERYTHING!
    For a start, I don't have the liberty of having someone at my beck and call to have the kids whenever I feel like it, but even if I did, I am sure that I would still take them places, as in to town for a quick trip to Target, duck into Coles for milk , those sorts of things, and only leave them for the big stuff.
    Each to their own, but the kids are only young once, I am out to TRY and enjoy it.
    Try the operative word! ha


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