Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Beds

After sharing a pic of Angus' room, I received a few requests for an updated post on Max and Lacey's room.
Well a few weeks before Christmas, we decided to try them out in Big beds.The decision was that spontaneous we had to go out and buy Mattresses and linen that very same day!!
Luckily we had already purchased their beds in an End of Financial Year Sale earlier on in the year ( at EOFYS time of course!) 
EEEeeeeeek.Were we crazy? Hmmm yes!!
However a few days after Christmas we went on our annual family holiday to Horrocks and didn't want to cart 2 portacots there, and instead use the 2 sets of bunks in the 2nd bedroom for the 3 big kids (and Angus slept in his bassinet attachment on the pram).

The transfer was actually very successful and they both loved being in "Big peoples beds" and the first sleep (during the day) was perfect. The nights followed suit and it seemed like we had got out of the situation Scott free! Hmmm until we went to Horrocks and they began to play up. One night Lacey was so tired, her eyes were red and her head was hanging and she still continued to come out to us, over 40 times! Seriously!!
God know where these kids get their stubborn and determined genes from! haha I wonder?!
Anyway, a few nights of tough love, a hard bed time hour for us, but we are now back on track! Phew!

So , here is how we succesfully manage 2 littlies in the same bedroom and a small one at that, despite the Boy/Girl combo. I am not 100% happy with their room, but as with Angus' , its a work in progress and I am slowly changing things to make them work!

Their room is just down the hall from Stella's at the end of the house , so we have just had an Aircon installed as it was stifling hot in there!

The pink Birdie thing is another gorgeous clip holder and they love their Wheely Bugs!

The day we moved the cots out and the beds in!! Such excitement!

Sleeping beauties!! Their first day time sleep!

And their rooms now. I purchased the quilts at Spotlight just last week, they were 40% off, such a bargain!
I have been on the prowl for matching bed linen for them. I love polka dots, and wanted a pale blue spot and pale pink, do you think I could find some? No, so I had to make do for now!

The bookshelf in the middle holds all their precious things up high, books and the white basket is for Lacey's things and the white tin on the bottom is for Max's.

                                     A small collage for Max's prints, and hanging mobile above his bed
(The canvas was $5 at Cotton on Kids, the Owl frame was given to him for his 1st birthday, the "I love you" print was created by a clever friend and the truck was purchased at a local baby boutique sale for $5. In total it was inexpensive and yet very effective!

And Lacey's above hers (her hanging Babushka thing was broken in a "jump on the bed and grab at it" attack!!
Lacey's canvas is from Cotton On Kids aswell, the "I Love You" print by my beautiful friend, the bird picture  was a free artwork found on the internet I just printed and the Verse print was a gift for her birthday also, and its a beautiful poem about twins!

This was a small space we also use for storage with a small Expedit from Ikea. The baskets hold spare blankets, toys, and Clothes that are too big.
The hooks are great for hanging bits and pieces and the baskets hanging hold their hats. I like to have them easy to access as we use them on a daily basis ( and Max wears one day and night , seriously, he wears them to bed!!)

You can also see in the bottom corner a toy bag, they have one each at the end of their bed and at the moment they house their new Christmas gifts. I often find them sitting quietly on the floor playing!

Its a small room, but we make it work, and they love being with each other (while they sleep !!) but that doesnt mean that its ideal!!
Under their beds we have storage tubs for the clothes in the next size up, and also a basket each for their precious toys. We think its important, even though they all have a communal toy room and toys, that each child still has their own precious toys that they don't have to share!

As I said its a work in progress  but its their little abode, and I promise the house tour is coming, to those who have asked, I haven't forgotten!
Do your kids share a room?
Any tips on making it work?


  1. Awesome Liz as I expected. You have done fantastic with the space. OOOh i look forward to a house tour. I am so excited your sister just finished my clip holder. Jillx

  2. Max and Lacey's room is gorgeous! My sister and I shared a room once. She put masking tape right down the middle of the room. I was not allowed to cross it or have anything of mine near the line! Admittedly I was a messy child. Luckily we didn't share for too long.

  3. looks great Liz, where did you get the timber hooks from and are those Typo letters above?

  4. Out of bed 40 times....that's unreal!

    My girls are 3 & 4 and they have shared a room for the most part of their lives. The only time they have been seperated was when Tayah was first born and spent those early days in our room. They love it and to be seperated now absolutely kills them.

    M & L's room is very sweet.

  5. Oh gosh Kaz, poor you!!
    Jill, I am so glad you are getting a clip holder, they are wonderful!
    Bec- letters are Typo and the hooks are Ikea, of course!
    Renee, my kids are rather persistant and stubborn, hmmm hereditory?


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