Monday, January 14, 2013

2Kool4Skool Review and Giveaway!

I don't know who was more excited when the parcel from 2Kool4Skool was delivered, the kids or myself! Even the post bag is bright and exciting, so everyone was aware of the gorgeous things that were inside!!
I have to say, as soon as the parcel was opened, the excitement levels rose , there were lots of gasps and laughter and a fair bit of smiling!! They were all scrambling to find their favourite thing and lay their claim.

 All of the gorgeous products from 2Kool4Skool are bright, fun and best of all.... original! They are unlike anything I have seen before and so new and appealing! School supplies and stationery has certainly come a long way over the past few years, and its hard to believe that all these amazing products are on the market, let alone , all available at the one online store!

The 2Kool4Skool ranges are anchored by their printed school book covers (available in 3 sizes) all aimed at simplifying the 'back to school' preparations (and avoiding the stress levels), however the range has expanded to Scratch and Sniff labels, pencil casesCard holders, and funky pens and pencils.

There is something a bit different and novelty about each of their products, the pencils are textured and furry, the pens smell like different things and the crayons tear off. Cool or what?!

The 2Kool4Skool products are targeted at school aged children between 5- 15 years, and even though Stella is starting Pre Primary this year, some of the goodies we received, I just knew would make 2 boys happy, my nephews.

One is starting a new school this year, and I really think that by taking along some of these cool products, he will feel a little more comfortable and might help break the ice a little. The only thing now, its the fight over who gets what thing!  But they sure loved these cool pencil cases, just like Converse shoes!

Clearly not so impressed his little brother got the big shoe case! haha
Stoked with the "awesome" pencil case.

And how about this nifty spider eraser? I got the shock of my life when it came out of the package! Perfect for that daring and adventurous boy!

I have definitely claimed this pen as my own!! A popcorn scented pen!! And it really does smell like buttery yummy popcorn. Love it!! They also come in choc chip, bubblegum, pizza and lots of other yummy scents!!

And Stella's favourite!! Paw Pencils!! They feel furry, just like the real animals on the prints and come in a mixed pack of 12! How great would they be as an addition to a lolly bag or as a reward/incentive for a chore chart?

But she also loves these Paw Pencils with toppers. Cute little animals on top and fluffy to touch. Whats not to love for a little person?!

The pencil cases, book covers and card cases are  printed PVC, and most importantly , they are made using non toxic, environmentally friendly PVC and recycled paper.

The cases are large enough to hold all school supplies, even rulers and the small card cases are perfect for bus/train passes or cards and even some spare change for recess etc.

I just love the patterns and prints of the book covers and they feel so thick and durable as well. Each cover has a pocket at the front and a place on the back to hold a pencil. Perfect .
And the icing on the cake? 2Kool4Skool donate 10% of all Book cover sales directly to educating the children of Nepal!! So amazing!! You can read all about it HERE

While unpacking the goodies, I took a trip down memory lane with the Scratch & Sniff Labels!! I remember as a child just loving the smelly stickers that teachers would sometimes use, and they are a perfect reminder!
The kids can't stop smelling them!

But who said the products are only for kids? Something for Mummy was a must!! I love these clear A4 covers, I just covered a book in some pretty paper and popped the clear cover over the top. Its a great way to personalise books yet still have them protected.

Its fair to say that I love all the products from 2Kool4Skool and they will be my 'go-to' store each year when organising school supplies. The originality and quality is second to none, and the kids love everything , which is a bonus!!

And just because I know you would love to try out the goodies for yourself, and the guys at 2Kool4Skool are pretty 'cool' , they have given me this awesome prize pack valued at $125 to giveaway to one lucky Bizzy Dayz reader!!

The pack contains ; 1x eraser, 1x usb, 1 x packet of pencils, 1 x packet of scented double dip markers, 1x gymboot pencil case, 1 x packet of chocolate scented name label stickers, 1x bubble gum scented name label stickers, 1 x pack of 6 A4 book covers, 1 x pack of 6 exercise book covers, 1 x pack of 4 scrap book covers.

Definitely 'kool'!!

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Please check out the 2Kool4Skool website, facebook page , blog and twitter pages, to stay up to date on special offers, new products and show your support to this fabulous company!

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Please note: I have not been paid to write this review , however was gifted products to test out. All the opinions and statements are that of my own and were written with honesty.


  1. I'd love to see posts on things you have 'discovered' as such, because I know that your disclaimer says that you were 'gifted' the products, but essentially, the company has contacted you and provided you with the gifts, with the intention of you reviewing them in a positive manner.

    I know that you have a choice to review them or not, and you can choose whether you like them enough to promote them, but essentially, this is a promotion. And I think it moves away a little from the essence of what your blog is about.

    Just a thought x

  2. Good review of good products and a good giveaway, everyone's a winner in my book, thanks!

  3. I don't know what the first comment was about? The heading was 'Rewiew and Giveaway', pretty much explains that it is a review and obviously you were gifted the prize of the giveaway. You're very lucky to have such generous companies approach you with such awesome give aways! In fact, very few of your blog posts are 'give away or review' related, most of them are personally you! And you do share your 'discoveries' on your FB page? Perhaps 'Anonymous' is not on FB or they would see that. In my opinion, this is very much in essence of what your page is about.. this is a wonderful prize that your kids and your nephews have thoroughly enjoyed receiving. Just saying x

  4. Valid points ladies - I am on FB and I am a long time reader of her wonderful blog. I also realize that she has specifically said in the title that it was a review and giveaway.

    I just really love reading about the 'real life', everyday stuff that Liz posts about and nowadays it seems that blogs such as hers are good platforms for companies to promote their products, but none of these products are ever reviewed in a negative light. I understand that Liz can choose not to have these products on her blog should she feel that they are not suitable or she wouldn't review them favourably and therefore wouldn't promote them.

    I'm certainly not having a go at Liz because her blog is wonderful. I just think that, at times, I see wonderful blogs simply being used as platforms for promotion/commercial purposes and it's a shame that they are moving away from what they once were.

  5. These look fantastic! Fingers crossed I get my hands on some of these. hanks for the chance Liz :)


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