Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Goodie Bags

I know I know, I am rather tardy with the Christmas posts, but its such a busy time of the year , some things have got to give! However, it was only 3 weeks ago, although it seems alot longer, so if you can cast your mind back a few weeks, we can just pretend a little ;)

Every year I like to do some baking/ Christmas cooking, and give away little bags to my friends as a Festive gesture. It gets too expensive and OTT if you purchase gifts for everyone, however something small is always nice!

This time, as I have been rather busy giving birth and stuff, I didn't get around to ordering any cute bags, so I had to create them for myself.
Remember when we did some Christmas potato stamping?

Well to put them to good use (other than the kids art folders and a few scrapbooking pages) , I simply cut out some pretty Christmas cardstock and glued the stamping pieces to the front. Finished with a cute gingham ribbon in a bow and voila!

In the bags I put a few choc chip cookies (one for each child that my friend had ) as above.

A few pieces of White Christmas, a few pieces of different types of chocolate fudge (Rum and Raison and Cherry Ripe) , a rather large chunk of Rocky Road and some Peppermint Bark, pictured in front of above.
The bags were received quite well and I actually managed a few rave reviews about the fudge!

I was also lucky enough to receive a few baked goodies from my friends also.
A few were eaten a little too quick for photographing, but how cute is this one?

My clever girlfriend, who is also an amazing bake of some pretty yummy deserts and cakes, gave me this little package, with the piece of chocolate brownie being made into a Christmas tree.
Cute and clever!

I just love giving little goodies to my friends, the gift of giving is a special thing .

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  1. Hi Liz such a great idea. I must say I am loving the inspiration I get from your blog lately.Thanks for a great australian blog. My sister inlaw has just started a blgo if you get a chance check her out.
    Thanks again for link to your sister she is making me a hair clip holder, they are jsut super cute.


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