Sunday, January 15, 2012

Car Kits

A few weeks  before Christmas, I finally managed to organise and complete one of the tasks on my never ending "Must Do" list. You know the one that you think "Oh I'd like to do something like that one day", well creating a car kit was one of mine.
Obviously, having 4 kids, the chances of a incident or reason for needing a kit , is increased , hence my reasoning behind the kit, before the bulk of our Christmas parties, functions and BBQ's started.

I tried for a few days to think of all the things I thought I would need "if....happened". Hmm the possibilites are endless and unless we want a Mini Van full of "STUFF", not precious kiddie cargo, the list had to be narrowed down. Not only that, but space was an issue. We may have a wonderful Kia Carnival, but we also have 4 kids, 4 carseats, 3 rows of seats, a pram and all the luggage and bags we take on outings on an everyday basis. 

I just repurposed baskets we already had around the house , the brown spotty one is from Red Dot I think and the reed one is from Target ( I got a few on clearance some time ago but I am sure they still have similar).
The spotty kit is for inside the van, inbetween the 2 front seats (there is a gap between them where a tray can flip up or down , and we always have it up, so I stash the basket underneath) and the Square basket is for the boot area , with less used items. 

The car kit contains;
- a few nappies for the twins,
- a packet of wipes
- a box of tissues
- a few disposable change mats (can be used as table cloths, toilet seat covers, or... a change mat!)
- a small box of disposable bibs ( for those times when you decide to have an icecream etc at the park)
- a plastic zip lock case with some nappy sacs and a few plastic bags (bag repurposed from a travel pack of shampoo and conditioners)
- a larger zip lock case (repurposed packaging from a set of kids PJ's from Cotton On) containing some Anti Bac Gel, a few plastic spoons, some Curash cream, a few tampons etc
- Some suncream ( I try and put this towards the bottom of the basket, as sometimes the heat and direct sunlight in the car can make suncreams ineffective) however I always have suncream in my nappy bag and pack a larger tube for park and sun trips
- a calico environmentally friendly shopping bag

And I have since added a few bottles of water and my Spotlight enviro bag (as I go there ALOT!)

The boot basket contains;
- a first aid kit
- a towel
- some plastic plates (for impromtu picnics and dinners when out)
- a blow up head support pillow (just incase you know! ha)

The basket sits neatly in the boot space , and on top of a fold up picnic blanket, which are always handy.

So there you have my simple car kits. As I said, the possibilites are endless as to what they can contain, but they are just simple kits, that will hopefully help in case of an emergency or spontaneous trip or event. The items might not help ideally but some improvisation never hurt anyone.

I also have a basket that gets taken inside and any items that need to go in the car, get put into. Like library books that need to be returned, things that need to be delivered or dropped off, items that need to be returned to a shop, catalogs that I like to use when shopping during sales , things like that. And I also try and put a spare change of clothes for the kids in this basket to save room in my very full nappy bag.

On the back of the 2nd row seats is a seat backer,small and purchased from Target. In this we have a  few books and some simple toys for the girls in the back row, also a small box of tissues, all within an arms reach of Stella as I can not reach them. The tissues are well used for sticky hands, water, noses etc and the toys and books are on rotation as the kids please. When the light is better I will photograph them for you, I forgot today!!

I hope this helped those that had this task on their "To Do List" , and for the clever ones that have already got car kits, whats in yours?


  1. Love this! Thanks Liz for the inspiration. I really need to give mine an overhaul. I'm pretty sure mine have nappies in them that would be too small!

  2. Good job! When you have kids - specifically kids who have to ride in the car - it's best to have something to help you out on the road, like a toolbox that would be there in case of car troubles. It's always handy to have a kit for children during the time spent in the car.


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