Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plans and Changes

You won't believe your eyes!! A post from Liz! Thank you so very much for your encouraging messages and emails, I have always had thousands of ideas for posts running through my head. Just no time or motivation to carry through with them. And I think my head has been elsewhere. Namely on our house.

We have just made the decision, yet again, to stay in our home , instead of selling and building. We really have tossed the ideas around for years, had the house on the market a few times and always changed our minds and taken it off. I think we were trying to tell ourselves something and finally we have started to listen. I started to think about how I would feel if our house sold, and I got upset. I would be devastated. So that in itself was the only answer I needed to stay.

We have bought all our babies home to this house, we have built a family home and created some beautiful memories here and we have also made so many changes and improvements over the years that I really love the space we have made for our family.
Yes, we wish it were a tad bigger, a little more yard area, a few extra rooms but all in all, we love the design, finishes and we would just not be able to afford to replace everything if we were to build.

So..... now that we know we are staying, I have started to do all those things I have wanted to for ages. Place things on walls, get quotes for new flooring, add finishing touches to rooms that I had put off.

Here are a few things that I have been doing just this week;

Finishing and expanding Angus' photo wall in his room

Making some new pom poms for Stella's room, from Easter tissue paper from Woolworths

My poor gorgeous Easter buffet display has been swamped by drills and things waiting to be hung on the walls and given life.

The paper hanging I made for Angus' Christening party was finally put to good use in his room, above his cot.

And I have just started in the reorganising and redecorating of Max and Lacey's room. Unfortunately when they went into their room I was heavily pregnant with Angus and have never really had the time or drive to create a gorgeous space for them. I think the thought of a boy/girl shared room and the difficulties that come with it , really put me off. But I am on a mission now. So yesterday I swapped the bookcase for the small Expedit in between their beds and have, just today, hung the ribbon garland from Angus' First Birthday above it. I just added some pink and purple ribbon and its quite unisex  now. ( I just need Hubby to saw off the end of the dowel)

Small changes but it feels good. Big changes to come. Time, budget and planning. It will happen!!


  1. We did the same thing last year! Finally decided to just stay where we are for now and it was great motivation to get stuck into the house! Oh how I love that "thing" ready to be hung! The white wooden shelf with little boxes? Where did you get that from! Looks amazing!!!!

  2. It's hard to make the best decision for your family isn't it. I love all you new little touches. And especailly that little pigeon hole 'thingy'.

  3. Gorgeous decorating Liz! Where is the white shelf from?

    We bought the home we are in now last June and had decided this would be THE home we would stay for a long time....I also like the idea of being somewhere for the kids to grow up and for it to become a family home

    i know as our family grows then we may need to extend eventually...but we love the location and I also love the idea of making changes that I know I'll be able to enjoy all the years we live here

  4. Ah we are going through the exact same thing at the moment, we love our location & have great friends close by etc. BUT our house is just too small! (like really small!) with 2 kids & 2 adults in ur house, plus planning on more, we are doing the extend / completely move decision right now, really I can't be bothered doing either! ;)
    Ohhhh must ask where did you get that white pigeon hole / organizer thing, It looks amazing!!
    Love the photo wall too - looks great!


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