Friday, January 18, 2013

A bookcase change

While we were away after Christmas, my favourite home wares/ gift store in town put a few pieces of furniture on facebook at clearance prices. To say I was in love with one of them was an understatement.  I knew I loved it and wanted it, but I wasn't sure where I would put it!!
Why Angus' room of course!!
As with any room, things tend to get a little messy and out of hand at times. Especially during the silly season when cleaning and tidying time is not at optimum and with so many new toys and precious things from Christmas to find homes for, His normally tidy room looked a bit shabby!
Before ;
Cupboards underneath for puzzles and toys ( I don't want to put them all in the toy room yet as he is not really old enough to play with them and the other kids may wear them out before he has a chance) , baskets with cards and keepsake boxes , wet bags and hats in the drawers and plenty of display space on top. Perfect

I have since moved the small draw unit next to it , out of his room altogether and rearranged things a few times. I just love it!!

Small changes, bargain prices, big impact.
Nothing better.....

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  1. Love it!! I am looking for a shelf unit for Mr B's room, so will take your advice and try and find something that incorporates a few cupboards in it x


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