Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Valentines Decorations

The Valentines decorating and crafting is in full force in our house at the moment, however it isn't the easiest Holiday/event to decorate or get supplies for! All the more reason to get crafting and create our own!

The other day I shared this cute Heart Chain on my Facebook page, and thought I would share how I made it. Very easy, quick and totally cute to boot!

The heart chain is hanging off the mirror and my half finished Valentince's Day display below.

Firstly, you need to cut strips from whatever card you have or want to use. I used Scrapbooking cardstock in a deep red and pink, and cut the strips to 1 inch wide (you can vary as you please)
You will also need some double sided tape or a stapler, a hole punch and some ribbon cut to the desired length of your chain.

Loop the card and attached together at the end with some double sided tape ( Please excuse my red hands, I had been spray painting, that activity coming soon!)

                                  Invert the top and crease the lines so it creates a love heart shape

Then punch through all 4 pieces of card on the top of the love heart ( I did the two on each side at the same time)

                                                  And run the ribbon through all holes!
You may want to tie a knot on either side of each heart when on the ribbon to stop them from moving and falling when the chain is strung up. ( I did and they sit well now) . And thats it. Done. Easy, cheap as and pretty effective.

You may notice I used a nifty punch, scrapbookers would have seen them before but others may have not. I use this punch all the time, its the size of a whole punch , without the hassle of using a big punch ,and only about $6. You can buy them at Scrapbooking shops or Spotlight.

I also made a few hearts with the strips of card (made by just attaching the top ends of the strip of card with tape and punching, then adding cute ribbon or string!

They are a cute addition to our Valentines Tree (see post from last year HERE) that adorns our Dining table.

And my last little addition to our house filled with love, is another heart chain, made very simply with a piece of Cardstock that had hearts on it ( I used one from my stash, it was a Kaisercrat from last year) , some ribbon and double sided tape.

I just cut out a whole heap of the different hearts that were on the card, and stuck them on the ribbon with tape and strung up on our Shelves. Sweet or what? And all for a grand total of $2!! ( Or if like me, nothing if the supplies come from your stash.)

Next I will share some of the easy and quick kids craft activities we have been doing aswell, but for now, get crafting!


  1. Some very clever ideas here Liz and all soooo cute!! We don't usually decorate for Valentines Day but we may just have to make those cute heart garlands :)

  2. Looks gorgeous! We did the "contact hearts" today, such a great activity with no mess!


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