Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crafts and Activities

With a few of our favourite Special events of the year so close, last week was one for some crafting and colouring. The kids have really gotten into their colouring in of late, especially Stella, and its so delightful to see her progress in her drawings, the people now have fingers, and clothes and one last week even had an owl and clouds. Amazing!

I found there wasn't a huge amount around for Australia Day, even on the ever inspiring Pinterest, the Aussie crafts were seriously lacking, so we started with some simple colouring in of our Flag.

Notice the hat? Seriously, this boy wears a hat all.the .time. Even to bed!! SO cute!

The colouring didn't satisfy my craft loving kiddos, so we moved onto some contact hearts for Valentines Day.
VERY simple and such a clean craft, so there is nothing to not like about it. SImply cut out a heart shape from clear contact, sticky tape on either side, sticky side up. Place and decorate with whatever tickles your fancy,we used crepe paper cut into little pieces, then line the back with another piece of contact ( I used a rectangle, then cut around the heart shape).

            Ta-da. Strung up on  a piece of ribbon and attached with itty bitty cute pegs. CUTE or what?

Then on Oz Day Eve, a simple painting activity to help warm into the festivities! I LOVE Australia Day!

I just printed a Boomerang image off the net, and set out a few paper plates with paint splodges and a cotton tip per colour ( paper plates make for easy clean up)

And we painted the Boomerangs with the cotton tips. Spot, spot spot. Max's new word for the day!!

Again, easy, relatively clean (providing your darling son doesn't like to paint his hand, face , everything etc). So easy, I managed to complete this session with 4 kids, having my niece for a play, and everyone had a ball!

Hmmm what to do next?

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  1. Liz you seriously inspire me:-) I really need to incorporate some more craft into my kiddies day. You're craft activities would have my little ones squealing with delight.


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