Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This year....

I know we are well into the year already, with it nearly being February, but the time is whizzing by, much much faster than my liking!
But lately I have been on a dead set mission to achieve some of my goals for 2012, and get those babies marked off the  list!!
Did you make goals for this year? Some call them "New Years Resolutions" others just yearly goals, whatever title they may hold in your life, I hope you all feel good about them!

So... for the process of "Putting it out there" ( did you read that Mumsy?) here are my goals for 2012
I have documented these in paper form for constant inspiration with these great printables, yet again, from the ever gorgeous Bianca at 'A little delightful!'

- To get fit, and live a healthy and active life (as in sport and exercise, I think I am active enough with my 4 kiddos) I'd love to lose 30kgs but slow and steady wins the race, so for now a goal of 8kg will do!

- To keep up to date with my Project Life album for this year

- To print and get into albums, all of the photos we have taken since Stella was born. Probably in Project Life style, but to create individual albums for each child and also for our holidays, Europe trip 2009, multiple Bali trips , Margaret River etc

- Complete each childs Baby Kit albums

- To devote more of my time each day to my children. More floor and role play, less chores, cleaning, washing etc

- Take better care of myself, expecially my feet and face. Get regular pedicures and maintain crack-less heels, etc and start using eyes creams and the like ( I am starting to look waaayyyy older than 26!!) and try and have regular facials, either DIY or in salon.

- Turn off the computer for a day a week. Sounds simple, but Pinterest, Facebook, photo editing etc, all call my name , frequently!!

- Continue with my Scrapbooking classes and try and complete at least 2 Layouts a week (this will help with the past photos memory keeping!)

- Towards the end of year I would like to take a trip away, solo. Just me (or whoever decides they would like to come with) once I have finished breastfeeding my last child. As a celebration. I have been pregnant or b/feeding for the past 4 years pretty much ,with only a small break inbetween Stella and Max and Lacey, and I would like to go to Sydney or Melbourne, and.... shop. And lunch, and wine and dine and pamper and....shop.

They sound simple, and I am one determined woman at the moment but we will see!!

Our Family Goals

- Take more time out as a family. Explore the region, and our facilities and venues , and take regular day trips , devoting ourselves to "quality family time"

- I would like for Noel and I to do a few more things as a couple, solo, childless. Even if its grabbing a movie and order nice takeaway and staying home, once the kids are in bed, but more things together.

- Purhaps letting my kids have more sleepovers and playdates ( geez, not just more but starting!!) I am not very good at letting the kids go, but its important to them, and us. It may mean relying on the Grandparents more, but I am sure they won't mind ;)

- Taking our annual trips away. I would like to continue to take these each year with the kids. They love it and so do we, and it doesn't cost the earth!

- Completing the few big jobs we have on our never ending wish list for around our home.

- Cherish each and every day with our gorgeous little people and amazing little/big family!!

I have also made a list of "Blog Goals" which also include;

- Posting on a more regular basis

- Starting our "Theme weeks" again with the kids and posting them for people to join in

- Completing the posts that have been requested by Followers

- Partake in more "Linky Parties"

- And post more frequently on my Facebook page

There you have them. My Goals. I am sure to have forgotten something, but for now, thats it.
I am so excited yet totally anxious about this coming year, particularly the School year. Our baby heads off to Kindy next week, and I just can't believe how time has flown. Stella has grown and matured so much over the past 12 months , its quite remarkable, and I have cherished every moment I have had with all the kids, since becoming a Stay at Home Mum. I has been the best year of my life, testing , yes, but I wouldn't have wished for it any other way!!
Bring on 2012 and all it has to offer. I see big things in our future, and this year is just the beginning!!


  1. Wow, sounds like a bizzy year ahead for you (scuse the pun :) Think I'll steal your goal of more couple time too, its so easy to get into a rut with child rearing then be too tired to connect with one another. Good luck, looking forward to another year of great blog posts to read when the kids are asleep!

  2. They are wonderful goals. I'm trying to get some scrapping down too.
    And as for the weekend away,absolutely you deserve it. i have one weekend away each year that is mine. I meet my sister in law who lives interstate, somewhere, and we do all of that. And there is always extras. so.much.fun.

  3. Great goals.

    My goals this year are pretty much what they always are so I don't need to write them down.

    I find that having monthly goals is a great help, because a year is a long time but a month is a lot shorter and really makes you focus in on one of your goals whilst still being a long enough time period to be flexible.

    Good luck!

    Laura xx

  4. My initial thought was 'WOW' when I first read your list but after re-reading it I think all your goals look reasonably achievable. Very easy for me to say though!!

    The Project Life kits look amazing. Something to add to my list of goals for 2012.

    All the best :-)

  5. Hi Liz,
    I'm about to start my first project life album! I'm excited ...and it has been waiting for me to start for a few weeks, but finally think I'm ready!
    Goodluck with the goals, looking forward to more blog posts!
    Annaleis x

  6. Thanks for the encouragement girls, its never easy putting your goals out there, but hopefully it will make me more accountable and they will be completed come 2013!
    Laura, wonderful idea of monthly goals, I like it!
    Annaleis, you will LOVE Project Life, so fantastic!


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